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Wonderful Sex My Virgin Receptionist Dipa

Wonderful Sex My Virgin Receptionist Dipa (2)

Hi Guys & gals I am Sourav back again with an new exciting story. I thank everyone who have commented on my stories. Maybe I am not able to convince that all these incidents narrated by me are true. In my last story I said I fucked my boss’s wife and that is still continuing when ever my boss is out of station. But many things in life just come unexpectedly. I am actually dating a old school friend of mine who is married now and has a kid. She is also interested in me I know that. Till now I have not been successful in getting her on bed.

In the meanwhile a strange thing happened. As I have joined a small company with a good designation and package many people report into me. They are the managers of respective departments. Other sub staffs like the executives report into them. I am holding the position of a General Manager. I am still in my early 30’s.

There is a girl who joined 4 months back as a receptionist names Dipa (name changed). Trust me she is if not the most beautiful but one of the most beautiful girl I have encountered. She is a girl of high morals. She claims she does not have a boyfriend. She is 5’6” tall very fair and a bit bulky. She has a figure of 36-30-36 which I presume from my experience. Though she is Bengali but she looks like a well built foreigner.

One day I saw her very disturbed and called her in my cabin. I asked her what happened. She replied nothing. After repeated asking she said sir my mother is not able to get a match for me for my marriage. I said why you are so beautiful. She said thanks but due to some problem in her KUNDLI she is not getting the correct match. I said these are all superstitions. She agrees with me but her mother is of old thinking.

I understood she wants to get married as early as possible. She is now 26 and all her friends have got married. A naughty thought came into my mind why not atleast satisfy her sexually but was also afraid she is much junior to me and a girl of high morals (like she will not have a boyfriend)etc.

One day I came to know she is taking a leave because she has to go to the station to see her mother off as her mother was going to her sister’s place in another city. By the way her father expired 10 yrs ago. I granted her the leave. After few days she came to my room with some dishes she made at her home as it was birthday. I said thanks and told her she is a great cook. She blushed and said everyone in the office liked her food. Then casually I asked her what else can you cook for me. She said a lot of things and she gave me an invitation to come to her home. I accepted her invitation but was not sure whether she will make love to me or not.

Anyways on a Saturday I visited her place for dinner at 7PM. She opened the door and greeted me inside. She was wearing a long skirt and a kurti on the top. I started surfing channels on the TV and she went to the kitchen. I thought she might have invited few other office colleagues but I was the only one invited.

After 15 mins she came and sat just opposite to me. We started talking normal things. Then our conversation shifted to her marriage and she told bluntly she wants to get married soon but not getting the right match. It was difficult for me to digest because she was really good looking. Now I gathered some courage and asked her she still has the age of getting married but why so desperate. She was a smart girl and said sir you understand every human beings have feeling and I want someone who can be my side emotionally and physically. Though we were talking very maturely still I wanted some miracle to happen.

She said many guys proposed her but she declined as she knows guys only look for sex. I jokingly asked and whats wrong in that. Life is short and enjoy it to the fullest. How can you be sure who ever your husband will be did not have sex before. She looked at me for a moment. She told maybe but I don’t prefer pre-marital sex. I said in today’s world you will not get what you want. Rather you have to grab the opportunity.

Now was my turn to be a bit bold and I asked her what if I had asked you sex. I tried to keep it funny so that incase she disagrees I will make the statement as if I have joked only. She was a smart girl I told before. She said sir you are my boss and what if the entire office comes to know about it. I will be ruined and will never get married. I said lets keep it as the deepest secret in our heart though she does not have any clue that I am still fucking my boss’s wife.

I knew my mission was 50% successful and just waiting for the final thing. She said I don’t know what to do. I said I will make you comfortable and asked her to sit beside me. I caressed her hair with my fingers first. Then gave a small kiss on cheeks and slowly moved to her pink lips. Oh god she was one hell of a sexy girl who was completely untouched. Till now I have had sex with married women only which is also a heavenly experience. I asked her how is she feeling but she couldn’t answer. Rather I could see her shivering.

We went to her bedroom and first I undressed myself except for my undies. I knew she being new will not open up so easily. She started giggling looking at me half naked. I slowly took her kurti off though she had closed her eyes with her hand. She was in a black bra. Then slowly untied her wrap around skirt and saw her black panty. Man a 5’6” tall girl very fair and good looking standing infront of me only wearing bra and panty black in colour. She was looking like an angel. I told her to take her hands off from her eyes and placed her hand over my dick.

She shivered like anything. Still she had her eyes closed I took off all my clothes and was completely nude. Now she was holding the bare skin of my 6” dick. Then with lot of effort I had to open her bra hook and panty because she was not letting me do so. Only advantage that I had was her eyes closed. Now both of us were stark naked. I without wasting any time started sucking her round boobs. Bit her nipples softly. She was now moaning heavily. May her lay on the bed and kept sucking her boobs for the next 5 mins. Then put her arms in upward direction and licked her armpits which were clean. Then kissed inserted my tongue in her mouth and both of us started enjoying our kissing session.

She held me by my neck and kissed each other for a long time like passionate lovers. Now I was kissing her entire neck line, earlobes. Again I moved down and started sucking her boobs. She was now completely out of control and wanted me to fuck her but I was more interested in tasting her pussy. I moved down and liked her upper thighs. Then slowly started licking the side walls of her pussy. Now her shaven pussy was spread infront of me to eat them. I first licked the crack gently and took one side of the pussy in mouth to chew them. It was mind blowing. I only know what I am feeling when I am writing this as each moment is special to me. Then took the other side of her pussy and chewed it for some time.

Slowly inserted my tongue in her fuck hole and started rolling my tongue inside. I could make out she was still a virgin. She was moaning loudly. I immediately got up and switched on the TV loud. Again I came back to my position and now vigorously started eating her pussy. I am sure she was not in her senses. I got up and asked her to suck my dick. She resisted first then gave a small kiss over it. I again told her to take the thing in her mouth and suck it like a candy. Though she was hesitating but she obliged. She was not a good sucker. Then I told her to lie on top of me with her mouth facing my dick (69). Once she did that I again started licking her pussy and she was better than before in sucking my dick.

I now opened her crack of her ass and started licking her hole. First she trembled but later gave. After sometime I asked her to face me and sit on my face and rub her pussy on my entire face. She did that. The scene was I was lying on my back and she sat on my face and started rubbing her pussy on my entire face (lips, nose, eyes etc). My face was now completely wet with her juices. Now was the most difficult task. I made her lay down and lied over her in missionary style. As I told she was virgin I thought of applying some cream. But she was so wet that I dropped the idea.

I held my dick and slowly tried to insert it. She immediately screamed. I told her initially it will heart but you will the enjoyment of lifetime at the later stage. She again closed her eyes and I again pushed this time a bit harder. After few trying it got inside though not fully. I started pumping it hard in her and kept my lips on her to avoid the screaming. After sometime I knew she was feeling better she wrapped her legs around my waist and held me tight in her arms. No one can say we were two different bodies. We were completely attached to each other. I couldn’t hold much longer and both of us cummed. I suggested her to have some pills to avoid pregnancy.

She seemed so happy and gave a nice kiss on my lips. We laid on each other for the next 15 mins. Then got up and both of us freshened up. It was 9.20 PM and she said should I serve the dinner. I said I already had the best dinner of my life time. The next day we both are very casual ass if nothing has happened. She still looks at me whenever I come out or go inside my cabin. I don’t know whether I was wrong or correct but I know I made the girl happy.

Any girls/women want to share their fantasies. Comments are most welcome. Anyone seeks any suggestion feel free to write to me. Don’t feel shy as the discussions will be between both of us.

Wonderful Sex My Virgin Receptionist Dipa (1)

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