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Unforgettable Incest With Elder Sister – New Desi Sex Story

I am Suraj, 22 years old. This is my story of incest with my real elder sister – her name is lata. She is 26 years old and does job. In my family, we have my mother father , me and elder sister. Now coming back to story. My sister is a decent looking girl. She mostly wears jeans and suits and in home, skirts and nighty. In parties sometimes she wears saree too, her figure is 34b- 32-33 and she is 5.5 tall. And I am fit and average guy- knows how to show myself. I am 72 kg and 5.9 tall. Since we live in small house – me and lata sleeps in same room on same bed while parents in other room. So the story starts as there was a party in my sister office and there was a Dj and prom., the condition was she needs to have a guy partner. But the problem was there wasn’t one that time. Some were in other town and some were busy. Then my luck came in. My sister one day told me about this and asked any friend comes with her. Just he has to go with her and enjoy and dance a bit, nothing more. So I told her I couldn’t find and I said di I can come with you as your bf. Since I am in another city through out the year and no one knows me. She didn’t agree. But 2 days before she agreed due to lack of options. So that day we went for shopping. I must say di clothe’s choice is great. She made me buy a awesome suit and she herself bought a black saree- everything was black: blouse, bra… Lata di looks great and beautiful, sexy always when she wears a saree. So on the party day. We went to party. As it was a prom, we had to dance as couples too. It was during that dance I got a thought to have sex with lata di. During dance I touched her hips, neck, back legs almost everywhere. I was erect instantly. Lata di noticed it during the dance that I am fully erect due to her. But she said nothing. There in the party, truth and dare session was there. And luck was favouring me. My sister chose to dare and the dare was to kiss her bf in front of everyone with his shirt open for continuously 5 mins and it’s a french kiss too. The moment di got, she was surprised and fear what to do. She can’t tell anybody and she had to perform. So I initiated and holded her around hips. I hugged her and whispered di kiss me, no one else will know and I told her now open my shirt buttons. Then I started kissing her and she was not at all participating for few seconds. Then suddenly she started kissing and opened my shirt button. As soon lata di hands were holding my waist and chest while kissing, I was fully hard. Di noticed that. We kept on kissing for 3 mins with end of French kiss. My lips and neck was marked with her dark maroon black lipstick. After the party we came home. My sister said sorry for what happened. But I said di I am happy with that. I love you lata di. I want more di. She was shocked. After a while she asked why you were hard there. I told her it was my first time being so close with any girl. Then few days went but I couldn’t stop thinking to have sex with her. One evening I intentionally changed clothes in front of her., just in underwear for 4-5 mins, while she was reading a magazine. Then I asked di trying different shirts and going in front of her to get her attention. She could see my penis little hard and my nude body. She was suggesting me shirts and I was getting her attention. Finally she said you have good body. Then she said you wear underwear of matching clothes. I said why to wear matching –she replied, we girls wear matching clothes. Me – so u have many panties of matching color? Lata di- yes Me- but I have only few. But I have matching for this one. Should I change. Lata di- yes obviously. So intentionally I took out my other underwear and started changing in front of her. That moment di agin was looking in magazine. So while changing I said di tell me how it looks. She then watched my nude dick. I kept my self nude for 2 mins around showing her then I wore. And this trick worked almost – she said you have great penis and asked suraj what size you have. Me- di what size means?? Lata di- that (pointing towards penis) Me –what di Lata di- your penis(instantly looking magazine then) Me – never measured. What size you like ?? Lata di – 6 to 7 Me – I guess mine would me. Then after same night, I planned and asked didi to give her massage. She allowed me. She was in skirts and white top. I said her that I’ll massage her head first, then neck and back. I was slowly massaging her head and seduced her almost. Di didn’t allowed me to put my hands inside her top from back so I have to massage her above top, then I moved down. I took her toes and fingers and started massaging. Slowly I moved up till below thighs. She didn’t stop me. I decided I won’t stop and would lift her skirts. So I moved up to her thighs and started massaging her slow in seductive way. Lata di held my hand when I did, but I forced and said di just feel and relax. She allowed me somehow. I lifted her skirts and could see her panty. Oohh my god she was wearing v shaped lace one – pink panty. I massaged her thighs and then made her turn back to massage her butts. She was almost seduced. So to try more again, I made her lie on back and this time started massaging hips and navel. I was massaging below her boobs and on shoulders above boobs. She didn’t allowed on her boobs saying in taunting way – that her bf can do that. I said why I’m your bro and I have first right on ur body. She laughed and I couldn’t do but that night lata di thanked me, kissed my arms, head, cheeks, neck, and also she slept lying on me intentionally. She even put her hands inside my tshirt and slept with her one leg on me!!! Now next night after dinner I again started changing in front of her in lower and she was wearing night suit. I have always loved while she wear night suit because in that her figure looks more sexy and beautiful. I was in desperate mood of sex that night after last night massage session. So I laid beside her and she was doing chatting on mobile. So I messaged her on whatsapp di I love u. Would you be my gf. I did dis because I was little scared too. So she after few mins replies. Why me?? I said I love u in chat. Now our chat was like dis almost: Me – di I love you. want to make u my gf Lata di – hmmm Me – reply Lata di- we are bro –sis Me – so what we already have kissed once- Lata di- that was just a situation Me- but I loved that kissing. Then she stopped replying and she was constantly looking towards me. So I took her hands and put it on my penis above lower. She just kept her hand and didn’t respond. So I kissed her neck from besides. I tried kissing her then on lips suddenly she slapped me hard. Lata di- what r u doing? I cant. Then I again tried to kiss her this time I succeeded but after few seconds she pushed me and slapped again. That hurted man!!! Then I couldn’t dare and lied down on bed looking to mobile. After around 20 mins lata do lied next to me and she put the chadar on us and lied in a way that her one leg was on my leg while her hands on my shoulder and chest. She said bhai sorry I shouldn’t have slapped you. I wasn’t in good mood. Then suddenly she kept her hands on my penis smooching her hands. I didn’t respond. Then started opening my lower knot and put her hands inside my underwear. She instantly asked bhai size kya h – I said around 6. And she started giving me hand job. I couldn’t resist and kissed her on lips deeply. Then it all started. Di came in me while her one hand was inside my underwear and one inside my t-shirt, we were kissing madly. We kissed deeply. Lata kissed my neck, cheeks hands head …..then after few minutes she asked suraj hum galat toh ni kar rahe naa?? I said lie on me di and I put my one hand inside her lower – opened the lower button and zip and started fingering her. And I whispered in her ears di – kaisa lag raha h- acha ki galat. She didn’t reply. I said di no one would know about our incest,  just I wanna fuck u. Lata was lying on me – I was fingering her hard and her hands on my penis moving slowing. She was lying. I could feel her b
reath on my neck and even she bit me hard. Then again we started kissing on lips and I came on her. I made my self fully nude then and started opening her night suit top buttons and removed her lower too. Lata was looking absolutely fabulous in bra and panty – both were of red color. Again started kissing her lips, neck shoulders arms and then I moved down her bra and sucked her boobs. Her nipples were dark brown with perfect circle around it and perfect round too. I sucked licked and kissed her. She was moaning aahhh..ooh my bro.. aaram see…..she was holding my hairs tightly while I sucked it. Slowly I moved down kissing her hips navel, rolling my tongue inside her navel. I moved her panty down. First lata di didn’t allow me to kiss there- but forcibly I opened her legs and started kissing her. She was cleaned shaved but her hairs were medium. I was rolling my tongue in her hairy pussy and sucked it.. I was tongue fucking her pussy and she was moaning loud. Aah suraj oooohh amaaa bhaiiiii….oops…when I suddenly sucked hard and she cummed. She slapped again as she couldn’t take it. After giving her oral I came on her, opened her thighs and put my dick on her vagina. Di was holding penis, giving slow hand job keeping it on her pussy. Slowly precum started to come and fell on her wet pussy. I pressed di’s one boob and bit it. Due to biting, she left my penis and I was so excited, I inserted instantly. I was completely inside her in 3 strokes. She was moaning hard aah suraj..making all sounds.. my penis was inside her for 7-8 mins and I cummed inside her pussy. Aahh oohhh what was a moment. After this, we got separated. We laid next to each other cuddling, kissing her and there and lata always holding my dick. Then after around 20 mins, di got dirty idea. She said she would spank my butts. So we made the arrangement and lata sat on bed – I lied my butts on her lap. She started spanking slowly –firstly spanked my both butts for 3 times- then suddenly her one hand was on my penis giving hand job and I was doing aahh ooh and another hand fingers was in my ass hole. First she inserted 1 finger then 2 then 3 – then I was little uncomfortable saying di I cant take. But she didn’t listen and fucking my holes with her 3 fingers – it was like with hand she was spanking and other in my ass. Lata was enjoying fucking with fingers in my ass –she did it for 15 mins I guess. Then another idea came in her mind and she took me to bathroom. She made me stand wide open legs and washed my penis, balls and ass with shampoo. I could feel her gentle hands. As she washed me I was again hard after spanking and fingering in my ass. Then she made me understood why she washed me. She made me bent down and lata started licking balls and ass. She licked my ass and doing fingering. I was made agin turned back- made my open legs and she gave me blow job. Her one hand was inside my ass. With this combination I couldn’t resist and cummed in 10 mins again in her mouth. Di said me to again bend and she spitted my cum in my ass and started fingering it. She made me to move to bed and lie while all time her fingers were in my ass. I lied on bed facing bed and opened my legs. Lata di sat on my thighs and started kissing balls and my ass. Lata di did it for 10 and I was so much in pleasure, never had it. Atlast we sat on chair and di on me and I fucked her while she was sitting on my laps. I felt her body and it was much better. My dick was inside her and I was sucking her boobs. Once again I cummed little and kissed hard. Iske baad we slept after few minutes. I would never forget this sex and after this, di made me to have sex with her office boss who is 33 years old and unmarried. Guys if u like this story I would write with her boss too. Drop ur comments below for sure or e to nups3489

incest/unforgettable-incest-with-elder-sister Unforgettable Incest With Elder Sister

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