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Underwater Kiss Made Me A Bad Friend – New Desi Sex Story

Hello, everyone. I am Neha and I am back with my another sex story. To introduce myself to the first time readers, I am Neha and I am from Indore. I am fair and was told sexy many times even by strangers. This story happened five years ago when I was working in Bangalore. One of my friends was getting married. Her name is Veronica and she was from Delhi. She is one my best friends in the office. Her parents were very strict and hence she was not allowed to love anyone. But she had two or three sexual encounters secretly but that is a different story. Her parents found this match for her. He was an NRI from the UK. His name is Jack. He is basically from Mumbai. He runs his own business in the UK. Both use to call very often and got to know each other. They even met secretly as both their parents are very strict and do not like their children meeting before marriage. Veronica was very happy that she is getting married to Jack and felt lucky and blessed. She even introduced me to Jack once at a coffee shop. He was a tall, fair and handsome man. He was muscular and had light brown eyes. He was very much attractive. Any woman would be happy to marry a man like him. Veronica was very lucky. Since that day, whenever Jack and Veronica want to go out they call me along. He was funny and smart too. One day, Jack wanted to go to a beach resort. He told this to Veronica but she refused as they needed to travel to Mumbai. She was not sure what to tell her parents. She wanted to go but was scared of her parents. She called me for my help. V: Hey, Neha. listen. I want your help baby. Me: Hey Veron. What’s up? V: Jack wants to go to a beach resort near Mumbai. He wants me to come along. But you know my parents. I want your help. Me: How can I help you, baby? V: I am gonna tell my parents that we are going on an official trip to Mumbai and you are coming with me. They will call you for sure and tell them what I just told you. Please. Me: I have an important meeting day after tomorrow Veron. V: Don’t worry, Deepak will cover it for you and he will do whatever you want him to do. Me: Okay Veron. You better appreciate this. Deepak is my team leader and he uses to flirt with me always. Everyone knew that he was looking for a moment to hit on me. So, I told Deepak that I am going to Mumbai to visit my relatives and he readily agreed. As expected, Veronica’s parents called me and made sure that, she is indeed going on an official tour with me. To be safer, they even called me their home and wanted to watch me and she leave together. They will not allow her to go even on an official tour if there is not female staff accompanying her. So, I went to their home and we left together in a cab to the railway station. From there, we were picked up by Jack in his luxurious car. Off we went to a beautiful beach resort. Jack was about to bring one of his male friends to give me a company but there was some last minute plan change. So we were only three and we reached the resort. At the reception, Jack booked two double bedrooms in the name of Jack and Neha. Me: Why did you book a double bedroom for me? Single will do. J: it is okay. Maybe we will join you if we need to kill our time. I said okay and went to the room. We refreshed and Jack came to the room to tell me that we are going to a swimming pool booked only for three of us and none will be there except the bar. We were so happy. Veronica was not allowed to buy any swimsuit or bikinis as her parents were against this tradition. I could have offered my bikinis but her size is smaller than mine. So we went to the resort’s lobby and purchased a t-shirt and shorts for her from the resort. Afer a while, we went to the pool. Jack was looking damn hot in his trunks and Veronica was wearing the t-shirt and shorts we purchased from the resort. I was wearing a black bikini. Since I was fair, black bikini suited me well. Jack was secretly noticing me when we entered the pool. Most of the time he was making fun of Veron as she is wearing a t-shirt and shorts in a private swimming pool. He told that he wants to change his partner from her to me. This joke was not taken sportively by Veronica. She got very furious and she went out of the pool. I told Jack to go and make her understand or just apologize to her. He was fighting with his pride but the later own.He refused to sort out things with her. I knew how deeply she must have hurt. So, I went running to console her. I stopped her near our room and was explaining her and trying my best to make her understand. She said, she was not in a mood to romance or to accept any apology. She told me that she needs to be left alone. Me: Let me stay with you baby. V: Please no. I want to be alone. Me: Please Veron. You are spoiling your vacation mood. We are here to have fun. What will Jack think of you if you can’t take this joke? V: Please yaar Neha. You go and give him company. I will talk to him once I feel peace. I want to pray now. Please go to the pool. Don’t make him angry and do not talk about me getting upset now. Try to change his mood and at least let him be happy. Hearing this, I got no words to say. The only thing could calm her was her prayer and a lonely room. So, I didn’t force her. She closed the room and went to change her clothes. When I turned back, there were many guests who were staying in the next rooms staring at me as I was wearing a bikini.They were not looking at my face. They were looking at boobs, waist, ass and thighs. I just smiled at them and went back to the pool. Jack asked me what happen to which I replied that nothing. I told him that she will be alright after few hours and asked him to enjoy the pool. He got me a martini and was having his drink. We were talking a while and most of the time he was talking about me and how sexy I look. Even I complimented his sexy looks. Then, when we were swimming, he went deep in the pool and grabbed my waist inside the pool. I got shocked and grabbed his hand to let go. But he was stronger than I imagined and was not ready to let go. So, I went in the water and he grabbed me and started to kiss my mouth. That was an awesome experience to be kissed by a hunk underwater. I kissed him back for a while and we came up. No, we know what to do. He went straight to the reception and booked another room far away from the room booked before. I was resisting myself but his kiss and his looks made me follow him to his room. Once I entered, he locked the door and started to kiss me. I kissed him back and took off his trunks. His cock was erect like Eiffel tower or maybe I should say, Big Ben, as he lives in the UK. His penis was so sexy and longer than I expected. I was stroking his hard penis and I felt how warm his balls are. Then, I kissed his cock all over and kissed his balls. I licked his whole male organ again and again. This aroused him a lot and he was busy taking off my bikini. Soon, we were naked on the bed. I started to suck his hard tool and was increasing the speed. He made me stop as that would make him some soon. Then, I licked his navel and chest. I smooched him and kissed his neck and lips. He too gave me a nice kiss by sucking my mouth and biting my neck and earlobe. Then, he was biting my nipples and massaging my ass. He went out of control and fucked my ass. He started to wild and fucked me very deep in my ass. My gosh, he was a pro in sex. He knew where to touch and where to fuck. Then we were sucking in 69. After a while, he came on top of me (that’s how I prefer) and started to fuck my pussy. After a long fuck, he came on my stomach. He cum was very warm and we both had a nice shower together. He gave me a blowjob during shower and I gave him a blowjob which he would never forget. I left a mark on his penis. Then, we came back to our room. Veronica had a shower and was waiting for us. We had dinner and went to our room. Jack told Veronica that he was feeling tired after swimming and so can’t have sex that night. So, she came to my room to sleep with me. She asked did Jack told me anything about her. I simply said Veronic
a is very lucky to have a husband like Jack. (wink) Please send your comments to nehappusing or you could comment below this story.

couple/underwater-kiss-made-me-a-bad-friend-hot-stories Underwater Kiss Made Me A Bad Friend

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