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Trying To Fuck My College Mate Pooja

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Hey friends….. I am Rahul, Presently coming to the episode, this is about fucking my college mate Pooja, which happened a month prior. I generally had an eye on her to fuck her. She is a short-dim looking young lady, around 5 2′, however wonderful assets(34-26-38). She is not my girlfriend, but rather a genuine prostitute, who bites the dust to engage in sexual relations with any men, and in this manner wanders with numerous men at once. On the off chance that anybody in Chennai needs to fuck her, simply email me and I will give you her telephone number.

Presently coming to the story, we have associated with each other right from the main day of my college. I never thought she was such a whore, till my college yearly game meet. I am a decent sportsmen, great in cricket, volley and toss ball. As an area level player in toss ball, I was asked by my class young ladies to show them toss ball appropriately. I consented to it after my friends’ power. Our college grants us to rehearse for games meet each afternoon from 1-4pm.

While showing them toss ball, I used to stay at the net and watch those balls (boobs) bobbing. In some cases, me and my friends additionally would join them and play alongside them for no particular reason. On a Friday afternoon, while me playing once, I bounced up to catch that ball and I coincidentally fell on Pooja’s breast and the two of us tumbled down, Pooja on the base and me on her breasts. I didn’t get up and stayed as I was and was getting a charge out of the delicateness of her boobs. At that point everybody there started to chuckle and after a few moments, my folks came to help me up. I just said her sorry calmly and she said “It’s alright” and we proceeded with the amusement.

At that point after the diversion, everybody one was simply taking and Pooja was heading off to the restroom to new up. I tailed her and said “Hello”. She asked “Ya Rahul, whats d matter?” I answered” Sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally. It was only a mishap. So I trust you don’t worry about it.” She giggled and said “it’s alright, I know it. However, why didn’t you get up for quite a while after you fell upon me?” this was an immediate inquiry to me, yet I unobtrusively answered “no in no way like that. I couldn’t get up coz I was feeling minimal uncomfortable.” She gradually answered me “gracious! I thought you may have delighted in it. In any case, it’s alright man” and she left, giving me a naughty grin.

I was amazed at her answer, yet I left unobtrusively. Be that as it may, something was going at the forefront of my thoughts. “Why did she say that??” “What does she mean about it??” “Will be it genuine what I heard and what she said??” I suspected that night like that. At that point after the college, I and my friend Vinoth (name changed) took city transport to go home. He asked me “What fella? Appears you’ve delighted in d minute?” I asked him “about what?” He grinned and said “Wtf? About falling on Pooja??” I giggled him and said “ya buddy. I needed all the more, yet she is not a young lady of that kind na. so its misuse of speculation yar.”

He snickered much louder and said “Man. Gone mad or wat? Dat lady Pooja is a pukka bitch man. Simply address her 30 minutes, and she come behind you. Simply 30 minutes over d telephone man!!” I didn’t trust him and said “No man. I wear think she is such a lady. We better leave this subject.” He said “well alright man.” And took out my I-cushion and was getting a charge out of to music. After around 60 minutes, my stop has come and we both got down.

My friend gave me my telephone and we offer each other. I reached home which is again a thirty minutes from that point. Yet, my brain was still on that episode, and what my friend had said me. I said to myself “I think Vinoth have a point. It’s obvious from the words, she addressed me. Why not I simply try her out!” So considering, I took my telephone and started informed her HI. She did answer after at some point. I am gluing here our talk messages:

She: hello there sorry Rahul, I was bit caught up with talking with mama school friend. Let me know now.

Me: it’s alright pal, yet whose that friend? Boyfriend?? :p

She: 😀 no man.. just mama school friend. so whats up? what you doing?

Me: simply thinking about the afternoon’s episode… ..

She: ah! so you did that purposely eh!!

Me: wt would u say, on the off chance that I say I did that deliberately??

She: I would thank you n may have approached you for additional.!!

Me: ah truly! On the off chance that I had knew dis, I would have given you more.. :p

She: so you did it intentionally!! so whats d matter with you Rahul? B-)

Me: nothing mate, I had an eye on you right from the primary day of our coll. so just I did it Pooja.

She: idiotic, you ought to have said me dis. so you wanna party?!! 😉

I was completely astounded with dis. I comprehended that Vinoth was valid. Me, out of excitement said:

Me: ya I wanna party.. in any case, when?

She: whatt an immaculate planning.. my folks are going to pondy tomorrow on a visit with their friends. They ll b back home just on Monday morning.. join me tomorrow morning at 10.?

Me: beyond any doubt dear..

She: wear overlook a few condoms darlz.. it would be sheltered..

Me: alright honey.. get prepared 4 aggregate activity tomorrow..

She: :d ya k beyond any doubt..

At that point I rang Vinoth and described him everything. He said “your genuine fortunate man!” I asked “u wanna join me??” Vinoth answered “I wish I could, fella, however my father s out of station, so I have to deal with my shop. You folks appreciate, lets have a trio, some other day.” I said “it’s alright man. In any case, thanks 4 d thought.” He said it’s alright n put down d telephone. I was truly energized with this. I educated my home, that I going to concentrate combinely with Vinoth thus will return home just on Sunday evening. They consented to this, since they all think about our friendship. Since Rekha was on her periods, I didn’t fuck her the most recent weekend, and I was occupied with my college all the week, so hardly had sufficient energy to masturbate. So I had a decent sperm number.! So thinking about the tomorrow, I rested.

When I woke up the following morning, it was at that point 9! I was stunned, so hurried to the lavatory and freshed up soon. I gathered my sack with a couple books and a couple of garments and tracks each. It was at that point 9:45 then. I went to Rekha and said her the matter. She asked me “Dear! U r going to impart your sperms to whole other, other than me. Be that as it may, is it alright? Is she safe?” I said her “It’s all alright. I can oversee on that. U wear stress.” She grinned n said “K Rahul. Make the most of your date, however remain focused hands.” I gave her a french kiss and started to Pooja’s home in my DISCOVER.

I touched almost upto 80-85 on bicycle and reached Pooja’s home around 10:30. At that point, Pooja was sitting in her home grass, waiting for me. There I got the greatest stun of my life. What it is, is Continued in my next part…. Keep in touch guys !!!

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