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Tremendous Fuck With Maid Kanakamma

Tremendous Fuck With Maid Kanakamma (1)

I am Vimalesh from Kerala. I am 33 year old now. I explain a true story which occurred in my life before 7 years. I was working in a school in Andhra Pradesh then. There were four teachers from Kerala. We were from four different districts. We joined the school in the first week of a June. The school had no hostel facility. So the management arranged a house for our accommodation. The house had two portions. The main portion had three rooms and a veranda.

The kitchen, one room, toilet and bath room were in the other portion. I stayed in the other portion. I selected the separate room because during those days I masturbated regularly in bed laying before sleep. The two portions were together enclosed by tall walls on all sides. It was situated by the end of a lane. So we could live there without much outside disturbances.

In the beginning we used to have our food from hotels. As it was not good to have hotel food regularly we searched for a maid. By the end of June we got a lady from a neighboring village. Her name was Kanakamma. Her age was around 40 then. She had three children. Her husband worked in a cotton company. Kanakamma was an ordinary woman. Her body had the color of wild honey. She had a nose stud. She had a habit of chewing ‘pan masala’. She never used bra. She used to come to us by 7 o’clock in morning and again by 5 o’clock in evening.

In the morning, as soon as she comes she makes tea for all of us and serves. Then she completes her assigned morning works and goes by 8.30. My friends had special tuition engagements in morning and evening to make an additional earning. I was not interested in it. So I had enough time in mornings and evenings. I used to buy vegetables and other things for the kitchen. I slowly became fluent in Telugu. This made me converse more to our maid. These conversations, actually, made me and Kanakamma more close. Sooner our eye contacts became more regular.

She began to touch me when she came to give the morning tea. Slowly she becme dared to pinch my cheeks and squeeze my lips. These touching, pinching and squeezing were also became more regular. I was enjoying all these. I never said no to these. We were developing similar sexual feelings in us. We knew it well.

Six months passed. Christmas came. She asked me: “Would you go to Kerala when your school closes?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Don’t go! Be here with me!”

“With you? Will you be coming here during the holidays?”

“Yes. Your friends said they would go. If you stay here then I’ll come and we can make fun.”

“Will you spend more time with me if I stay here?”

“Yes, surely!”

“I’ll stay then. I need all you’ve. Okay?”

“I’ll give you all I’ve. I want you.”

“What will you tell your husband on working the holidays?”

“I’ll tell the teachers didn’t go to Kerala. He will believe this and he will go to the cotton company as usual. He gets only one day as holiday. He won’t know anything.”

Okay! I’ll tell my friends I won’t be coming to Kerala when school closes. I’ll inform my parents too.”

After the half yearly examination school closed. My friends went home. After seeing them off, I came back. Kanakamma had already left. I started to evaluate the answer papers of the students. When I felt tired I looked at the time piece. The time was 1.30 pm. I had my lunch. I drank a glass of water. I decided to take a nap. I arranged my mat on the floor. As I was about to close the doors I heard somebody opening the gate of the compound wall. I listened and looked outside.

It was Kanakamma. She quickly entered my room and I closed the door.

Why have you come now?” I asked.

Any problem? I couldn’t wait till evening.”

“Has anybody seen you coming early?”

“Don’t worry! Nobody has seen my coming.”

“Okay, good.”

She sat on my chair. As there was no spare chair in my room, I sat beside her supporting my hip to the side of the table. We were close and face to face. We started talking. The casual talks soon slipped on naughty conversation. I took her right hand and I rubbed it very slowly, many times. My dick was getting aroused. I kept her hand on the bulging. She pressed it slowly. My penis was growing tremendously.She continued her pressing tenderly. She. with her left hand removed her sari from her breasts. I could see her cleavage.

I extended my hands and squeezed her tits. As I continued this, I saw her facial expressions change. She moaned softly. When her mouth was opened the sweet smell of ‘pan masala’ spread in the air near me. I bent forward and lifted her face. I brought my face closer to hers. I said: “I love you dear.” I love you too dear.” she replied. I kissed her lips, cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, nose stud and the sides of her neck.I kissed on her lips again. This time she held me close to her hbody. We were kissing hard. We bit our lips. We opened our mouths and put our tongues into each other’s mouth.

Our tongues mingled. We sucked our tongues. We sucked our lips. Our kiss became wet with our saliva. We tasted our saliva. I said: “Let’s take off our clothes. We can make love on the floor. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” she replied. We went to the floor. As the mat was ready on the floor, we had to spend no time for it. We took off our clothes. She lay on the mat. She spread her legs. I saw her pussy. It was hairy. Her armpits were also hairy. She was looking at my penis. It was 7 inch long. It was rock hard.

I knew there was a lot to do.

I stood on my knees near her left side. She held my dick in her right hand. She moved her hand to and fro, slowly. I was watching her boobs. I cupped them and squeezed. She moaned. I kissed them. I bit them. I let my saliva fall on them. She kept left arm on my back without leaving her snatch on my dick. She pressed my head towards her boobs. She had dark nipples. I licked them with the tip of my tongue. The I kissed her two armpits also. I very softly pulled her armpit hairs by biting them.It’s paining me.” she complained.

“Let it pain. I like it.”

My lips then moved slowly through her neck towards her lips. I wanted to kiss her deeply.

“May I kiss you, darling?” I asked.

“Yes, honey. Kiss me hard.” she responded quickly.

I kissed her deeply. She opened her mouth for a sucking kiss. I slowly twisted my face and extended my tongue deep in her mouth. Our tongues mingled again in her mouth. When the deep kiss was progressing, she left here snatch on my dick. She kept her boy arms around my back and held me. She pressed me to her body. We were kissing and kissing and kissing. After a few minutes deep kissing I wanted to taste her pussy and her pussy fluid. I sat on my knees in front of her vagina. Her pussy was wet. It was leaking nicely for me. I, with my two thump fingers, separated her labia, the pussy lips.

I moved my mouth close to her cunt. I felt a sweet intoxicating smell of Kanakamma’s pussy. It was really intoxicating me more. I brought my tongue out and with the tongue tip slowly licked her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her flower, she moaned, “ahhhhhh…….” and held my head. Her fingers on her right hand moved through my hairs. She spread her already bent legs to opposite directions as much as possible to open up her cunt maximum. I was licking her pussy sweetly. I began to bite the petals of her sex flower.

My tongue and my teeth many times touched her clitoris. I successfully sucked her clitoris several times. This gave Kanakamma immense sexual pleasure. I extended my tongue in and out. I licked her pussy hard. She kept her both legs on my back. She moved her hips up and pressed my head to her pussy. She was on fire. I was using my tongue well. Sometimes I rubbed her cunt with my nose too. She pressed me with her legs. She was groaning and telling something. I concentrated on my work. She groaned: “Ooohhhhh…..” I touched her anus.

I played there with my finger tip. She groaned again: “Ooooohhhhhhh….. Do like that….. It’s good…..” She pressed my head using her hands against her cunt. She was pressing me with her legs too. I felt suffocation. I decided to stop sucking her pussy. I moved my body. She let her legs go from my back. I licked her anus two times with the tongue tip. Then I sat on my legs. Kanakamma very quickly got up and came close to me. Sitting on her legs like me she took my face in her palms. She said: I love you, my gold”She kissed my face. She licked my lips and tongue. She put her tongue out for me. I licked it again and again.

I told her: “Give me your saliva!” She brought some on to her tongue. I lick it. “Give me more.” I said and then quickly opened my mouth to receive it. She allowed her saliva to fall into my mouth. I swallowed it and licked her lips and kissed her again. Then I stood on my knees again. My penis was hard. She knew well what I wanted her to do. She held my penis. She pulled back the foreskin. She kissed its top and licked its sides. I moaned: “Aaaahhhhhhh…..” Then she bit tenderly on the top. She pressed her teeth. I felt a sweet pain. Then Kanakamma opened her mouth and put my penis in her mouth. “oohhhhhhhh…..” I reacted. She began to move her head to and fro.

I felt great pleasure from it. I was moaning and groaning slowly. I held her by her hair. I moved my hip slowly for some time. After a few minutes sucking she released my penis from her mouth. Then she licked my balls. She rubbed my penis against her left cheek and then to her right cheek.Then again she put my dick inside her mouth. She sucked me harder this time. Her mouth was moving along my penis a little bit faster. Her tongue was also working. Now holding my buttocks she was sucking my dick. When I felt that I would lose my control soon I stopped her.

Then I lifted her face and said: “Kiss me!” After sharing a sucking kiss, I told her to lie for me to fuck. She obeyed.When I saw her pussy I wanted to kiss it again. I moved my face close to her vagina. I kissed her vulva. I licked it again for sometime, feeling its nice smell. I did not want to continue licking her pussy for a long time. So I move up along her body. When my penis reached the spot, she held it and kept it in her pussy. I moved my hip and my dick thrust in well. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…..” she said. I was propping my hands on the two sides of her naked body.

I started moving, first slowly and slowly and then faster and faster. She also helped by moving her hip. When I moved in harder my dick plunged well inside. I was hitting her. Her body was also moving. Her breasts were swinging. She held me by my arms. She held my arms tightly. My movements became faster and faster. My body started shivering. I was nearing cumming. In a few moments I exploded. I ejaculated inside her vulva. I knew she would never become pregnant. I fell on to the body of Kanakamma. She held me. We shared some soft butterfly kisses. My cock became lump. I took it out of her pussy.

Holding each other we lay for some time. Then we got up looking at each other’s eyes. After wearing her clothes she went to the bath room and then to kitchen. I knew she was tired. So I told her that I would eat from outside. But she did not agree. We made sexual intercourse regularly on all days till my friends came back from Kerala. You should not think that we never got chance to make love after the school re opening. I created some chances by availing half day leaves at times.

Tremendous Fuck With Maid Kanakamma (2)

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