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The Motherly Affection – Part II – Juicy Sex Stories

Hi, this is Rasika again and before I proceed onto this part, a big thanks to all my fans for flooding my inbox with comments. I haven’t even opened my pants in the first part and yet it got so many comments. Thank you again. Here is the continuation. It starts right from where Part I ended. For those who missed out the first part here it is… HotSexyStory.com incest/motherly-affection-part/ I wasn’t sure how long I was asleep, but when I woke up I was still wrapped over my naked mom under the blanket with 1 hand and 1 leg over her. No wonder she was still asleep after such a thundering orgasm. I just lifted my shoulder up and there she was in all her beauty under me and under my influence. I lay over her left mound with my palms on her cheeks softly rubbing it and sobbed again. After a while I saw something crawling over my chest and when I opened my eyes, this time it was mom on my chest with her palms on my other chest. With a smile I pecked her lips and my hands were all over her back. I hugged her and rolled over making me over her, looking deep into her eyes, there went a smooch again and after a few minutes I felt her smile inside the smooch. Me: Now what are you smiling at? Mom: Nothing. Me: Mommm ?! Mom: Nothing really son. I was just smiling to myself puzzled why I haven’t screamed at you yet. Me: You wanna know the reason? Mom: Sure. Enlighten me. Me: That’s because you love me more than my love for you. Mom: May be Rasika. But the love you displayed today. You took this old mom by storm. Me: Now don’t get to all that again, saying so I pecked her cheeks and all over her face. She just turned to the side where my lips were touching closing her eyes and I pecked all over her face not sparing an inch. After a while when here eyes were opened, Mom: This darling son is really unfair Me: Excuse me?! Mom: Of course look at me. Stripped off all my clothes and this young lover is not even half exposed. Me: Oh yea? That’s there problem? If that’s a problem for my girlfriend she has to fix it. When I said so, mom hugged me rolled over and there she started undoing the button of my jean & pulled down the zip. The semi-erect cock was just waking up and by the time she slid it to my knees, he sprang up as if someone poured a bucket of water over him. She slowly rubbed her fingers with her pointed nails all over the boxes and the more my dick felt her palm the more it grew. Running her fingers along the length, ” Now I have to stop calling you a kid”. Me: Sorry lady, you should have stopped calling me so the moment I kissed your lips. Mom: Now you’re gonna see what this lady is capeable of. Saying so she just slid her fingers into my boxers and there I was feeling my mom’s fingers on my bare dick. Instinctively lifting my hip up all I wanted was more of her hand on my manhood. She started playing and fiddling with it. Moving her palm up and down inside my boxer sometimes she would press her fingertips on my balls. I just got lost into the feel and by the time my eyes closed, I already felt some precum oozing into her fingers as she just touched the tip of the pink cock. All I could do was “Oh momma…. Aaahhhh…..” and there she pressed her thumb tip more on it. When I was about to break out, I just held her hand and she was of course smart enough to know it. She just rested her hand there, grabbed the side of my dick, put her one leg over me and started kissing me. Muuahh… on my lips and there she came down to my neck and then to my chest with her lips. She rolled her lips all over my bare chest and once when she was over my nipple she just took it between her lips and gave it a little suck. Ohhhh Mommaa…. I brought my chest up and there she started kissing more. Muuaah.. Muuaahhh…. Muuuaahhh…. MMuuuaaahhh all over my little aerole and as she was doing it her open hair was all over my other chest and the lady who gave me life was all over me. I just sent my fingers into her hair and pressed her head over me and there she was wetting my whole chest with her kisses. Kissing all the way she slid down between my legs. Holding one side of my dick with her fingers she placed my dick on her cheeks and rubbed her cheeks over it. I was in heaven with my mom all over my dick with sexy heavy eyes and I could say she was in a bigger shot of the drug than me. Before even I could recognize it, she went over it there went my dick into her lips. Looking up at me she slowly gulped the hard rod and gave it a full lick pulling it outta her mouth. There she went again… and again… this time when she lifted her head up a few drops of my precum was stuck in her lips. She spread her hands all over my thighs, rubbing them, she gave another long lick onto my balls and continued that lick all the way to the tip of my dick and gulped it again. I knew this wasn’t going to last forever as I was finding it really difficult to hold. On the other hand I did not want it to end and started taking in deep breathes and with that my rod got even hard and that made her go faster on it. She was sucking it as if she had craved for it all her life and something that turned up to her doorsteps after so much waiting. Me, myself in total ecstasy, held her hair and started thrusting my hips into her mouth. As I did that, she started flicking her tongue all around the head with her lips sucking the sides. Aaahhh Moommmaa.. Oohhhh… yeess… yeess… aahhh mommmmaaa…. Aahhhh ….. mmmmmm…. Ohh ….. aaahhhh and I was about to break out. There she took a deep suck and I let it all loose spraying all my seeds into her mouth. She gulped all the shots and once I gave out the last jerk my dick started getting loose and there she crashed on my left thigh. With my cum in her lips she came over me gave a kiss on my chest and rubbed her cheeks with mine. I hugged her and we lay like that for sometime. After a while mom looked into my eyes with a smile Mom: Sweetie, when I thought love was no more in my life you came in and when I thought my sex life was done you came and filled it too. I never thought one little kid can bring so much to a middle aged lady. Me: Mom, just stop talking like this. Lets stop with who’s giving what to whom. We’ve loved each other for so long and now we are loving even more. That’s all. Now stop giving all the hype. Mom: Na beta, all I’m saying is, you make your mom happy in all fronts with a heavy eye. Me: Then just be mine. Always mine. Really can’t think of any other woman than you mom. Mom: Whom else am I gonna give myself to. You rule me my boy. I hugged her again on my chest and pampered her hair while my other hand was roaming freely all over her back. Now I was feeling something growing hard again between her thighs. I hugged her rolled over and me over her I placed my lips over hers and we smooched deep and long. While smooching I was wriggling all over her and my tool was hard again and was just crushing between her legs. Her hands were roaming all over my back and I looked at her. Looking deep into her eyes I pressed my hips on her’s making my shaft rub its side on her pussy. She arched herself the moment it touched her pussy lips and I gave another wave over her making it rub even more. Wriggling her over a couple of times she just spread her legs wide and we didn’t need to talk anything. I just held my hard dick in my hand placed it at the entrance. With the pink tip just touching her pussy lip I moved it up and down. Aaaaahhhh… rasikaaa …AAAhhhhhh… she arched instantly. Another swipe my slit just parted her pink lip. Another swipe, the tip was just at the entrance. Unable to resist both of us jerked our bodies at the same time she pushing herself up and me down, the pink head just slipped into her shiny wet pussy as she uttered… AAAAahhhhhh …. And I held it there for a few seconds only to push it further. Once the rod was fully in she cl
asped me with her legs over my back thigh and her hands on my bums I lay there for a few moments savoring the pleasure and she was holding her eyes tightly closed. I just lifted my bums a bit and she pulled it back again as my head sided to her depth again. AAAAAHHHHHH….. Rassiiiikkkkkkkaaa…. OOOHHHHHH ….. she took a real deep breathe and so did I… Aahhh mommmm… this is such a heaven. Instinctively I started moving up and down….. UUUPP…. DOOWWNNN…. UUPPPP…. DOOOWWNNN… I stroked myself over my mom slowly and she was like… ohhhh my … aahhh …… aahhhh…… aahhhh.. mmmmm….. aahhhhh…. Aaahhh she was just letting her moans rhythmic to my thrusts and I was going on and on and on. She held her legs wrapped around me tight and she was almost squeezing my bums and we just were fucking like rabbit. I was slowly pulling off and on and there she was laying totally controlled by my thrust. She could never mute her voice nor stop arching herself rhythmic to my thrusts. I Supported my upper body weight on my palms myself arched over her, my eyes fixed on hers and her eyes closed in ecstasy I went into the hole that I came out after almost two decades. As my cock slipped in and out she was oozing out. Ohhh rasiikkaa…. You are blowing me off this world… aahhh…. Aahhh….. aaahhhh …. Aaahhh … yeesss .. yeess….. yeessss my boy she moaned tossing her head left and right and I was just driving into her as if there was no tomorrow. I wasn’t a virgin, but making love to my mom was something totally outta the world. After a few more minutes, I feel on her again, hugging her back shoulders with my lips on her neck and shoulders I keep raising and lowering my lower body all the while fucking my mom, the woman I love the most. Both of us were in Cloud 9 and with no intention of stopping. She never stopped moaning and neither I was in any mood to stop. As I thruster I found her pelvic muscles contract and knowing what it meant I increased my pace. Her whole body vibrated and her moans went louder. Aaaahh…. Darrlinggg… booyyyyy….. aaahhh.. aahhhmmm…. Aaahhh…… aahhhmmmm… aahhhhhh… and she exploded. I could literally feel she was flowing like a cascade and with my hard dick dug deep into her I just crash landed on her. She hugged me real tight and I could feel her heart pounding, her pussy dripping and her body blooming. She held me like that for sometime and with the hard rod still inside her she just got lost into the emotion and pleasure that she was denied for so long. After a few minutes she came to her senses and slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were heavy but I could say for sure she was no way exhausted. She hugged me tight and rolled over me and all the while my dick was never an inch outta her pussy. Her hair were cascading as she sat over me. Placing both arms on my chest and kneeling over me, my mom had her pay back time. She pressed her palms over my bare chest and started moving forward and back as I was blown out in pleasure. My foreskin was peeling on and off as she rode me real deep. What elegance she hand while driving me. If staying inside her was one pleasure, watching her do it with beauty was another heaven in its own respect. That day I understood one thing. Nothing comes to having a female in bed when she is in her middle age. She sure was tight for obvious reasons but the intensity was way beyond what I could imagine. Even if she stops fucking I would not stop watching her in that pose all day and night. She just waved herself forward and back over me and I was hanging between two worlds. I couldn’t open my eyes with the pleasure of her pussy muscles all over my dick and at the same time I couldn’t close my eyes blinding the sight of her going deep on me. She was just drilling me deep and soft and all I was able to do was take deep breathes and enjoy the true essence of love making. I slowly lifted my hands to cup her boobs and they were just juggling in my hands. As I did that she increased the pace and I grabbed her melons. She was going on and on and this time it was me who felt the contraction inside my dick….. and as my groans shelled out… aahh… moommmaa… ammmmmmaaa…. Aahhhhh…. Aahhh … she pressed further bending a bit more over me, totally lifting herself on and off slapping her butt on my thighs. It was way too much for me and the pressure kept increasing inside my dick and there with a jolt of thunder inside me I jetted the remaining cum into her pussy and fell dead flat. What an orgasm it was and with a satisfied smile she sank over me and hugging each other we took another nap. It might have been forbidden sex but WTF. She taught me one big thing that day. The true pleasure of sex comes when you give the female her the love and respect she deserves and she will be yours forever and yes from that day on she was mine till date. Feel free to write/chat with me on rasikaof.curves . Hope to continue writing my further episodes.

incest/the-motherly-affection-part-ii The Motherly Affection – Part II

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