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The Hot Mistress Finally Finds A Sexy Lesbian Maid – 2 – Desi XXX Story

Monali and her lesbian maid went to the multiplex to watch a movie. Monali felt the pleasure for the first time. She even had a dream of having sex with her maid. But she woke up suddenly when Priyanka waked her up. Priyanka: Madam. Do you feel sleepy? Monali: No. I am fine now. Priyanka: Okay madam. Do you feel hungry? If you feel so, I will buy something from the canteen. Monali: We will go to the canteen together. So, don’t worry. And do me a favor. Priyanka: Tell me, madam. Monali: Stop calling me madam. Call me Monali or just Mona. Let’s be friends. You can call me madam once we reach home. That too only when we have people around us. Priyanka: But madam? Monali: Please. I don’t have friends. I just want you. Priyanka: You want me? Monali: I mean, I wanted your friendship. Priyanka: But why me? You have many people of your status. Monali: You will know the reason very soon. Priyanka: Okay, Mona. Monali: I like the way you say my name. During the interval, both came to the canteen and Mona bought cakes and sandwich Priyanka asked for. She also bought a caramel popcorn and they went back to their place. People who watched them thought they were childhood friends. While having some popcorn, some fell on Priyanka’s thighs. Her thighs soon had the stains of the chocolate. But they have used all the tissues they had with them. Mona thought that was the time to show her true face to her maid. She touched the chocolate stain on her thigh and took it to her tongue. Mona looked at her in a seductive way that she understood the real intention of her mistress. Both felt damn horny when she does that but they did not do anything since they sat in a public place. Soon, the movie resumed and they came back to the reality. But both were thinking about the hot romance building up between them. But Priyanka could not wait till she reaches home. She wanted to do something. So, she slowly kept her hand on her mistress’ thighs. She could feel the body becoming hot and the breaths becoming fast in her body. Mona even had goosebumps since she did not feel a woman’s touch even in her life before. Before she could react something, Priya inserted her hand through the skirt. She felt surprised to realize the Mona did not wear any panty. Soon, she inserted her finger into her love hole and started to finger fuck her. Mona could not take it since none had done that to her. Her husband had done a couple of times but she did not feel anything when he did that. But now, she could feel the real womanhood. She did not want to stop but at the same time, she had to do it in private. Slowly, Priya came closer to her ears and whispered, ” Do you really want to watch this movie, Mona? Can’t we just go home?”. Mona did not even respond to that. She soon stood up and grabbed her maid’s hands. Soon, they came to the car park and boarded the vehicle. Before starting the car, Mona hugged her as tight as possible and pushed her lips on her maid’s. They had a long kiss which looked like they would never end. Finally, they parted and tears started to roll from Mona’s eyes. She would have sex with the right person for the first time in her life. So, she wiped the happy tears and began to ride. While driving, Priya inserted her finger again into her panty and began to finger fuck. When they reach the home, Mona had already came twice. She never had that kind of orgasm in her life before. As soon as they entered the bedroom, Mona felt very aggressive. She soon ripped off all the clothes on her maid’s body and made her naked. Then, she came around her to touch and feel a hot girl’s nude body. Then, she let her do the same. Soon, Priya pushed her mistress on the bed and came on top of her. She began to kiss and suck her hot breasts and her nipples had become very hard and stiff. Priya bit them and made her feel the pain for the first time. Before she could do anything further, Mona pushed her aside and she came on top of her. She held her breasts and began sucking like a crazy animal. Priya could feel the heaven when her mistress started eating her breasts like anything. Slowly, she came down and took a long sniff of her pussy which had already become wet. Then, she inserted her tongue deep into her cunt and started to suck the hell out of her. Priya had her first orgasm and she squirted it completely inside her mistress’ mouth. She felt exhausted and collapsed on the bed. But Priya still had it running inside her. So, she came to her crotch to lick Mona’s pussy. After vigorously sucking her cunt, Mona came for the third time. Finally, they sat facing each other with their legs spread wide apart. They came very close and rubbed the pussy with each other. They kept doing that until they had another orgasm. Soon, the whole became wet with their cums. So, they went to the washroom and had a nice shower. They fingered each other for the whole time and Priya promised to wash all the bedsheets by herself since she loved to smell them while washing. From that day, they had sex many times in secret and soon become sex buddies until Priya married a guy. Let me know if you like this story and send me the feedback to nehaappusingh HotSexyStory.com

maid-servant/hot-mistress-finally-finds-sexy-lesbian-maid The Hot Mistress Finally Finds A Sexy Lesbian Maid – 2

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