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The Hot Mistress Finally Finds A Lesbian Maid – 1 – Desi XXX Story

Hello, HotSexyStory.com readers. This story is about the hot relationship between a sexy rich housewife and her lesbian maid. Monali married at the young age of 23. She did not show any interest in her marriage. None of her family members could figure out the real reason behind that. She did not have close friends in her school or in the college she studied. Since she looked very beautiful, many guys tried to woo her. But none had the luck. None even knew that Monali was a virgin. Many took her loneliness as a sign of her rude behavior. Whenever her parents bring a man for her match, she would reject the men for no reasons. But they had enough and she felt tired of rejecting the grooms. Finally, when they brought Prathab, a successful businessman, she did not reject. But at the same time, she did not accept his proposal as well. Prahtab did not look for any qualities in a woman since he had more wealth. All he wanted was a beautiful woman. So, he did not mind for the moody behavior of his wife. He thought she just had a homesick. His parents told him that she would feel alright in a few days. Monali did not show any interest in sex since the first day of the marriage. They had sex a couple of times and soon, he did not feel like having sex with her could yield him some fun. So, he just kept her as a social symbol. He soon had a girl for his sexual needs. Monali knew about his affair but she did not feel angry nor stopped him. This made Prathab think that she might have a secret boyfriend and hence did not like her married life. But none in the world knew that Monali liked women more than men. She actually liked to have sex with them and she knew that ever since her school days. She avoided having female friends since she did not want to embarrass herself by having feelings for any of her friends. Her parents follow orthodox tradition. So, she did not have any guts to inform about her sexual preference to them. She did not have any male friends since they started to propose her in the second week. Due to all those reasons, she stayed alone for the whole life. One day, her chef in the home she lived did not turn up. The whole routine of the home faced some difficulties. So, when her husband called her home, they told him that she did not feel good. But they agreed to send their daughter Priyanka instead to cook for them. When she came to her home, Monali came to the kitchen to meet the new maid and tell her what to cook. But the moment she met her, she understood that she was a lesbian. The way she looked at her waist and cleavage made her feel special. She felt the complete womanhood for the first time in her life. But Priyanka did not understand the sexual orientation of her mistress. She really wished she could have her for the sex. But as usual, she just checked her out like she used to do with her other mistress. Although Monali knew about her maid, she did not want to take things faster and bring a disgrace to the whole family. So, she wanted a confirmation about her sexual preference. When everyone in her home had left for their work, she stayed alone and the other workers kept themselves busy with their own work. So, Monali thought that could be a good chance for her to know about her maid further. She soon changed her clothes. Monali wore a short skirt and a t-shirt with the low neck. She did not wear any bra or panty. When Priyanka walked inside, she felt shocked to see a hot chick. Since she never had the chance of seeing any woman that sexy in person, she felt very horny. Priyanka: Madam. Did you call me? Monali: Yes. What are you doing today? Priyanka: Nothing much, madam. I just have some work in the kitchen and after that, I might leave. Monali: I want your help. Priyanka: Tell me, madam. Monali: I wanted to go to a movie. Would you accompany me? I have no friends and I will feel so happy if you join me. Priyanka: Me? Seriously? Monali: Yes. Would you? Priyanka: Sure, madam. Why would I say no to such a good offer? Monali: But your clothes look too bad. People would not like seeing a girl in the outfit you wear. Priyanka: But madam, I don’t have any good clothes. Monali: You can wear mine. Priyanka: No madam. It is okay. Monali: No, no. Come on. Don’t feel shy. Please. Consider it as my request. Priyanka: Please, madam. Don’t make me feel bad. I will do whatever you say. Monali: Good. She showed many clothes and Priyanka had the fantasy of wearing short clothes like the heroines in the Bollywood movies. So, she picked the jeans shorts and the matching shirt she had. They looked like a perfect fit for her. They went to the multiplex and she sat next to her. But for the whole movie, she kept staring at her thighs. Monali had an imagination. Soon, she kept her hands over the hot thighs of her maid and Priyanka looked into her eyes. Slowly, they came closer and both began to kiss each other’s lips. While kissing, Monali pulled down her tops and took her hot breasts out. Priyanka took the hot tits into her mouth and began to suck them nicely. Meanwhile, Monali spread her legs and made her maid to insert her finger into her pussy. She could see that her cunt had become wet already. Soon, she started to finger fuck her while sucking her breasts. Suddenly, she heard her maid calling her name. Only then she realized that she had a dream of having sex with her maid. But she so wanted that to happen. Like this story, if you wanted to know, how Monali made it in real. Send your comments to nehaappusingh HotSexyStory.com

lesbian/hot-mistress-finally-finds-lesbian-maid The Hot Mistress Finally Finds A Lesbian Maid – 1

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