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Story Of A Surprise Gay Experience – New Desi Sex Story

Hi Desitales readers, this is my first attempt as a writer at this site sharing my sexual experience. However, I have been a regular reader of DesiTales. I am 5 ft 10 in tall and I have a white skin tone and have smooth black hair. I am thin and I have 15-16 cm mushroom type long penis like normally seen in English porn videos and Sambhu is 5 ft 5 in tall and he has a medium tone color and also has smooth hair. He has a 17-18 cm long penis which does not look like mine. He has a covering at the tip of his penis which I don’t have. So now let’s jump into the story. The story happened two years back. On that day, I was at school participating in a discussion about how to organize a send-off function. During the meeting, my friend Sambhu secretly asked me whether I have any porn videos. I replied, “If you come to my home, I will give you” and he agreed. After the meeting, he came to my home with me and when we reached home, no one was there. Mom had gone out. So I opened the house with the second key and I switched on the internet and I searched for HD videos in websites. I and Sambhu watched videos for about 20 minutes and we both became horny. I asked him, “Shall we do a cumshot”. Then he slowly rubbed my fully erected penis and replied, “Come to the bedroom” There he started removing his shirts, pants and then I saw his 17 cm long cock which was pushing from inside. Finally, he removed his underwear also. Then he started to remove my shirt and pants. He grabbed my penis through my jockey underwear and soon he removed it too. Finally, I too became nude along with him and that was my first time becoming nude in front of a guy. He explained me the process of gay sex. We started kissing and locked our lips. His pink color lip was so delicious along with his tongue and it lasted for about 10 minutes. We then shifted into 69 position. His ass hole was covered with some hair but I licked his ass through that. Meanwhile, he was licking my 15 cm cock and I started licking his 17 cm cock which now felt like a hot iron rod. After 20 minutes, we were in a lip lock again and after that, he took his cock and pushed it into my ass hole. It was a heavenly experience. After some time, we changed positions and I pushed my cock into his hole. Finally, we both are about to cum. Then I sucked his cock and then gave him a handjob. After some time, he cummed and I drank his cum and wiped his dick clean. Now it was his turn to pleasure me. He started playing with my cock and me finally cummed in his hands like a volcano eruption. We both captured all this moment with my phone camera and after some days I deleted it. But now I think it was a stupid idea because I miss him a lot when I become alone at my home. After that incident, we used to play with our dicks during class time on the back bench and it made us so horny. When interval bell rings, we both go and occupy the same toilet and cum on each other. And after a couple of months, I got an opportunity when my parents went to some place. I called him and he came over. We started with 69 position and then we tried some other positions like doggy style etc. This time we both licked other’s cock for several minutes and finally, I cummed into his mouth and later he cummed in mine. After that, we slept nude for about 1 hour and we woke up and again started licking each other’s penis and it made both of us so horny that we cummed again. This time I cummed on his face and he cummed into my ass hole. After our second session of cumming, we decided to take bath and we stood in the shower. I don’t know why he was not satisfied with 2 cumshots, he started licking my balls and penis and it made me horny again. I asked him to ride my cock in cowgirl position which he did and I fucked in his asshole and cummed inside it. After that, he said he also wanted to do the same. So he fucked me very hard and he also cummed in my hole and that was the final. So that day gave me a wonderful gay sex experience with Sambhu. And like this, we did gay sex for three times in my home. One day at class, one of the girls in our class was wearing a tight legging and a tight t-shirt which made both of us completely erect. Unfortunately, there was no way to fuck her.So we decided to play with our own cocks over our pants. First, he started playing with mine. My penis was trying to get out of my pant because of the huge erection it had. He was moving his hand to and fro on my penis and I was only looking to our hot classmate’s projected boobs and her bra lining through her tight t-shirt. Finally, I was about to cum but I know, I was inside the classroom and there were a lot of students. But I couldn’t control and he wasn’t stopping either and kept on playing with my penis. So I cummed in my pants and my pant became so wet and Sambhu started laughing. But I didn’t care, I was still horny. So I started playing with his cock but he didn’t cum and during the interval, we both went to the toilet and licked each other’s penis and he cummed twice there and after the class, I cummed again by remembering her boobs. That was the last time I licked his penis. After that our final exams started and we didn’t get any chance thereafter. So, thanks for reading my gay sex story and I hope this incident made all of you very horny.If you are horny now, please sent pics to the e given below You all can also send your feedbacks to shafnamunaf Don’t forget to sent pics. 😉

gay-male/sex-story-of-a-surprise-gay-experience Story Of A Surprise Gay Experience

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