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Sheeba As A Maid – The Beginning Of The Maid Sex Part 7 – Sexy Desi Porn Story

After having a big argument with Payal, Jacob woke up fresh in the morning. He thought his day would be better than the previous day. Payal had already left to her office. She did not seem very happy last night. Not after Jacob defended Sheeba and failed to take her side. Since he is alone, that might be a good time for his maid sex. Jacob still felt happy since Sheeba had a thing for him. But he did not imagine that even women do masturbate fantasizing the men of their desire. “So, Sheeba does like me a lot and I can have her in my bed soon”, he told himself. His morning boner was very good as usual. All the girls he had slept with would love to have one more round in the early morning just looking at his morning boner. Since he knew very well that his maid Sheeba would love to stare at his bare chest, he removed his shirt and crossed her room with just a silk boxer with the ‘Superman’ logo right over his junk. The door was not fully locked and he could see her doing something inside. The curiosity made him peek into her room. Slowly, he walked towards the door and peeked in and he felt very much surprised. Sheeba was changing her clothes and she stood naked while folding her sari. He thought that Sheeba had no idea that the door was not fully locked and he was looking at her. But Sheeba did everything on purpose. She kept the door unlocked and she stood naked just to show her body to him. Well, last night he could just see her pussy and legs. But now, he could see her whole naked body. Still, he cursed his luck since he could see only the back portion of his body. Her ass alone was enough to make him cum. Sheeba purposely bent down to pick-up the blouse showing the best part of her butt. He could not control his feelings any further. But he wanted to see her front very badly. So, he made a slight noise and hid behind the door. Then, he started to see her through the keyhole. Sheeba turned suddenly and her hot and sexy breasts revealed themselves to him. He could also see a glimpse of her shaved pussy but she covered her body with a towel soon. She walked towards the door and locked it. Then, she placed her hands on the bra and panty to wear them. But he did not want her to wear them. So, he called her name aloud. “Sheeba. Come soon. Just come soon. I can’t wait”. Due to that, she did not have time to wear a bra and panty. She soon wore the nightgown and ran to the dining table. She saw Jacob in a boxer and he looked sexier than ever. Tall and handsome young man with the good build body with nice abs. He also had good arms and silky hair. She loved the beard he had. The best part about him, which many women would love was right in front of her eyes. Just for her display. His boner in that boxer. She had her eyes only on his penis and he did not want to disturb her. Knowing that a hot man staring at a boner made him crazy and his cock felt overexcited. He let her watch and meanwhile, he started to admire her beauty. The sexy nightgown which was very transparent. He could see her hot toned legs from the waist and he could ever see her hot tits and pussy over her nightgown. But not very clear since the design blocked his view. Since she had a shower a few minutes ago, the water dripping from her hair made her look very seductive. The water flowed over her cleavage and was filling her cleavage. He would never forget that scene and she looked better than many models he had worked with. Even better than his girlfriend Payal. He soon told her, Jacob: Oh, you did not shower yet? Sheeba: It is okay, sir. Tell me. Jacob: Finish your shower first. Sheeba: It is okay, sir. Please, tell me what should I do? jacob: I am really sorry for what happened last night. Payal did not treat you well. Sheeba: (Crying) Sir, you know my situation. I am married to a man and he wanted only money and drinks. He never took care of me and my kids. He made me work so that I could earn for his drinks. I did my graduation and still, I had to do some works like this to take care of my family. I do not have good experience and support. In spite of all these, if someone talks bad about my character, I could not control myself. Even I am sorry for speaking some harsh words to your girlfriend sir. I really tried hard to control but I could not help myself. Jacob: Hey, it is okay. Stop crying. Saying that he hugged her tight and tried to console her. She began to like that touch. The touch she had after a long time and the heat from his body. She wanted that heat very badly. So, she hugged him very tight and felt the pleasure. Even Jacob felt the erotic way nature works. He loved to press her boobs against his chest. Slowly, he wiped her tears and rubbed his hand over her lips. Sheeba looked at him as if she did not expect that. There was no anger in her eyes. He could see a desperate thing in her eyes. Suddenly, she backed off. Sheeba: I will come later after finishing my shower. Jacob felt a bit sad since she left him soon. He had her in his hands and he blew it. Then, he thought, “Oh, wait a minute. She said she wanted to finish her shower when she had already finished the shower and was drying her hair. If she says she wanted to shower again, does she want me to join her?”. He walked towards the room and the room was not locked. So, he entered and saw that even the washroom door was not locked. He smiled with a naughty mind. To be continued… Kindly, like this story to know if he had a shower sex with Sheeba. Or did Payal walk in? Share your thoughts in nehaappusingh

maid-servant/sheeba-maid-beginning-maid-sex Sheeba As A Maid – The Beginning Of The Maid Sex Part 7

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