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Sheeba As A Maid – Her First Night Sex Story – Part 9 – Desi XXX Story

Kindly read the previous parts so that you could get a real feel for the first night sex story of Sheeba. After the nice sex with his hot maid, Jacob felt that he would cum in a few minutes. Since he did not use a condom, he tried to take his penis out of Sheeba’s pussy. But she locked him inside by locking her legs around his ass. He tried hard to come out of her cunt but she forced him to stay using her strong calf muscles. Without any option, he came a lot into her pussy. After dropping his last drop, he felt relief since she released him from her clutches. Before leaving to the washroom to clean them up, Sheeba told in his ears,”Sir, I want your babies”. He felt very much shocked on hearing this. He kept waiting for her to come out to ask her about that. But, he did not realize that he still stood naked. As soon as Sheeba came out, she looked at him and grabbed his dick. “Sir? Do you want one more round with me? Yor dick looks very much ready. Just give me a minute. I will have some water. You have taken the life out of me and made me tired”. She just had a towel around her body. Before she could leave the kitchen, he stopped her. Jacob: Wait. I want to talk to you. Sheeba: Tell me, sir. Jacob: You were kidding right? When you said that you wanted my babies. Sheeba: (Smiling) No. I was completely serious. Jacob: You planned this? Sheeba: No. Jacob: Don’t lie. I think it is your plan to have my babies and to blackmail me. Sheeba: (Holding his cheeks and tears in her eyes) Please sir. Don’t insult me like this. I really wanted your babies. Just like me sexy and charming boss. Jacob: Why are you crying? Please, don’t. Sheeba: I want this baby no matter they have a father or not. Don’t worry sir. None will know about this. I will raise them all by myself. You don’t have to worry or to spend any money. Jacob: Sheeba, why are you doing this? Sheeba: It is just a symbol of my love to you. I will just collect my salary from you. My dear secret husband. Jacob: Even I would like to have you as my wife. Sheeba: Really? Jacob: Yes. Sheeba: But you have married Payal madam. Jacob: I am only in a living relationship with her. Sheeba: Really? Jacob: Yes. Wait. I will marry you right here and right now. But give me some time to dump Payal. Sheeba: It is totally your decision sir. Jacob: Stop calling me sir. Call me like how you love to call your husband. Sheeba: (Blushing) Oh my god. I cannot believe this. Soon, Jacob came there with a ring he bought for Payal. He wore them in Sheeba’s finger and told her that she was his wife from then. Sheeba started to cry and he hugged her tight. While hugging, her towel dropped on the floor and Jacob was already naked. They started to kiss and he crushed her tits again with his chest. While kissing her, he grabbed her breasts and started to press them while she kept crying out of joy. She broke this kiss in the middle and removed the mangalsutra which she pretended that she was a married woman. Sheeba: I will not wear this ever in my life since you are my only husband from now. Jacob: Sure. I am the only one for you like you are the only one for me. Then, he carried her to the bedroom which Payal decorated for the sex that night. Soon, he placed naked Sheeba gently on the bed and told her with a smile, Jacob: Now, our marriage has finished, now, is the time for the First Night. Sheeba: (Blushing and feeling shy with her hands covering her face) Oh god. Jacob: Come on. We had sex already. Why are you feeling shy now? Sheeba: Of course we had sex. But I am your wife now. I can’t explain why I feel shy. It is a woman thing. Jacob: Fine. Do it all you want and I will still have you. Sheeba: Can’t wait. When she covered her face with her hands, he spread her legs and inserted his dick into her pussy and banged her hard. Soon, while having sex, he received the call from Payal. Payal: Honey, I cannot concentrate on my work since I had a fight with you this morning. So, I am coming home. I want to stay with you for the whole day. Jacob: Yes. Come home soon. Even I wanted to talk to you. Payal: I love you. Jacob: Okay. Come soon. Payal: You are not telling I love you too. Are you still mad at me? Jacob: I will explain it when you come home. Both wore their clothes and Sheeba served food for Jacob. The first meal after their marriage. So, both had a big smile on their face. Both started to feed each other and meanwhile, Payal rang the doorbell. Sheeba opened the door and Payal felt angry again. Then, she came to the dining hall and saw Jacob having his lunch. He kept praising how amazing she had cooked which made Payal even angrier. She sat on the chair and asked Sheeba to bring a glass of cold water. Before she returned with the water, Payal wanted to talk to Jacob in private, Payal: Jacob, listen to me. Our relationship went smoothly until this bitch came in. Jacob: Stop calling her bitch. Payal: (Controlling her anger) Fine. Until Sheeba came in. We can have a normal life again when you send her out. Jacob: Sheeba, join us for the lunch, please. To be continued… Please, like this post if you wanted to know what happened in the dining hall. Did he dump Payal? How did Sheeba trap Jacob? Send your comments to nehaappusingh HotSexyStory.com

maid-servant/sheeba-maid-first-night-sex-story Sheeba As A Maid – Her First Night Sex Story – Part 9

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