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Sheeba And Her Son-In-Law – The Taboo Sex – Part 4 – Desi XXX Story

Well, Sheeba and her son-in-law Raju had a thing ever since he came to live with her with his wife. From the first day, they tried to do the forbidden taboo sex but the guilt in Sheeba’s mind kept her away from him. But she could not stop seeing him. So, she admired and masturbated looking at Raju having sex with her daughter. On the next day, she played with his junk when he was still sleeping naked. She could not stop thinking about Raju and his naked body. Whenever she closed her eyes, all she could imagine was his long and sexy penis which she licked and rode with the passion. But she did not feel very happy about what she did. Actually, she wanted him to actually make love to her. More than making love, she wanted him to fuck her wild. Well, little she knew that even he had the same thoughts in his mind. But he did not have the guilt like she carried with her. He liked both the mother and the daughter. But he wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. He could not stop. Not after knowing that she too had a lust for him. Sheeba did not do this just for fun. She genuinely had feelings for her son-in-law. But something told her to feel ashamed of what she had in her mind. She tired a lot to ignore that part whenever she sees him flaunting his abs and his body in the home. Zarine did not take it seriously. One day, Zarine received a call from her office. She had an approved vacation from her workplace for a month. So, she did not expect that call sooner in the second week. Zarine felt scared that her manager wanted her to resume her duties but she also wanted to enjoy her honeymoon life. She attended the call with the heavy heart, Manager: Zarine. I hope I am not bothering you. Zarine: Tell me, sir. Manager: I don’t want to cancel your holidays but we badly need your presence. Just for one day. You can solve this issue and you could have another week off instead. I don’t mind making it on your paid holiday. Zarine: Oh, how bad is the problem? Manager: Too bad and your whole team needs you. Zarine: But sir… Manager: Before you say anything, just remember this. Your appraisal would come soon this month. Do you want to skip a couple of positions and grab the promotion? Zarine: Can you do that? Manager: If my employees take an extra mile, I don’t mind doing that. Zarine: Really? Manager: Yes. Not after what we had in my guest house. Zarine: Please. Stop. I am married now. Manager: oops. Sorry. Well, could you make it? Zarine: Sure. But I want the one-week extra vacation and the double promotion as you have said. Manager: You know that I would always keep my words. You don’t even have to sleep with me for this. Zarine: Are you sure? Manager: You mean you could sleep with me? Zarine: You are the too cute when you say that. I wanted to see your face. Manager: Come her quickly and let me see what changes your husband had done in your body. Zarine: In that case, let me make it a one week trip. She told Raju and Sheeba about the office emergency and told then that she would have to leave immediately and would return only after a week. But to her surprise, none objected her. Well, she just cleared all the obstacles between them. After she had left, Sheeba’s heart began to beat fast. She badly wanted to have sex with him. But she did not want to make the first move. To do that, she should provoke him to. Hence, she wore a loose skirt extending till her thighs and a transparent t-shirt. She sat in the armchair and started to read a book when her son-in-law sat right opposite to her working on his computer. Sheeba started her work of seduction. She slowly, raised her legs so that he could see the whole inner thighs of her. He could also see the green panty she wore without any strain or obstacles. Sheeba noticed that he had a nice view and the boner in his pants. But that was not enough. She wanted to do more to make him super horny. So, she closed her face with her palm as if she felt tired and spread her legs to let him see a good view of her panty and her toned legs. Her milky thighs made him crazy. He too wanted to seduce her. So, he took off his shirt since he knew that it would turn her on. Sheeba removed her hands and looked at Raju. He had the lust in his eyes and his bare chest induced her. Without her knowledge, she raised her skirt to show him more. With the complete silence around the place, she removed her panty and threw it on the floor. Raju kept his computer aside and stood up. Sheeba could not meet his eyes for the incest thing she would perform shortly. She had the guilt and still, she wanted to do it. When Raju came closer, he grabbed her arms and pulled her closer to him. Soon, she reached his lips and started to smooch. He did not believe that it could come so fast. Both started to smooch when Sheeba placed her hand on his boner. She started the handjob above his boxer. To be continued… Kindly, like this post, if you wanted to know what Sheeba and Raju did next. It is not as obvious as you guys might think. Send your comments to nehaappusingh HotSexyStory.com

incest/sheeba-son-law-taboo-sex Sheeba And Her Son-In-Law – The Taboo Sex – Part 4

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