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Sexy Woman Traveler Next To Me – Hot Desi Sex Story

Hello mates its Venky from Bengaluru. I hope you liked my first story? Thanks for the people who contacted me after reading my story. After a long time I’m back to HotSexyStory.com to share my recent experience while travelling from Mumbai to London. I travelled to London two months back for an official work, I didn’t opt for direct flight from BLR, and instead I took a flight from Mumbai. I’m always inclined to Window seat so that I can enjoy the view and booked the same. After verification I was waiting in the departure area and looking at the women around me, and dreaming about some women passenger would be seated next to me during the journey. I found a shy but good looking girl with nice assets sitting in the departure area; I was just thinking it would be fun if she would be travelling along with me in the flight. Once the call was made to start boarding, I stood in the queue and she was also standing in the queue. I boarded the flight initially and I was waiting for the person to accompany me. To my surprise the women whom I was dreaming came towards me, I got exited. She was sitting in the aisle on and on the window seat, she didn’t speak to me and I too didn’t open my mouth. I learnt that she isn’t much comfortable while staring at her now and then. So I opened my mouth and asked her that is she ok? She said fine and didn’t talk. After few minutes, she asked me can I sit in the window seat, initially I said I’m always interested in window seat, when I saw her face I said I can offer her the window seat and I can take the aisle. Also, I enquired the flight attendant if anybody is expected in the middle seat, she said no one. So I asked her if I can sit in the middle seat, so that I can see the outside view, she said OK. The flight took off and they served drinks and snack, I took my usual Vodka and she took wine. While having the drink I introduced myself and she started responding later. She informed me that she is a newly married women and her hubby is working in UK, she recently got the Visa and travelling alone to get settled in the UK and this is her first International trip and that’s the reason she looked restless. After chit chatting for few minutes she became comfortable and started talking to me jovially. I forgot to mention about the dress, she was wearing a Tee that was exposing her assets and a tight jean, her numbers were 36-24-32 and she was perfect in shape and any one will stare at her immediate I could see her little cleavage while having a sip, I said her that she is beautiful and her hubby is very lucky. She was blushing and laughed after that. She asked me why I was laughing. I said nothing. She had completed her wine and at the same time I finished my 2 pegs of vodka. She said to me that she is feeling sleepy and she said that she is gonna sleep off. Before that she wanted to use the rest room, so he asked me to excuse and she started moving sideways, I could see her round ass in the tight jean that aroused me. She returned after few minutes and she was moving to her seat, suddenly there was turbulence and she got frightened and fallen down on me, one of her boob were on my mouth and one of her hand were on my cock and I could see her cleavage nicely. She realized and she said sorry and moved to her seat. The flight attendant reached and asked her if she is ok and she said yes. I was silently laughing and she didn’t talk to me for few minutes. Later she smiled and spoke to me, to my surprise she asked me did I enjoy? I didn’t give any answer but I got the hint and she seems to be aroused after that fall. Everyone went to sleep and the lights were switched off, she was inside her blanket and I thought she is sleeping. I turned towards her, and saw that she was looking at me and I gave a smile, in return I got a naughty smile. She caught my hand and placed at her pussy area, I could feel the warmth above her jean, I also sensed her wetness inside. I slowly tried to unbutton her jean and she relaxed a bit and helped me. I placed my hands on her pussy above her panty and I felt the wetness and her face turned horny. I massaged her pussy for a minute and she was very much aroused, she pulled her Tee downwards and displayed her cleavage and I got the hint and moved my other hand to the boob and slowly massaged one of them, everything was happening inside the blanket and I didn’t have any view. I wanted to lick her tits but couldn’t do it because of the seating. I slowly accessed the complete left boob and massaged them and pinched them, I became too horny and pulled her hand to my cock and she understood, she unzipped mine and took the cock and started stroking, meanwhile I moved my hand inside her panty and started to access her pussy. She started stroking fast as my massage to her pussy increased. She was in heaven as I was. I started fingering her pussy and finally she cummed and within few minutes I too cummed I said that I want to taste her nipples and she asked me to bend a bit and she will cover herself with the blanket fully and said me to do the same. I bent a bit and she lifted he tee and I started exploring her boobies and I unbuttoned her bra and gained accesses to the boobies, and my lock continued for 5 minutes and I felt that she cummed again. later she played with my cock and gave me a nice blowjob. We received the lunch and had it and I asked for another peg of vodka and shared with her. Hope you enjoyed my experience and do wait for my next, meanwhile you can contact me on bluemoonu

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