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Sexy Milf’s Encounter With Her Son – Part -2 – Desi XXX Story

The continuation of the sexy milf’s story. Previously, Aparna went to an office party in a sexy outfit and came home after drinking a lot. Then, her son helped her to walk to the bedroom. Looking at her sexy body, he had a boner and she felt damn horny seeing it. Soon, she grabbed it and took it into her mouth. After sucking it hard, she tore off the gown and removed her clothes. She was wearing just a panty and he saw his mother’s big boobs hanging. He grabbed her tits and began to press them. Aparna felt the aroused and began to moan. Her sex noise drove him crazy and soon took them to her mouth. He bit the hard nipples and sucked them nice. She gasped “ouch” whenever he bit her breasts. He even made some love bites on her melons. Aparna: Come on, Vimal. Your bites felt harder when I breastfed you. Can’t you suck any harder? Vimal felt deeply offended by her comment and he pushed her on the bed. Then, he jumped on her and began to suck her tits as hard as possible. He even buried his whole face inside her boobs. She moaned louder than before. Slowly, he came lower to the navel and planted a kiss on her hot navel. Her body began to shiver when he went further lower. She went damn crazy when he touched her pussy lips with his lips. She shrilled and had goosebumps on her body. Soon, she locked his head between her legs and pressed it hard. Since she felt very horny, she could not take this anymore. Aparna: Oh, Vimal. I want your penis. Please, give me your penis. I cannot wait anymore. Vimal: Sure mom. Just wait. Aparna: I cannot wait anymore, you mother fucker. Vimal. Okay, cool. He came on top of her and rubbed his dick head over her pussy. She started to cry and grabbed his dick. Then, she guided it into her pussy and made him bang her hard. He grabbed her breasts and pressed them while fucking her. She too grabbed his ass cheeks and pressed him. She had a naughty and seductive smile on her face. After a while, he came inside her cunt and collapsed on the bed. When he took some rest to gather his hardness again, she came on top of him. Aparna: Is my baby tired? Vimal: Yes. Let me take rest. Aparna: No way. She came down and took her penis in her hands again. She licked all the cum dripping and cleaned his whole junk with her tongue. His dick came back to the senses. But she did not stop just there. She took his whole penis deep inside and started to choke herself. The whole penis became wet due to the saliva. After his dick became hard, she made him stand and kneeled in front of him in the doggy style. Soon, he inserted his dick into her ass and banged her hard. He grabbed her sexy curve on her waist and fucked her to the core. She had her orgasm again and they slept together in the same bed naked. Next day, when he woke up, he could not see his mom next to her. He just covered his body with the towel and came to the kitchen. He saw his mom making breakfast and he came close to her. When he smiled at her, she just smiled for the namesake and left the place. She began to serve the food on his plate and did not talk to him at all. Then, she wore a sari and prepared to leave. But he stopped her since he wanted an explanation of what happened on the previous night and that morning. Vimal: What happened, mom? You are not talking to me. Aparna: I will explain when I come back. Vimal: No mom. I want to know now. Aparna: Listen. Whatever happened last night was a mistake. That should not have happened at all. But I was drunk and I did not know what I was doing. Vimal: Mom. You knew that I am your son when you did that. Aparna: Yes. But I did not have sex for many days. Seeing you that time made me lose myself. Vimal: I liked it, mom. I wanted to do it again and again. Aparna: No. Vimal. It is a sin. Vimal: I know very well that you wanted to do it too. Come on. None would know about this. Let me help you until you find a man for yourself. Aparna: Sorry, Vimal. I cannot do this. Before she could say anything else, he took off the towel and stood in front of her naked with his erect dick. Aparna like it but she tried to control. So, she looked away and with the tears in her eyes. But he grabbed her hands and made them touch his tool. She did not show any interest and so, he let her hand go. But she did not remove her hands. The grip in her hands became tighter and she began to stroke it. The smile blossomed in both the faces and he sat on the sofa with relaxed eyes. She took her phone and called her boss. Then, she said, ” I am feeling sick sir. I can’t make it to the office today. So, can I have a day off”? She cut the call after a while and looked at him. ” We have the whole day”. They had fun for that whole day and on the following days. Thanks for reading this series friends. Send your comments to nehaappusingh HotSexyStory.com

incest/sexy-milfs-encounter-with-son Sexy Milf’s Encounter With Her Son – Part -2

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