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Sexy Milf’s Encounter With Her Son – Part 1 – Desi XXX Story

After her divorce with her husband, Aparna started to live alone with her son. Her son, Vimal had heard people calling her mom a hot milf many times. At first, he felt very bad that he wanted to beat them up. But later he became habituated. Aparna started to groom herself after the divorce to find a job. She knew very well that people would love to see hot women working in spite of their poor talents. Well, she did not have talents so, she could only use her body to woo men for her living. Till the divorce, she used to wear just a sari or a kurta. But after that, she started to wear formal wears like full trousers and a tight shirt. She never wore anything revealing. Still, she looked different to Vimal’s eyes since he had not seen her in modern clothes before that. One day, her boss called her to his cabin. He wanted to have her take notes on everything he said during the meeting. She should accompany her on all the business trips. So, she would leave the whole home for her son when she had a trip. Her son would have a good time with his girlfriend during that time. So, when Aparna came inside the cabin, he asked her to close the doors as he wanted to talk something personal. Ankit: Well, Aparna. I am throwing a party for the client from Delhi tomorrow. Aparna: Great sir. Do you want me to book the hotel? Ankit: Yes. Make it a beachside hotel. Look for the one with the maximum budget of 10L. Nothing more than that. Ask them to include drinks and Dj within the budget. Aparna: Sure sir. Ankit: But that is not the reason I have called you for. Aparna: Tell me, sir. Ankit: Well, everyone would bring their pair along with them. You know that I am divorced, like you. So, could you accompany me? Aparna: Late night part? I don’t know. Ankit: Please. I swear you will be fine. Aparna: Well, okay sir. Ankit: And, I wanted you to wear the evening gown that I will buy tonight. Aparna: Sure. But she felt shocked to see the Long Open back, sleeveless dress with the thigh-length slit. She had never tried that kind of clothes in her life. So, she called her boss and told him that she could not wear it. If he wanted her to attend the party badly, she could wear a sari with the sleeveless blouse. Ankit did not take it seriously. He told her strictly that he wanted her to wear it and he would keep that a secret. None of the office colleagues would know about that. He even told her that he would pick her up from her home and drop her in the same place personally. Since everything would be a secret, she accepted. On the day of the occasion, she came home after the lunch since she had to prepare herself for the party. After applying the makeup, she wore the evening gown he presented her and looked at herself in the mirror. She could not believe her own eyes. Her son had not arrived yet and hence he did not see her in that attire. Sharply at six, her boss came to her home and picked her up. He became damn horny looking at her like that. The sexy toned legs and the soft skin of Aparna made him feel the heaven. He really wished he could have her in the bed that night and fuck her hard. But he controlled and took her to the party. They had a good time there. At the party, she met her ex-husband in the same hotel. He had dinner with his new wife and she wanted to make him feel jealous. So, she drank a lot and had a dance with many men in the party. Her ex-hubby could not see her behaving like that. So, he left the place soon and she felt very high to walk. So, her boss dropped her home late night. When he knocked the door, Vimal answered it. He felt very much shocked to see his mother in a sexy outfit. Her boss dropped her on the sofa and left the place. Since he had never seen his mom in a sexy way before, he kinda felt very horny. He loved the way she looked and tried to talk to her. Vimal: Mom. Can you walk? Aparna: Vimal, my darling. I love you. Vimal: Oh god. Did you have your dinner? Aparna: Yes. Then, I drank a lot. Vimal: I can see that. Let me take you to the bedroom. Aparna: Sure. How do I look in this dress? Vimal: Nice. He helped her to the bedroom and made her sit on her bed. Then, he opened the wardrobe and took a sari and blouse. Vimal: Mom, wear this sari. Aparna: No. I look sexy in this. Why do I need a sari? Before he could say anything, she separated the slit and showed her full body below the waist. Her toned legs, hot thighs along with the pink panty made his dick grow. He did not realize his boner but his mom did. Aparna: Look. You have a long dick. Let me see. She grabbed his pants and before he could stop her, she removed his pants and his boxer. His long dick popped out and she grabbed his tool with both the hands. Aparna: Wow, you have the longest one than your dad. Wait a minute, do they taste the same? Saying that she took the penis into her mouth and started to suck it. Vimal felt very horny when she sucked his penis and let her do that. He did not want to stop his crazy mom. Aprana: Wow, it tastes better than your dad’s. She resumed the blowjob and after a while, she tore off her clothes. To be continued… KIndly, like this story, if you wanted to know what happened next. Send your comments to nehaappusingh HotSexyStory.com

incest/sexy-milfs-encounter-son Sexy Milf’s Encounter With Her Son – Part 1

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