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My Sexy Friends Friend Urmila


I am Kamran again from Pakistan. First of all I must thank to this site, which provided me the chances to share; my sex experiences with u all readers. My last stories were appreciated a lot by u readers, which encouraged me to send u an other experience with a woman. I always receive much e mail. From young females just wanting to exchange hot mails. But I always welcome the sweet ladies who really need the fun. In spite of my repeated introduction I must get to story.

You know already about my sex encounters with dr Asia and her sister and few other sexy women .dear readers on 3rd June it was over few months since I had sex and I was very disturbed a lot and was not finding any of my sex partners in the city who could give me the time when I got a telephone call from dr Asia .it was an immense pleasure for me on hearing her sweet voice. She said that she had rejoined her clinic after coming from Karachi where she goes for her professional training after every two three months .I could feel my erection in my shalwar and was holding it with my left hand while talking to her. I asked her the time to see but she said that she had some guest from Dubai and was busy with them and further informed that she wouldn’t be free for another a month or so but will be available on telephone if I wanted to talk to her. I said ok to her and dropped the phone. But after sometime by thinking of dr Asia s voice I couldn’t control myself and again gave a ring at her mobile. Some known voice attended the phone with a smiling tone and asked me the reason for ringing , I was trying to recognize the voice once I heard a laughter ………ohhhhhhhhhhh she was sana the great sexy bomb doctor Asia sister .after having general alaik salaik I asked her about Asia. She said that she is in washroom .I said ,/why…..again a big laughter ..u doesn’t know why a person goes to washroom ,said sana. Ohh sorry I didn’t understand .ok wt about u? We have reached here yesterday. Said sana…..we? I explored yes ,we .I mean myself and my friend urmila. Ohhhhhh..it means we can’t see each other. Y not? Since u r busy with ur friend, moreover ur sister is also there. Sana asked that y I had rung Asia. First tell me. I said that I just wanted to ask about ur arrival. no way, u are flirting wd her also? Ohhhhhhhh come-on sana I can’t think of her once a sexy girl like u is available. And if this sexy girl is not available then? she laughed

Ohhhhhhh come on when I can have u pls? I asked ok I will give u ring in the evening. She said.

I dropped the phone and was very big hard on but forcefully had to wait. I wanted a pussy may it be off Asia or her sister desperately. Sana is 37-27-38 she is stunningly beautiful woman. She is very fair. She has very proportionate figure that make her look very inviting. She looks very sexy in the sense; her boobs are well developed, amply swollen, luxuriant, quite shapely, bulging, protruding, opulent, curvaceous, firm looking and what not. I think she always had made it a point that her breasts should be projected well and should look firm to attract any young man, as I always felt to look at her boobs. So in all, sana’s boobs were very much captivating, inviting, tempting, and luring. Her figure was 37-27-38 as. So her bums were a bit bigger and wider than the normal look but of course very sexy looking. She has a pair of pouting lips too, looked very fresh and juicy. Thus, altogether sana looked gorgeous, sexy, exciting, inviting young woman. I love to stare at her from tip to toe, particularly her boobs. Thinking all these things I dint feels the passage of time and suddenly my mobile stated ringing. Oh I looked at the wall clock it was 10 pm. I attended the phone .it was sana.

Where are u lost? Said she. Deep in u. I replied. She sighed and said ok come to home if u can. I said, ok and dropped the phone. The moment had come for which I was waiting for. I immediately rushed to there house. I gave the bell and started waiting. The door was opened but not by sana ,it was somebody else .oh she was gorgeous. She stood 5’7” tall, milky flawless complexion. Not slim but not fat either. She had approximately 38d sized boobs and a nice fleshy round ass. She was wearing chiffon saree and low cut sleeveless blouses. Her hairs were jet black, shoulder length. I was stunned to see her and was thinking that I was to sana but here is more sexier bomb .I was lost in her when she gave me pleasant smile and asked me my name.

I said I am kamran. she invited me inside and started walking in front of me towards the room. I had never seen such a raw animal lust in a my eyes before as she swung her hips. I was feeling locked on the cleavage showing between her firmly ripe breasts. God, what a beautiful set of breasts she must have hidden under that saree. I had only caught a brief glimpse of the rising swell of creamy-white flesh where her negligee had fallen open, but it was enough to start my blood pumping down in my loins. Without wasting another minute, I let myself quietly follow her swinging hips. My lion was trying to come out. She made me sit there and went to kitchen. after two three minutes sana came wd a smiling face, sana tried to say hello standing on few feet’s as the paki ladies do but I jumped and embraced her and pushed my throbbing cock inside her legs and started kissing her. She hurriedly squeezed my cock and pushed me back pointing towards the kitchen meaning that the woman is there. Sana sat wd me and pointed towards my cock and asked slowly that how it became so hard in no time. I said that it was waiting to go deep in u. She told me to have some patience and the talking is better today since her friend urmila is there for next 45 days and after her return we will enjoy .but how I cd I wait more. Ana asked me to have tea but I refused since I already was full. I asked about Asia and was told that she was on clinic and will be there till morning. I started feeling pity on myself that I so have gone there to release my load in spite of coming to sana. Once I was thinking I suddenly saw a bee flying over the tube light .my devil mind started working a plan to fuck urmila . I asked sana to pls bring some juice for me. She smiled and went to kitchen. I hurriedly got up and killed that bee wd my shoe and kept in my pocket. I had a paper pin stitching on my color also and I was ready to apply my plan. Meanwhile sana appeared wd a gloss of juice. I took the gloss and we started gen discussion in which I came to know about her friend urmila who was a dentist and recently had married in Dubai and had come to Karachi just for a visit. She was basically from India (Bombay). Once we were talking urmila also joined us and started participating discussion wd us. During this she told me that sana had very good impression about me and had lot of respect for me. I smilingly thanked sana and kissed her hand for praising me. On this both ladies laughed.

After sometime urmila got up saying excuse me for a while and went to the adjacent room. I was very hot and got up and went closer to sana and hold of her boobs. she sighed and said oiiiiiiiii… choro who a jai gi. I whispered in her ear aanai do aaj to main tum ko chodai bina nahi jaoon ga. While saying this my erected cock was touching sanas mouth which she opened and bitted slowly and whispered to leave since urmila cd come. I went back to seat and urmila appeared in shalwar qameez .these clothes were peep through and her black body covering her melons was visible. She excused saying that she was feeling sleepy and wanted to rest. sana told her ok and said, pls go to sleep and I will be joining u soon. Urmila went.

I asked sana about her hubby and her sex life. She became gloomy and said that he is fucking around the women but hardly fuck her. I said, main hoon na. She smiled. Now I embarrassed her and started kissing he lips. Sana had put on a filmy nightgown that covered her firm luscious body only down to the tops of her full supple thighs. Sha lay back, her feet facing directly at me. The thin nylon gown snaked its way up over the white flat plane of her belly, exposing the soft blonde silkiness at the junction of her slightly spread legs. Seeing the tempting pink slit up between the sparse curls, I could hardly wait to part the velvety folds with my fingers.

My bulging eyes followed the sinuous contours of her hips up over the rising and falling rib cage to the creamy white mounds of her breasts. They were set slightly close together and, through the thin covering of her nightgown, I could see the nipples. Sana stretched languidly on the sofa , revealing even more to my staring eyes the enticing treasure up between her long tapering legs. I mounted her and started licking her boobs over the cloth. After some time she pushed me back got up. I inquired that wt happened she said , let me see urmila. She went to the bed room and after a while came back .she said that its not good to fuck here since it’s a drawing room and urmila may come to know. U so wait here till I make the bed in the bed room.

In the bed room there was only single bed of Asia and if guest wd come they used to put the foam on the ground. Since urmila was their guest she was on bed and sana had to arrange a foam mattress on the ground. After sometime sana called me in the bed room and asked me to be very quit while being there since urmila could be awake. Sana switched of the light and we lied on ground. I was licking sanas pussy once I remembered the plan . I had seen urmila facing towards opposite side and her big hips were facing me. This I had seen before switching o off the light. Sana was moaning and the lights were off so her cd not sees my moments except my tongue liking her pussy. While liking her pussy I slowly took out the paper pin from my color and also took out the dead bee from my pocket. I put my hand on the bed and slowly started moving it towards the hips of urmila. After little struggle I found the curve of urtmila hips and pushed the paper pin deep wd full thrust and immediately moved my hand back . Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii it was great shock for sana listening the oiiiiiiii of urmila. Urmila was crying wd pain. I had already put the bee near hips.

Sana asked urmila that wt was the matter. She said that something has bit her. Sana whispered me to lay on the other side and correcting her clothes got up and switched on the lights. I pretended to awake from the sleep and asked the metter. Urmila was sitting having her hands on her beautiful buts and crying wd pain. I got up and pretending to see the insect on the bed. I requested to pls get up so I so see that wt was the insect which had bit her and I found the dead bee under her soft buts., ohhhhhhhhh I said her it is. Its very poisness and asked urmila the place where it had bit. she told me pointing towards her hips. Sana said that we so call Asia for treatment if its so poisness but I rejected her idea since it will be too late if Asia wd be called.

I innocently said that I know the treatment if the girls agree. Urmila who was having pain said then pls do give me treatment, I am having lot of pain. Why so the pain not there, I had pushed the damm pin wd full thrust and deeply, I thought. I said the poison can be sucked by me then u will be alright. Urmila looked towards sana who was also depressed after seeing the bee. Why not if u can suck poison and I don’t want my friend be harmed by this poisons insect and she is my guest in Pakistan. I told her to roll back and remove her shalwar till the place of sting and pain. Then she rolled onto her stomach, her well-rounded buttocks clenching involuntarily as she stretched out one arm . She had one leg stretched straight out, pointing at the foot of the bed, and the other was bent to the side and up, leaving the wide open “vee” up between her thighs fully exposed to my gaze. Then, finally, she seemed to relax. Her thighs had fallen apart a little more now and I could easily make out the wiping curls that covered the mound of her lower belly and the tender lips of the gaping slit beneath. I lustfully ran my tongue over my teeth. For my good luck the pin had hit her inner thighs just under her big hips . The smooth white flesh of the inner thigh gleaming faintly in the dim light. The soft black hairs covering the pinkly exposed lips of her vagina were plainly visible to my squinting eyes as they adjusted to the weak light in the room. I involuntarily drew in my breath with a sharp hissing sound. I had screwed many women, but never a sexy beautiful, high class lady doctor from India and never a woman so innocent and pure as this one. Never one so proud and deliciously alluring, I started sucking the place slowly and I was moving my right hand on her thighs up and down . While I slowly massaged the thick heavy foreskin back and forth over the throbbing cock-head as wd my left hand .

The hard rod of flesh in my hand was jerking eagerly as I pictured ramming it up between those wide-open thighs, burying its thick head far up inside her haughty belly. She did not had any hairs on her pussy she had shaved it and her pussy was pink in color. Now I started to lick from up to the down and she was moaning slowly as I was pretending to suck poison but now in spit of that paining place my mouth was on her juicy pussy which I also had undeliverable moved on her vagina. I found her hand on my head pushing it more deep. Wooooooooo wt a saltish liquid wad oozing out. Now urmilas voice came oo kkkkkkk its okkkkkkkk. It was hisky but I kept my tongue deep inside her vagina and her moans were little higher. Suddenly I felt a pinch on my arm .I looked back it was sana .asking me wd hands that wt I was going to do. I also answered wd my hand that I want to fuck her. She went out and now I was not only licking her pussy but also moving my hands up towards her boobs which easily gave the way to my hands. She had an orgasm now was ready to have second one. I moved my knees on the bed, crouching on all fours over her undulating young body, pushing her unresisting milk-white thighs wider apart. Then I crawled up between them, my knees pressed outward against her ankles and my face panting a few inches above the openly spread pinkness of her loins. I passed my tongue hungrily over my lips as my eyes bored down at her gleaming pussy rotating sensuously and expectantly just below my extending tongue. I could see her moist juices glistening in the pink opening of her vagina, slowly seeping and spreading down the full length of the delicious narrow valley of pussy-flesh. Her flowing love-juices trailed on down between the rounded cheeks of her buttocks pressed tightly into the mattress below. Through half-closed eyes, urmila could see a stranger’s face, dimly visible as I leaned down between her widespread legs. She could feel the flat open palms of my hands pressing outward against her sensitive inner thighs, forcing them even farther apart. Her most secret treasure was offered up to me to use as I wished, and she held her breath as I again lowered my face closer and closer and then suddenly-she felt the second searing contact! My hot probing tongue lashed out lightly over her quivering erect clitoris.

“ohhhhh!” she moaned, shuddering from the electrifying pressure of tongue on pussy-flesh, her whole body jerking wildly up at me, as my warm moist lips closed hungrily over the entire quaking mound at the base of her belly. My face was lost to her view, buried in the fine fleece, and she closed her eyes tightly again to enjoy the wet tickling kisses I was planting in the tenderly shuddering furrow, my moist tongue flicking serpent-like at the dilated opening of her cunt.

Her hands slipped sensuously down over the quivering swells of her breasts and brushed over the smooth plane of her shivering belly, coming to rest at her loins, on either side of my avidly sucking lips. Her fingers stroked gently for a moment at the flexing hollows of her inner thighs, tracing the hot flashing sensations coursing through her tender skin, and then she salaciously spread the fleshy outer folds of her pussy farther apart to give me devouring lips fuller access to her hotly throbbing inner crevice. My wetly searing tongue shot out again and again, its flicking tip circling the erected clitoris while my lips sucked ravenously, drawing the warm slippery pussy-walls into the steaming hot cavern of my mouth. My sharp teeth nibbled playfully at the pink outer flanges as my tongue darted in and out of the succulent cuntal mouth. Then suddenly my teeth closed lightly around the turgid nub of her clitoris tugging at it as though I wanted to bite it off, my greedily pointed tongue darting repeatedly over its rigid tip. Urmila groaned huskily as the hot probing wetness licked against the straining pink bud and she bucked her loins tighter up against my face. Slowly I let her erect clitoris slip out from between my teeth and began laving my saliva-soaked tongue up and down the length of her desire-moistened pussy-slit. Starting at the lower belly and slithering its way over the elastic-rimmed opening of her wetly clasping vagina, the questing tongue slipped down, down into the crevice of her clenching buttocks, probing in heated search of the tight puckered anus below. Her hips were now grinding impatiently down into the squeaking bed while soft mewling animal sounds escaped from between her clenched teeth .I worked hungrily up and down her pussy, feeling the curly wet shaved pubic area brushing teasingly against my cheeks. Never in my wildest dreams had I expected to have such a proud innocent bitch squirming under my tongue and moaning for more. Her groans drove my tongue faster and faster as it worked its way up and down the steaming wet valley of her loins. I wanted her begging for it when I was ready to ram it to her-and she was almost there. I had never seen anything like it, never seen anyone so hot for it, even with the potion. She obviously needed fucking really bad, and she would get exactly what she wanted-this was just the beginning.

I knew the dental doctor was too far gone now to fight anything I wanted to do to her and my mind began to form weird erotic pictures of the positions I could put her in and the things I could do at will to her thrashing desire-wracked body. I chuckled lewdly as I felt her hands begin desperately clawing at

My head, guiding my face tighter against the palpitating opening of her cunt. Again and again, I ran my tongue into the soft hair-rimmed furrow, flicking at the hungrily clutching cuntal mouth for a moment, and then quickly withdrawing to tease again around the hot throbbing edges of her pussy-slit.

I let her force my mouth down still more firmly over the tight little opening to her wetly clasping vagina. As my eagerly sucking lips rounded and covered the clasping viscous opening, I thrust my tongue deep up into it, bringing a low guttural groan from the semi- conscious woman as her soft warm thighs closed convulsively around the sides of his bobbing face. I could feel the wet cuntal flesh slip moistly around my hotly extended tongue as the walls of her vagina opened and closed in a greedy clutching motion attempting to pull the invading instrument in deeper and deeper. It felt as though the nibbling voracious mouth would pull my tongue out by the roots, devouring it alive.

Urmila snaked her legs around my body and pushed her heels down against my back, pressing my face into the velvety trap until I could barely breathe, my nose smashed tight against the hard clitoris above. I breathed in the sweet pungent odor of her vaginal secretions, now flowing in abundance from her cunt, the aroma inciting my penis to a hardness I could no longer control. I had to fuck this bitch soon or I would explode my load of cum all over the mattress!

Urmiula was lost in the fire of the moment. Every muscle in her body was tensed as she strained her hips desperately upward toward that maddening probe between her legs. I had become like a god to her. She had never expected it could be like this, that I could bring such glorious sensual feelings to her experienced body. Her lust for me incited her further as her up-drawn legs opened and closed around the tormenting head that was gluttonously licking at her flame-seared pussy below. The tendons of her neck stood out as she pulled with all her strength against the tangled hair of my head.

Ohhhhh! Ohhh, gooood!” she moaned, splaying her legs out wider and wider to give me easier access to her wildly throbbing loins. I could stand it no longer. I grabbed the hallucinating urmila s flailing legs behind the knees and shoved them roughly back against her shoulders, slithering up over her sweat-soaked body at the same time. My rigidly jerking cock brushed against her wet prickling pubic area as I planted my hands on either side of her shoulders, her ankles locking tightly behind my neck. I could look down between our bodies and see her upturned ass-cheeks and expanded cuntal slit, visibly fluttering just inches from his painfully throbbing cock.

I grinned obscenely above her as I edged my quivering penis slowly forward, watching its broad tip nuzzle into the pink moist flower of her eagerly waiting cunt. I stopped when the tip was firmly set in place, ready to slip forward and impale her at the first lunge I would make with my hips. I could feel her straining upward to take it in her, her hotly palpitating cuntal flanges writhing against me , sending waves of unbearable pleasure all the way from my bloated glans down the rigid cock-shaft into my aching balls hanging heavily below. I let her beg with her cunt a moment longer, poised above her like a bird of prey just waiting for the right instant to swoop down and spear her-then I drew back slightly for the first thrusting drive up into her quaking white belly.

I reached down between our bodies, savagely guiding the end of my violently throbbing cock up between the now unprotected ridges of her cuntal lips. I could feel the curly tickling pubic area parting before my unimpeded onslaught. The thick rubbery tip of my penis momentarily met resistance at the entrance to the hot moist passage and

Then I felt the elastic mouth suddenly give, allowing my turgid hardness to slip wetly inside. I thrust forward with all my strength and fury, my massively skewering cock slithering deep, deep inside her wet velvety cunt with a heedless shoving force that brought a muffled scream from urmila ’s contorted face. I didn’t relent in my searing plunge up into her quivering unprepared vagina until I felt my balls slap heavily against her upturned ass-cheeks and I held it there, savoring the hotly squirming cunt palpitating around my deeply imbedded cock.

She never wanted to resist as she felt her vagina becoming wet and open around the heavy throbbing rod. She started screwing her cunt up and down on it, pinning her legs back against her shoulders, wanting to take it all to the hilt, until it bored deep into her quaking belly, until it fucked all the way up into her throat. “ohhh, ohhhhh,” she groaned out of control as my whole invading hardness fucked into her, the power of my thrusts driving her heaving buttocks pitilessly down into the mattress below. Wasting no time now that I had her responding with every inch of her wantonly rocking body, I reached back underneath her grinding ass-cheeks and slipped my extended middle finger along the widely spread crevice between their rounded half-moons. Finally I found the tiny puckered anus and thrust my finger all the way up to the second knuckle in the tightly clenched little opening. “aaagggh, aaagggh!” she grunted in pain at the unexpected intrusion into her cringing anus. Her feet jerked erotically in the air above his back, her toes curling spasmodically. I had hurt her for a moment, but she liked the sensations now coursing through every nerve in her ravaged body. Through the thin wall of moist flesh separating my finger inside her anus from my pummeling cock slipping wetly in and out of her hotly clasping pussy, I could feel the ridges on the bottom of my thick bloated penis rippling through the warm waves of flesh.

Urmila began moaning all the obscene words she could think of between her panting gasps as she bucked and twisted under my weight. “fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me! Ram it in me good!” she groaned over and over again. I grinned lewdly down at her lust-distorted face as I rammed my pelvis forward with a vengeance. Each time she gyrated her loins down over my smoothly sliding hardness, I thrust the finger in her anus upward until it was fully submerged in her wildly jerking rectal passage, and then, as she bucked back up away from my skewering finger, I drove my cock still harder into the wetly sucking inner recesses of her cunt.

I had her hopelessly impaled between the twisting finger and pistoning cock, and I was enjoying her wildly thrashing movements beneath me more than I had ever enjoyed fucking a woman before. The lust juices from her dilating cunt ran down over my hand, lubricating wetly the finger now sunk all the way to my fist in her rotating anus. the wildly responding woman strained back under me , arching her loins against my grinding pelvis and twitching back down onto my wiggling finger. She moaned incessantly, her head flailing from side to side on the crumpled bedspread, her body a mass of electric tingles that shot through it half in pain and half in pleasure.

“uuuuggghh!” she grunted as he began buffeting her harder in lewd rhythm between my

Hand and the growing plunging cock. I could feel its thickness expanding more with each thrust I made up into the wet hot passage, its relentless lust fed by the very hopelessness of the unwilling woman now squirming incoherently beneath me. Urmila could feel the stone-hard shaft thickening incitingly inside her ever-moistening vagina. She was given no relief from the hotly building crest of pleasure climbing, climbing deep in her trembling belly. “harder, harder, fuck me harder,” she chanted in time to my long hard strokes. Huge warm waves of delicious feeling raced through her entire body, until she felt like it was an expanding balloon of joy, filling, filling, until she was ready to burst. She sucked wildly on the tongue flicking into her mouth, wanting her every bodily orifice to be filled. This was all that was real, there was nothing else, and then suddenly, with a deep-throated groan, she felt great floods of her hot cum-juices throbbing from the rippling walls of her cunt, streaming out in endless gushes around the hard fleshy rod slipping faster and faster into her. She seemed to be cumming forever, the fluids gushing out onto my heavy balls beneath and over my hand skewering into the crevice of her ass-cheeks.

She gave one long low moan, splaying her legs high into the air and as wide apart as they would go to give the still rapidly pistoning cock even greater access. She thrust her loins up at me with superhuman force, screwing herself up hungrily on the thick pumping shaft. Juices flowed still from her quivering vagina as her nostrils flared in passion-then one long last gasp of breath rasped up out of her lungs as though she had been struck in the stomach. She collapsed under me, her body shivering uncontrollably from the lingering sensations following her down from the peak of wanton lust she had reached.

I felt her surging climax as I drove my cock deeper inside her while her legs splayed out and waved on either side of his body. I could feel the hotly jetting stream begin in my cum-inflated balls and rush down the length of my pulsating thick cock-shaft, spewing wildly out into the depths of her clasping womb. I was filling her completely, my hot sperm overflowing with her own love juices out of the curl-lined lips of her spasmodically contracting cunt. I gave one last low gasp as with a jerk I emptied the last of my load of semen into her still quivering belly, and then I too collapsed like a broken puppet over her limply spread-eagled body.

We lay still, a loose tangle of arms and intertwined legs, our breathing gradually returning to normal during the long moment of quiet. Then I lifted myself from the unmoving body of the satiated woman, my deflated cock slipping with a lewd sucking noise out of the cum-soaked furrow between her openly splayed legs.. Then I stood up and dressed quickly, running my eyes over the length of her abandoned spread legs and I could see the sticky pool of their mingled cum-juices forming beneath her buttocks. Her mouth hung slackly open in exhaustion, and her hair was matted on her forehead and

Lay in tangles under her face turned to one side.

I directed a final triumphant grin at her. She had been really fucked and we both knew it. I went to the drawing room where my sweet sana was lying. I said sorry to her but she started weeping and cursing me that wt her friend will think. I consoled her and started patting her back and told her that she really had enjoyed. Meanwhile sana was playing wd my cock which now had again started to erect. I gave her a good fuck also but that will be some other time .

I hope all girls and young women’s enjoyed this true story of me. I would love to go in for a short term or a long-term affair with girls married or unmarried.


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