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Sex With A Malayali HotSexyStory .com Reader – Desi XXX Story

Hi all, I am Varun Agni from Mangalore with a sexual adventure which happened with a HotSexyStory.com reader. First of all, I would like to the admin of HotSexyStory.com for publishing my previous story here. At the same time, thanks to all the feedback given by my readers and those who have approached me for fun. I will assure you to deliver the same. And any aunties, divorcees, widows, and commitment fewer girls can ping me at . So let me start with the heroine of the story. She was basically from Kerala and working here in some MNC. She mailed me after going through my story and praised me for my writing skills. And she said as she had all her determination in her career making. But she didn’t try to get in any sought of relationship. But now, as she was not getting married yet and her body is carving for some fun, she needed a partner to just fulfill her desires. So I was ready for that and asked her for her pictures. Then, we planned to meet each other on next Sunday in the City Center. So, finally, the day came. I thought I will seduce her on the first meet itself. We had planned to meet in a Spar since it would be safe for both of us. So I went to the Spar and she was standing in the clothes section. Wow, she was really a cutie pie. A typical modern Malayali Kutti. She was wearing a Grey top with black leggings. I was mesmerized by her curves. She was a bit fluffy with voluminous boobs. Her fluffiness was giving more volume to her boobs. I was like dumbstruck. But l had more to do with her. So I waved at her and went to her. As I was a slim guy, we were looking together like a brother and sister. So we spent some time with each other in the Spar while shopping and then went to the food court. In the food court, we talked about how and where to do it. She said as all of her flatmates would be going to their native, she had canceled her plans and stayed alone in the fall and we can en crash that time. I was ok with that and yeah, it worked out well. So after some days, she told that her flatmates would leave on Saturday. So, on Saturday, we can have fun. Yippee!!! So, I was eagerly waiting for Saturday. Due to the excitement, I was not able to sleep properly on Friday. And finally, it was Saturday. I got up, dressed well and headed to her flat. She was staying in Nantoor. I went to her flat and she welcomed me with a sweet smile. Then, she offered me some drink and as we didn’t know each other before, we were waiting for the other person to start. But she was not at all making a move. So I thought to take the initiative and went to her and kissed her on her earlobe. As it was the first time a man touched her, she resisted a bit. But I didn’t leave her and gave a tight hug. Now, she started responding and we started to smooch each other. Wow, it was her first kiss but she felt quite passionate about it and responded well. We kept on kissing each other and moved to the bedroom. We were kissing each other madly for almost 10 mins. She was enjoying the kiss so well. Then we both sat on the bed and I moved my hand to her melons and started to squeeze those huge pumpkins. Wow, it was so soft. She was getting horny and I started giving light moans. So I slightly increased my phase and wow, I was on cloud nine. I slightly moved to her back and started to kiss her on neck earlobe as it would arouse women more. And it was working well for me. She was making louder moans as I squeezed her melons. Then I thought it’s time to get into the cave. So I moved my hand into her pants and started to rub her love hole gently. She had already left her juices which had made her pussy wet. So, it made my hand slippery. Hence, I thought of fingering her as it would be easy for her. And whoo, it was tight but her fuild made it easy. and I fingered her slowly. She was enjoying the foreplay very well. Then she asked me to give my tool to her. So I removed my tees and pants. I was all nude in front of her and lied on the bed. She was lustfully checking out my tool. She needed it very badly. So, she came to me and started kissing all over my body from my face and finally reached to my mini man. I was enjoying how she was leading the show. She kissed on top of my dick and started to give a blowjob. Wow, what a pleasure it was. She does it like a pro. She was sucking it like a lollipop. But after a while, she got wild and she did it as if she was going to swallow my dick. Later, she stopped and started to kiss me again. We were smooching each other lying on each other. Now, it’s my time to undress her and enjoy her body. So, I removed her pants and tops. She was in her bra and panty sitting in front of me. Her boobs were trying hard to jump out from her bra. As I unhooked her bra, it jumped out like a water-filled balloon. Wow, it was so huge that I was not able to resist from grabbing it. I took both of them into my mouth and was sucking it like a small baby. She was enjoying it with all the enthusiasm. Then, I moved to her navel and kissed her on the navel. She wanted me to go to her love hole. So, I kissed on her pussycat lips. It was all wet already with all the fluids. I started to suck all the juices but as I was sucking her juices, she was giving me more and It was fulfilling my thirst. It was the time for the main course but as she was a virgin. I knew it’s going to be a bit painful for her. So I thought of making her pussy ready for my 6″ tool. Hence, I fingered her for a while and she was giving light moans. So, I thought she would be ready to go. Hence, I tried digging her pussy slowly. But it was tight. So, I pushed it with a bit more pressure and it went all in. She screamed and asked me to remove. So, I pulled it out. And again pushed in and started to give a steady motion. It was paining her a bit but now she started enjoying it. So, I slightly increased my speed and she was crying with the pleasure. I kept on fucking her and smooching her. After a while, both of us reached the climax. As she had to bleed, we thought of taking a shower and continue after that. So, this was the first part of the story. I will explain to you how we had fun while taking a shower and had fun for the whole 2 days together. So, guys please give your feedback on this publish. Any auntie, widow, divorcee, and commitment fewer girls in and around Mangalore, Udupi, Manipal, can ping me. When you get naughty, ping me, aunty. 😉 Thank you.

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