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Sex In Swimming Pool In 5 Star Hotel In Bangalore – New Desi Sex Story

Hi friends.I am a regular reader of Desitales dot com. I masturbate almost every day reading erotic sex stories. I was starving for sex and it all started when we went a trip to Bangalore a few months back. It was hot as usual. We stayed at a star hotel. The heroine is Madhu, who is 18 years old, a young girl with good assets. She was my cousin. I am the hero of course, who is cute, charming and handsome. One sunny afternoon, I and my cousin got into the pool. A foreign lady was taking a sun bath. Seeing Madhu’s hot body, my dick started to ooze precum. My erection was clearly visible. I don’t know whether she noticed it or not. I started my swimming. I was sighting that foreign lady and my cousin noticed that. She was sighting me and I was scanning her! After some 30 minutes, Madhu came forward and requested me to teach her swimming. I was happy to do that. She was damn sexy in the swimsuit. I was getting hotter. I explained the basics of swimming which is to float. I asked her to float and said that I’ll balance her body from below. I placed my hand on her belly. Slowly I moved one hand towards her left boob. No hesitations, got bold enough and placed another hand on above her pussy. Again no reaction from her side. So I got more courage and started teaching how to float. I slowly pressed her boobs. I was on cloud nine. I started applying some pressure on her pussy and boobs. Still, she didn’t object. Instead, I could see her liking it from her facial expressions. Suddenly I lost total control since it was my first time and started cumming inside swimming shorts! Quickly I excused myself, went to the restroom to clean. Then I came back to the pool. This time, went in, pulled her to me and gave a kiss. She was surprised and let out a small moan. I smooched all over the face. She was damn wet and me too. The foreign lady saw what we were doing and she started moving away giving us privacy. Thanks to her. I and Madhu continued our smooch and kisses for a long time and then moved to the room. We went out for shopping and came back to the hotel in the night. Later we switched off all lights and I went under the quilt. The AC kept us cool and so we badly needed a hug. She hugged me and kissed me all over my body. I started playing a porn video on mobile and increased its volume. The scene was turning more erotic. I pulled her top but she hesitated this time. I decided first I should make her horny so that I could do the rest. So I started pressing her boobs slowly. I knew how to satisfy a girl.I pressed her pussy. I took her hand and placed it on my tool. She was shocked to touch my big tool since it was her first time too. Again I resumed playing the porn video and forwarded to the moaning part. The moans were louder this time which made me hornier. Now I slowly removed her tops and started licking Madhu’s neck. Then I removed the bra. I licked her nipples. I was very good at licking. I did that for quite a while. Then I pulled down her leggings. This time the moans were longer. She was nude now. I started inserting my middle finger inside her pussy and was fingering her. Then I licked her pussy. She had kept it trimmed with short hairs. I loved it. Then I undressed and I masturbated in front of her. She took my tool in her hand but not in the mouth. I wanted to fuck her badly but since we didn’t have condoms we didn’t do it. I took her to the bathroom and placed her inside the bathtub filled with water. Then we started applying foam on each other which was fun. We started smooching with the foams which gave immense pleasure. Next day we returned to Coimbatore. We still have lust for each other which only increased after that incident.Whenever I get the chance, I play with her boobs and pussy. We are looking forward to having sex soon.Still, we both are virgins. Please send me your feedbacks to goodboyandbadboy123

incest/sex-in-swimming-pool-in-5-star-hotel-in-bangalore Sex In Swimming Pool In 5 Star Hotel In Bangalore

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