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Sex Club – Chapter 2 – Avi – English Sex Story

Part 1: The club begins

When I woke up and thought about the last night I felt shocked. I had not let any guy kiss me before and in one night I had fucked Kabir multiple times, almost seduced a waiter and got fucked in a balcony for anyone to view. But I liked it. It was like a latent energy inside me had been activated. I am only 20 and had no interest in a serious relationship at this moment. I loved what I did with Kabir. But Kabir had this reputation of dumping girls after he is done with them. I wanted to keep him interested so that I can have all the fun I want and not be ostracized for it. Then the thought struck me and I asked Kabir, “Should we start a sex club?”

What do you mean, he asked. I told him that let’s keep doing this. I told him that I have this friend who we could bring next time along with us. He was skeptical and said no. But then I whipped out my phone and showed him Avi, my 19-year-old neighbor. She was a tomboyish girl, slightly chubby, not fat but not petite like me. She was wheatish while I was fair. She had supple boobs and shorter hair. She was short and I was tall. She was everything I was not and this made Kabir tick. He said yes looking at Avi, “I would love to tap that ass.”

We had reached my house, I gave Kabir a big long kiss, and he in return he pressed my boobs. He really had no idea of how to treat a girl, but that’s what made him different. There were guys who would be all over me, but not Kabir he always treated me like I needed him more than he needed me.

It was easy to get Avi to agree. She had been waiting to have such an experience, especially when no strings were attached. She came from a conservative Gujarati family and having a bf was out of the question. Plus she was known for her bad mouth. She used to give all those abuses which guys generally give.

So we buckled up and Kabir booked us into the same hotel and same room. Suresh (the waiter) was very happy to see me back. He ensured that it was he who showed us to our room. Ever since our ride Kabir had his eyes on Avi and she very uncharacteristically was shying away. He had even fixed the rear view mirror on her. She even dressed a bit conservatively. I have always seen her in T-shirts and shorts. But today she was wearing a top, jeans and a jacket. I, on the other hand, had decided to open up. I was wearing a tight sleeveless top and a skirt which just ended above my knees without any panties. I was hoping that Kabir would put his hand in while driving, but he was all eyes for Avi.

Kabir cracked open the whiskey and we all started drinking. I was instantly horny and took his hand inside my skirt. His eyes lit up realizing there wasn’t any panty. But alcohol had done the trick on Avi too. She began kissing Kabir. And suddenly the hand inside my skirt went on her boobs. He was kissing her wildly and she was responding. I removed my shirt and joined in. He paused and kissed me for a minute and went back to her. They were very hot and heavy. He told Avi to goto the bedroom. She obeyed him like a little doll. He turned to me and told me to stay outside. He said he wants her alone. I can watch if I want to, but not to disturb. I was heart broken and started to cry. He promised me that he ‘ll deal with me later. He just slapped me on the ass and closed the door on the face, leaving me horny as hell.

Part 2: Avi, the horny virgin

Seeing Ashlesha cry made me hotter. She needed it more than ever and it was hot. But an unused virgin was waiting for me and I didn’t want the same old Ashlesha as a distraction. Avi was a younger and a fuller version. Her supple boobs bounced when she walked and mouth was foul enough to swallow my whole dick.

As soon as I closed the door. I saw Avi in her black pad bra and a black thong. Yes, this sweet virginal girl was in a thong. I told her that she needed to audition if she needed to be a part of our sex club. I asked her to do a dance while stripping her underwear. I made a whole 5-minute clip before she was out of all her clothes. She was a champ with her mouth. And gave blowjobs like a pro. I asked her if she has done this before and she said, “no I haven’t. But I took tutorials online and practiced on a banana” she blew me for half an hour before I shot my cum in her mouth. She wanted to spit, but I made her swallow it. Then I went down on her. And she came within minutes of work and was literally panting for more. I had got my erection back by then and thrust my dick into her and she yelled all sorts of abuses I had ever heard. Her dirty mouth was in action again. After a good fuck I pulled out and she caressed her pussy which was now red after a sudden intrusion. She thought it was a break but I had other plans I turned her over put a finger in her ass hole. Since the day Ashlesha had shown me her picture I had made up my mind to tap that sweet touche Avi had. She yelled up in pain. And begged me not to do that. “Kabir I was virgin until a few moments ago, please don’t do my ass. It’s very tight” I was in no mood to listen I inserted one more finger in she began grimacing now. I then spat on her ass twice for lubrication and slapped it two or three times before slightly putting the tip of my dick in her ass. She was shouting out so loudly now that I stuffed her mouth up with a towel and pressed her boob harder. I knew that she loved this pain. Then I started invading her ass inch by inch and then began stroking her. After a good ass fuck, both her pussy and her ass hole was wide and red. She had curled up on the bed and was whimpering in pain. I again came, this time on her body. Tired I slumbered on to her while she was kissing my spent dick hoping it would spring back to life.

I told her let’s check on Ashlesha, she said she won’t be able to walk for sometime. I opened the door to the room and what I saw shocked me to no extent. The slut she was she couldn’t wait. She had started blowing on Suresh the waiter, while another waiter fucked her from behind. I would never have comprehended that she would be so sex-starved. She was moving to their wishes like a total slut. Suresh saw me and made an apologetic face. Ashlesha was had visibly gulped down all the alcohol. Suresh pleaded, “ sorry sir when we came in she was nude and drunk, we couldn’t resist.” I told him,” go take her with you do whatever you want but bring her back tomorrow morning” I needed more time with Avi, she was wild, horny and more importantly was fresh. Avi protested this. But I took her in and closed the door on Suresh and Ashlesha.

Part 3: Ashlesha’s Ordeal

I woke up with a start. I thought about last night but couldn’t remember and suddenly there was a lot of pain. I opened my eyes and I wasn’t in Kabir’s hotel room. It was a shanty and I was nude and sleeping with 3 other men. None of them I knew. I got up and looked around for my clothes. I couldn’t find even one single piece. There was a pain in every part of my body. My face hurt, my hands hurt, my pussy was on fire and I couldn’t walk properly. Then it came back to me in flashes. When Kabir closed the door on my face I emptied the bottle of whiskey in a go and now I was here with no phone no clothes and three strange men.

Suddenly the door opened and three men walked in and were happy to see me awake. The one in the front wasted no time and started on me. I pushed him away. Now I was scared and not horny anymore. But the guy gave me a strong slap which made me instantly cry. I begged him for mercy but he had an erect dick and was relentless. But seeing me beg he said, “I won’t force you if you wanna do it then do otherwise go” I was a bit relieved but then I realized there weren’t any clothes. I realized the trap. The deal was that for every piece of cloth I had to fuck one guy. After doing two strange men I got a shirt which was soaked in cum and my skirt which was raggedly torn. They wouldn’t give me my bra.

The road back home was a nightmare. I was sandwiched between two strange men on a bike and the person behind me couldn’t stop groping me in the public view. They dropped me off in the front of our hotel.

Avi was on the bed sleeping on her stomach and Kabir was missing. She rarely acknowledged me coming back. I went next to her and slept, she was crying and I asked her what happened. She said Kabir fucked her ass hole all night and now she is not able to even stand up straight. I then narrated her my ordeal and the shock was evident on her face. Kabir then came in, He just ignored me And asked Avi how she was.

While driving back home. Avi was sleeping in the front seat and Kabir had not talked to me at all. I apologized to Kabir and asked what about our sex club. He said, “I don’t know about you I will surely not stop this”

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