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Seducing My Close College Friend – Teen Sex Story – Desi XXX Story

Hi, this is Rajesh again from Chennai. I’m 26 yrs old and working in a Software company. HotSexyStory.com . This happened to me during the final year of my college. This teen sex story is about how I had an encounter with my classmate. Her name is Vanathi (36-28-36). She is whitish, good-looking and a bit plumpy. To give a background about the story, I studied engineering at a reputed college in Tamil Nadu. Mine was a usual gang of friends with a mix of boys and girls. To tell about Vanathi, she is not a very bright student and she had inferior complexity. For the first three years of college, she didn’t make any permanent friends. People who become her friends started to avoid her after a period of time due to her nature. I started talking to Vanathi from the beginning of my 7th semester. I didn’t have any problem with her. She started liking me as I was nice to her. She became part of my gang soon. I was able to see that she had a special attraction towards me but she had told me that she will not fall in love with anyone since her parents won’t accept. This confession helped me to continue as her close friend since I also didn’t want to get into a relationship with anyone. She always sits next to me in movies. I got tempted to hold her hand many times, but I didn’t do it thinking she might mistake. So I used to make it look like my hand accidentally touches her hand. She didn’t give any response. But on one particular movie, I made many accidental touches just to make her know that they are not accidental touches. But still, she didn’t respond. A few weeks later, we decided to go to a theme park. I was really excited and I sponsored her for the ticket. She was with me for all the rides. In the first ride itself, she holds my hands tightly. I understood that she is afraid of rides. I took her to scary house ride where it will be like dark and spooky. All my friends went inside first. I made her wait to say I got to pee. We both entered alone then. I allowed her to go first and went behind her. It was dark and mysterious sounds were coming. I suddenly gave a loud shout just to scare her. It worked and turned back and hugged me. She realized it was a prank after few seconds. She gave me a slight slap and walked holding my hands. Whenever something spooky came, she started holding tightly and close to her body. I kept my other hand on her cheek and said “don’t fear. I’m there with you”. She was hell afraid that she couldn’t say anything. So, she was holding my hand very closely that I was able to feel her breasts. Finally, we came out of that scary house. It was the best 5 minutes for me. I wanted to have her closeness more. I forcefully took her to many rides. She was becoming more and more comfortable with me touching her. Our college life continued happily after that day. We arranged for a college tour since that was the final year. We planned a trip to Kerala. Since we couldn’t plan it early, we didn’t get train tickets. So the trip was arranged in a bus. It was a 4-day trip starting with 13 hours overnight journey. Initially, I was not sitting with her. Everyone was having fun with music and dance. The bus stopped at a hotel for dinner. After the dinner, she had reserved a place for me near her. When I entered the bus, she signaled me to sit with her and I did. The fun continued for some time and people started to sleep one by one. It would have been around midnight 12. We both were half sleep. She closed her eyes and fell over my shoulder. My heartbeat raised and suddenly my sleep was gone. I watched her sleep for some time. Because of wind, her hair was brushing my face sometimes. Her face was falling down to sleep and I had to keep it back on my shoulder. When I was doing that for the 4th time, she woke up suddenly. She asked surprisingly why I didn’t sleep. Soon, I replied saying I couldn’t sleep when she was lying on my shoulder. She said sorry for disturbing me. Then, I replied that she was not disturbing and I was happy to see her sleep on my shoulder. She gave a smile. Then, she asked me to sleep for some time and she will stay awake till then. I told her that I usually don’t get sleep in bus travel. She said that I can use her shoulder. I smiled and replied you are short and your shoulder is too low for me. She looked slightly sad. Then, I pointed to her thighs and said can you lend me your sleeping pillows. She was bit surprised and said it is all yours. So, I lied on her lap immediately. I knew I cannot sleep, but still, I kept my eyes closed. After around 30 minutes, I woke up and saw what she was doing. She fell asleep and her head was lying on the window. I got up and put her on my lap. I was slowly caressing her hair. She got up suddenly around 4 am. Soon, she asked when I woke up. I said long back. She asked sorry for sleeping on my lap thinking that she herself lied in sleep. I told her I only put her on my lap. She gave a smile and slapped me for fun saying I’m a bad boy. Then, I acted like I got offended and said you also made me sleep on your lap, so are you a bad girl? She replied that she is not but I’m a bad boy. I acted like I’m angry. She said now you are an angry bad boy and pinched my cheek. I acted like it was painful and I pinched her back. Now she started using both her hands and started pinching both my cheeks. I pinched her cheek in one hand and pinched her thigh in another hand. So, she became slightly angry and started beating me randomly with both hands. She kept on saying bad boy bad boy. I also started randomly moving my hands. Then accidentally one of my hands hit her hard on her thighs. She felt so much pain that tears started rolling down her cheek in a flash. I felt really bad and was repeatedly saying sorry. She was not stopping and her crying was increasing. I placed both my hands on her cheeks and placed a kiss on her forehead. I said that I was really sorry. She stopped crying and said it was paining. I wrapped my hand around her and hold her tightly to me and said I’m sorry again. She said she won’t accept until I take back the pain. So, I bent and gave a kiss on her lap where I hit. Then, I asked her if I have taken it back now. She smiled and hugged me. I was almost 5 by then. We continued to stay awake and watched the sun rise completely. People started waking up one by one. So, our tour went well with lots of fun for four days. And during the return journey, we both were eager to sit together. Everyone was very tired after 4 days of roaming around. People started sleeping soon after dinner. We both planned not to sleep the whole night. She was holding my hand and lying on my shoulder. We talked about how the tour went for some time. Her hair was dancing in the wind. I tucked it behind her ears. I continued to move my fingers around her face. Soon, I told her she is very beautiful. She blushed a little and said I’m lying. I replied saying it’s the truth. I told her she has a beautiful face. Then, I moved my fingers to her neck and then down to her chest. She stopped my hand and said, bad boy. I suddenly placed my hand over her hip and said they make her look hot. Then, I took my face close to her face and rubbed my cheek against her. I slowly started kissing her cheeks. She liked it and allowed me to continue. I went for her neck and kissed many times. I moved my hand over her thighs. She gave heavy breathings. Then suddenly I kept my hand over her breast and gave a squeeze. She stopped me immediately and starred at me. I was not sure whether she was angry or not. I made a sad face and tilted my head. She smiled and said lets sleep. I said ok and asked her to sleep on my lap. She fell asleep very quickly and I didn’t want to disturb her. I also slept in a while. When we woke up, sun was up and we were near our college. After our tour, we got less time to spend together. But whenever we got it was romantic. Soon our placements started and we became busy preparing for it. I was good at aptitude and she was struggling with it. She asked me to teach her in college after classes are over. We trie
d it once but there were lot of distractions from friends and she was very bad at it. I told her you cannot learn here we have to study somewhere alone. She thought for a while and said we cannot go to her house since her parents will not take it easily. I asked her to come to my house over the weekend. She has already come to my house during last semester holidays. I invited all my friends for lunch. She asked whether my parents won’t say anything. Actually I was not sure about it as she might be the first girl to come alone to my house. But I thought I could manage somehow and I said it won’t be a problem. After thinking for a long time, she said will come on Saturday. I informed my mom in advance that Vanathi will be coming to study on Saturday. My mom took it easily and said its fine. My dad has office on all Saturdays, so it was only me and mom at home. Vanathi came to my house exactly by 10 in the morning. She was wearing a red churidar and was wearing jasmine flowers. Hence, she looked very beautiful. We started studying in my room. We were sitting on the bed. She was bending over to work on the problems. I was sitting opposite to her. So, I was able to see her cleavage. I had some problems to do and kept staring at her cleavage. She noticed me starring, but she didn’t try to cover it. I was able to see that she lost her interest in learning now. She was just sitting with the pen and note without writing anything. I went and sat next to her saying that I will help her in that problem. She had taken a head bath that day. Her hair was still slightly wet. I smelled her hair and said it smells good. I put a hand over her shoulder and took my face close to her face. She closed her eyes. I slowly rubbed my cheek against hers. Even her body smelled great. I grabbed her breast with my hand. She was shocked and asked me “what are you doing? We are in your house and your mom is outside”. I was glad that she said my mom only as a problem. I gave her a kiss and said I will go and check my mom. My mom was busy cooking for lunch. Mom had also prepared juice for us and she was about to come to the room. I thanked God and said mom that I will take the juice myself. Soon, I bought the juice to the room. I told Vanathi that mom is busy cooking. Then, I kept one glass down and fed her one glass with my own hand. I spilled some juice over her intentionally. Spilled juice was running down to her neck. I told her we shouldn’t waste food and I started licking the juice from her neck. She cooperated with me and turned her head for me to lick. Then, I slowly came up to her lips where the leakage started. I kissed her lips. She kept her teeth tightly closed, but she allowed me to chew her lips. It had the taste of the sweet lime juice she drank. I asked her not to close her teeth. She still kept her teeth closed. Hence, I used my tongue to tickle her teeth. She opened her teeth and allowed my tongue inside. She was now responding back. I slowly pushed her to lie on the bed and I lied over her. We continued to kiss. She broke the kiss and got up suddenly. She said your mom might come. I also realized the risk. We finished the juice and I went to the kitchen again to return the glasses. Mom almost completed cooking. Soon lunchtime came and we had lunch. We both were bit restless after lunch and we were watching the tv in the hall for a break. We lost interest in studies. I was expecting my mom to sleep after lunch. Then, I went to check on her but she said she was getting ready to go shopping with neighbor aunty. I was very happy hearing that. Mom left saying she will be back in 3 hours and she asked Vanathi to stay till she returns. I locked the door after my mom left. I came running towards her. She had guessed it and she was standing behind the sofa. She ran around the sofa when I tried to catch her. When I jumped over the sofa, she ran into the bedroom. I went inside and locked the bedroom. She didn’t have a place to run now. She was standing in a corner. I gave her a tight hug. And I started kissing her neck. I moved my hand from her hip to back and then to her hair. I lifted her and brought her to bed. Soon, I put her on the bed. I removed my shirt and lied over her. I continued to kiss all over her face. Then, I brought my face to her chest. I pressed my face against her breasts. Her heartbeat was faster. I pulled her top upwards to see her tummy. I kissed her tummy and played with it. She started laughing. I made her sit when she was laughing and removed her top. Now she was only wearing her bra in the top. She was covering her breasts with hand. I removed my baniyan and lied about half naked. I pulled her hands out and went for her breasts. Then, I took one breast out of her bra. She had a beautiful brown nipple. I started licking them. I asked her to remove the bra and she did without saying anything. Her breasts were round and huge. I massaged both of them with my hands for some time. Then, I kept my face between her breasts and pressed them to my face. I removed shorts and underwear. She had a glance at my penis and closed her eyes. I lied to her side and started kissing her face and neck. I inserted my right hand inside her pant to reach her there. She tightened her thighs. I didn’t stop progressing. I started licking her breasts now and gave a small bite. She gave a loud sound. I thought it might have hurt her. Slowly her thighs loosened up and I was able to reach my finger there. I was able to feel the wetness. So, I pushed her pants downwards. She didn’t stop me. I removed it completely and made her naked. I spread her thighs and saw her crotch. It was hairy and it smelled good. So, that her clitoris was not seen outside. I licked her there and she started giving loud moans. I continued to lick and she was lifting her body up and down. After 5 mins, I went over to her face and kissed her lips. But my penis was rubbing her crotch. I asked her if I can insert. She said she is afraid. I told her I will make sure no problem comes. I lifted her legs and tried to insert my penis. It was very tight in the beginning. I managed to get it inside with one big push. She started crying and I waited without moving. I kissed her lips and said the pain will go soon. There was some blood oozing out. I used my handkerchief to wipe it out and then slowly moved it. She stopped crying after some time and started to enjoy. When I was about to reach the climax, I took my penis out and splashed it over her body since I didn’t want to take risk of getting her pregnant. We did it one more time after taking 15 mins rest. Hope you liked and enjoyed the story. I like having email friendships with Tamil girls. Please send your feedback to crazi.tamilan3 HotSexyStory.com .  

virgin/seducing-close-college-friend-teen-sex-story Seducing My Close College Friend – Teen Sex Story

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