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Seduced My Mother, My Angel – New Desi Sex Story

Hi friends. I’m Raj Malhotra from Hyderabad. This is my first story in HotSexyStory.com . So apologies for mistakes that shall erupt here. I have been a huge fan of HotSexyStory.com and love the stories that were posted here. I thank all of u because without your stories I wouldn’t have got the courage to do what I actually did. So by no means this is a fake story. This is a true story and has happened recently ( last month). Anyone interested can contact me on rajm92609. My Skype ID is raj92609 Well, so let me describe myself first. I’m a 24 year old good – looking guy, handsome, fair guy with 5-10″ in height. I’m got a well built athletic body as I have been hitting the gym for quite sometime now. I am Currently working in a reputed mnc in hyderabad. My dad passed away when I was a child and since then me and my mom are the only people who stay at our home. I have always been a decent guy and never had any hard feelings for anyone until last year when I came across this site. I started reading stories on HotSexyStory.com and a sexual desire developed within myself. I loved the Incest stories of mother and son and thought of giving it a try. I always feared about the consequences but I always believed that life is too short to fear for anything. Hence I thought of giving it a try. Guess what, It worked! So, Let me describe the lady I love the most – my mom now. Her name is Supriya (name changed), a working woman. She is very fair, beautiful, hot and sexy lady. Her stats are 36-30-42 at an age of 45. She is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. She loved me a lot as a son but I always wondered if she had any sexual desire towards me. That’s because she was a spiritual lady. She used to touch thighs, grab my shoulder hold me by my waist as a lover would etc. but I always thought it was her affection as a parent towards me. I thought of testing it but never knew how to begin. When I came across HotSexyStory.com , I saw various ways in which things happen. Hence, I made a plan to seduce her. For any physical relationship to take place, the first important relation is touch. So, I started to touch her more often now. Followed her to bedroom, kitchen wherever she went and would touch her on her shoulder, catch her hand, hug her from behind and kiss her near her forehead or sometimes cheek. She would respond by smiling and holding my hand and sometimes planting a kiss on my cheek. Whenever she did that my 6″ cock made a tent in my pant. At times she would observe that and signal me with a naughty smile. That would make me feel embarrassed sometimes but I responded by smiling back to her. This bettered our relation as she also started to touch me more often now. We also started talking to each other more often now. One day while we were sitting on a sofa watching tv, she started moving her hands on my thighs I touched her other hand and was moving my hand upwards. She gave me a naughty smile. I went close to her and kissed her lips. She responded back positively and now we were kissing each other very deeply. Just when I placed my hand on her blouse(she was wearing a saree) she got up, and started walking away from me. I went from behind and turned her towards me and planted a kiss on her lips. With one hand I removed her pallu then blouse and started pressing her boobs.. She was saying it’s not right. But I placed my lips on hers and kept smooching. I licked her neck her cheek.. Bit them and again kissed her lips. After 10 mins when she was normal and responded positively I took her to bedroom and removed her bra and started licking her boobs. Omg what a beauty she was. I bit her nipples and she removed my pant and held my cock and was stroking it up and down. I bit her nipples until she let out huge moans Aah raj aah aah raaj. I then removed her petticoat and panty and she took my t shirt. I licked her armpits next and what a terrific juice it had. She then started licking my dick and very soon placed it entirely in her mouth. She was licking it so fondly and playing with it that she actually bit me. 😉 then she took it into her mouth and shook it vigorously for 20 mins. I licked her entire body her ass especially and it had just the perfect taste. Then I finally licked her pussy for 15 mins. I put my tongue into her hole and tried to smooch it.. I licked her pussy lips and it had such a beautiful taste. Then She again held my dick and started stroking up and down and then took it into her mouth. When I was about to cum I entered the dragon hole and fucked her hard until she let out huge moans raj raaaj raaaajjj Aah aah raaj. We fucked for around 30 mins and Finally when we were exhausted we smooched for few mins and went to sleep. The next morning we again had sex and we now love each other a lot more. Since then every morning we smooch each other and we regularly have sex and now our relation has also gone to another level. I could never find a beautiful lady than her to do so. If u like my story please give me your feedback to rajm92609. Any ladies interested to have sex even on cam can or send me a request on my Skype ID raj92609. The entire matter will be kept confidential. Seduced My Mother, My Angel

incest/seduced-my-mother-my-angel Seduced My Mother, My Angel

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