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Savita Bhabhi On A Trip With Her Family Friends – Part 1 – Desi XXX Story

Ashok had a month holiday sanctioned by his company. Since he had worked very hard without any day off, the manager had asked him to take rest for a month. When he had three weeks for his wife, Savita Bhabhi, he planned to spend one week along with his friends. Savita Bhabhi too liked that idea. She too wanted to spend some time with her husband after all. Ashok invited two of his friends to his home along with their family. Jai and Gopi were very close friends of her husband. She and her hubby welcomed them and greeted them nicely. Both Jai and Gopi liked Savita Bhabhi at the instant they saw her. They could not take their eyes off her but tried to control since their wives came along. After the lunch, Ashok told them about his plan for the trip. Everyone liked that idea and they fixed the date for the trip. Savita Bhabhi packed everything and she kept five packets of condom in her bag. She wanted to have a hardcore sex for one whole week with him in the hotel at night. the guys had arranged for a big van so that they could keep all their luggage and have a comfortable ride. Both Gopi and Jai sat along with their wives separately. But unfortunately, Savita Bhabhi had to sit alone since Ashok had to drive. They had decided to take turns in driving but Ashok loved to drive. Savita Bhabhi sat at the back and looked through the window to enjoy the scenery. After a couple of hours, the women had slept off. Gopi looked at everyone and even Jai had slept. Bit Savita Bhabhi struggled with her sleep. She wanted to stay awake and talk to someone. Gopi could see that in her eyes and joined her at the back. He wanted to have a small and normal conversation to know her better. Gopi: Not feeling comfortable? Savita Bhabhi: I feel sleepy but I wanted to do something. I don’t want to sleep. Gopi: Can I sit here? SB: Sure. Gopi: Now, tell me. What do you feel? SB: Nothing great. I wanted to do something like I said. Like, I wanted to read or talk. Gopi: Well, I am here to talk. SB: That’s so sweet. Gopi: So, what do you do in your free time? SB: Depends. I like to visit places. Gopi: Great. Do you love shopping? SB: Yes. Gopi: But what would you buy? You always wear a sari. Don’t you? SB: You have a point. But I would love to try some new western clothes. Gopi: You will look very good in them. I am a fashion designer and I can tell from your looks. SB: Thanks. So, what do you suggest for my outfit? Gopi: Well, you should wear short skirt and tees. You will like that look. Did you know that not all would make justice to that outfit? SB: I know you are just saying this to make me feel better. Gopi: I swear. Please, trust me. SB: Fine. Do you think I should lose some weight? Gopi: Hmm. Let me check. Do you mind if I can grab your thighs and check the size of the outfit I am designing? I have bought it and I would feel happy if you try it once. SB: Really? That is so sweet. But I don’t know what Ashok would think. Gopi: Try it once. So, shall I measure? SB: Sure. He touched her soft things over her sari and he soon felt something passing through his veins. But he tried to control them since he did not want to feel awkward in front of her. But he liked to see more. So, he told her, Gopi: Still, you have the whole sari covering. I cannot judge. Do you have any leggings or jeans you can wear so that I can measure? SB: I have in the bag. But I cannot change now. Gopi: I understand. But you can just lift your sari a bit till your thighs and I will measure. Only if you don’t mind. SB: Okay. But make it quick before someone sees us. She lifted her sari till her lap and displayed her sexy white skin. They looked very tight and smooth. Just like the skin of a newborn baby. When he touched her thighs, both felt something under there. Slowly, he moved his hands upwards. When he touched her panty, he thought she would stop him. But she didn’t. Instead, she closed her eyes and left very soft moan that only he could hear. That gave him a bit of courage and he placed his finger over her panty. Slowly, he could feel it becoming wet and saw the patch. Soon, he pulled down her panty and inserted his finger inside. He did it suddenly that Savita Bhabhi did not expect that. She made a quick louder moan and closed her own mouth. He kept fingering her pussy. She could not sit in that position since her body had begun to shake and move. She felt the extreme horny nature of her body. Gopi, on the other hand, had too much fun watching her shivering like a fish without the water. She thought he should have some fun at the receiving end. So, she unzipped his pants. But he nicely cooperated. She took his dick out of his pants and started to stroke it. Both kept fucking each other like that and the van stopped suddenly. Before anyone could see them, Gopi covered their bodies with the blanker from their waist. Soon, gopi’s wife came to him and asked why did he sit there. While he tried to explain her, she kept stroking his penis. to be continued… Like this story, if you wanted to know what happened on this trip.

couple/savita-bhabhi-trip-family-friends Savita Bhabhi On A Trip With Her Family Friends – Part 1

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