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Savita Bhabhi In A Train Journey On Her Anniversary – Part 1 – Desi XXX Story

Savita Bhabhi made all her arrangements for the wedding anniversary kept looking forward to her husband to join her soon. But after a few days, Ashok called her with the sad news. Savita Bhabhi expected that bad news due to his busy schedule but she really wanted to stay with her husband on the wedding anniversary. She might have cheated on him many times before and she would do that in future often. But in spite of all that, she loved her hubby a lot. So, she really wanted this to be a grand celebration. Even if not grand, at least she wanted him to stay with her that night. With all those thoughts in her mind, she answered the call of her hubby. Ashok: Hello, my dear darling. How are you? Savita Bhabhi: Hello. So, you have a good news or the bad news? Ashok: Well, I love to tell you a good news if I have. But now, I have a bad news. Savita Bhabhi: Let me guess. You can’t make it for the anniversary. Right? Ashok: Savita, I am really sorry. I have nothing to do with this. A sudden emergency… Savita Bhabhi:So?  Can’t you just tell them that you have a life? Don’t you think how important it is for both of us? Ashok: I know. I have a plan. Since I am staying in Pune now, why don’t you come down here? I will do all the arrangements and you can stay with me as you wished. Savita Bhabhi: Fine. At least you have done this much for the anniversary. I am really glad. Savita Bhabhi packed all the clothes and the special clothes she thought that she would wear for the anniversary and boarded the train that night. It was an AC coach and a weekday. Very few people traveled in that coach. In the cabin, Savita Bhabhi traveled, a young guy Raghu traveled along. He looked like a quiet guy when he first came into the cabin. Savita Bhabhi wore her trademark sari with the sleeveless blouse. To kill her time, she wore a headset on her ears and started to hear songs from her phone. Slowly, Raghu started to check her out. Her sexy waist and the portion of her sexy breasts exposed made him hard. He knew very well that she flaunted deliberately and she felt horny. So, he too gathered some courage and stared at her. Savita Bhabhi liked his courage and kept showing some of her breast area covered in her blouse. After a while, she wanted to show him more since she did not want to bore him. So, she crossed her legs so that he could see her toned and shaved legs. They looked very soft and shiny. He felt confused as he had to decide where to stare. He wanted to talk to her and so he made an excuse for sharing the biscuits. Raghu: Do you like to have biscuits? Savita Bhabhi: (Taking off the headsets) Sorry. Raghu: Don’t worry. They are safe and you can eat them. Savita Bhabhi: Sorry. Nothing like that. I am really not in the mood. Raghu: At least one? That will not harm you. Even if it does, I will take care. Savita Bhabhi: Hmm. Smart. Thanks (Taking one) They started to have a conversation and he learned that she wanted to reach Pune so that she could have her anniversary with her husband. She too got to know that Raghu finished his college and wanted to visit his parents for the vacation when they chatted. Raghu: Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Savita Bhabhi: No. Tell me. Raghu: Now, it is 12:00. So, your anniversary starts right now. Right? SB: Yes. Raghu: So, you had your first night exactly four years from now. Right? SB: Hmmm (With a naughty smile) Yes. Raghu: I like the way you looked at me. SB: Really? I didn’t know that you are a naughty boy. Raghu: Should I take it as a compliment? SB: It is up to you. I think I have to sleep now. Raghu helped her in arranging the berths and she lied right opposite to him. Then, she purposely adjusted her sari so that her whole stomach area would be visible. Raghu kept looking at her navel while she pretended to sleep.  Savita Bhabhi caught him looking at her navel and played with him. SB: What are you looking at? Raghu: Nothing. SB: Just tell me. Raghu: Your navel looks good. I wish I could touch it. SB: I don’t see anyone stopping you. Raghu: What? Savita Bhabhi closed her eyes without answering. But he figured it out and came close to her. Slowly, he touched her stomach and made some rounds over her navel. But she did not respond. Soon, he came closer to her breasts and kept his mouth over her blouse. SB: What took you so long? Raghu: I like taking it slow. Soon, she pulled him on top of her and started to press her breasts. Savita Bhabhi started to moan and he felt hornier hearing her sex noise. But he also felt scared that the people in the next cabin might hear them. “Can we shift to the bathroom and continue this?”, he asked her. Before Savita Bhabhi could answer, the train stopped in a station and the people opened the door. Soon, he came back to his seat and Savita Bhabhi adjusted her sari. People took their seats and a married couple joined them in their cabin. Stay tuned to know how Raghu succeeded in banging the hot Savita Bhabhi. Like this story, if you really felt something after reading this.

couple/savita-bhabhi-train-journey-anniversary Savita Bhabhi In A Train Journey On Her Anniversary – Part 1

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