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Savita Bhabhi Having A Fling With Tenant – Desi XXX Story

Since Savita Bhabhi live in a big house with her husband, they decided to leave one portion for rent. Her husband even let her deal with the tenants and she could have the full rent amount for her expenses. She agreed and they made a newspaper ad for the “Let-In”. Many people came and saw the home. Some felt the rent to be too high while some did not like the construction of the portion. Not family showed interest in taking that place. Well, how could a woman in a family agree to rent a place whose husband would just stare and stare and stare at the hot and sexy landlady? So, she decided to leave the home for the bachelors. Since she did not want any kind of trouble, she did not let the students stay. So, she narrowed down to the working professionals. She found some people but she rejected everyone since they did not look attractive. Finally, she met a man from South India. He looked tall, dusky and handsome. He just received a call letter from a good company in her city. Although he belonged to a rich family, he took the job to earn some money and some experience before taking over his father’s business. Like any other men, he too started to like Savita Bhabhi. The way she smiles at him, the way she talks, the way she dresses, the walk, everything made him horny. Even at night, at the hotel, he could not stop thinking about her. When his friends felt the rent as a bit expensive, he told them that he would live there alone and he would pay the full rent. Probably, his friends understood the real reason. But they did not bother to stop him since they wanted a place closer to the office. Well, this guy did not have any interest in his work after seeing his hot housewife. He came again on the next day to confirm his stay there. Fred: Hello, Madam. Savita Bhabhi: Well, hello. So, did you like the place? Fred: Of course. When can I move in? SB: Sooner the better. I would say, you can cum now. Fred: What? SB: I mean, you can come in and live her right now. Fred: Oh. But my father would transfer the money only tomorrow. SB: That is not an issue. You can shift today. Fred: Sure? SB: OF course. All the while, he kept staring at her hot navel clearly visible due to the low tuck in of her sari. To have a good view further, he asked her to show the home again. She quite understood his intention since she noticed him checking her out. She even saw him on the previous day looking at her ass when she walked in the mirror. But she liked him and wanted to have sex with him. So, she took him to his furnished portion and showed all the places. They had a small chat on the balcony and she sat on the thin slab of the terrace. When the conversation progressed, she kinda slipped. But before he could fall, he grabbed her hands and while he pulled her towards him, her whole sari got stripped. She stood with just a blue blouse and the matching petticoat in front of him. Savita Bhabhi did not try to hide her breasts which were trying to pop out of her tight blouse. But she had her head facing down in a shy. He could see her blushing and the cheeks turning pinkish. He came closer and touched her shoulder. Soon, she looked at him in his eyes and hugged him tightly. He felt the sudden current passing through him. He too hugged her tight and carried her to the bedroom. While walking towards the bed, she removed the buttons on his shirt and played with his hairy chest. He smiled at her and could not control his emotions for her. He badly wanted to fuck her hard. But he gently placed her on the bed and came beside her. Before he could do anything, she kneeled on the bed and started to remove his shirt. He removed his pants by himself and sat opposite to her with his long penis. Soon, Savita Bhabhi touched his penis with her toes and started to stroke it with her toes. He felt aroused and let her do even more. His tool grew to the maximum height and she used her hands. Since it looked very long and thick, she used both the hands to stroke his penis. Soon, she opened her mouth and took the whole junk inside her mouth. She started to suck it very vigorously and he started to moan. Meanwhile, he inserted his hands inside her blouse and played with her boobs. Slowly, he removed her blouse and she removed her petticoat and panty. He started to finger fuck her while sucking her sexy breasts. Both did not have a break from taking a small breath even for a second. They wanted to do it without any pause. Soon, he inserted his penis into her pussy and started to fuck her hard while sucking her breasts. She enjoyed it to the core and kept moaning. He finally came inside her and was about to leave to the washroom. But she stopped him to suck his dick again. Soon, he felt horny again and started to bang her ass. After the nice sessions, they have a shower together and he moved in on the same day so that he could have sex with her regularly. So, guys, if you wanted to read more of Savita Bhabhi, come to this page again and like this post.

couple/savita-bhabhi-fling-tenant Savita Bhabhi Having A Fling With Tenant

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