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Savita Bhabhi And Her Office Colleagues Kidnapped – 1 – Desi XXX Story

Savita Bhabhi informed her husband that she wanted to travel along with her boss Ravi to the business center in Delhi to attend an important meeting. So, she would not come home for a week. But in reality, she wanted to visit Goa along with her office friends. They plan to go on a road trip and Savita Bhabhi felt very much excited about that trip. She could have so much fun with the bunch of handsome guys and the hot models from that company. Many guys had their condom ready since they might have a moment with Savita Bhabhi alone. So, everyone prepared themselves for the erotic trip. The trip started and everyone started to yell whatever they had in their minds. Since the journey had a fun theme, the guys wore a t-shirt and shorts while the girls wore short skirts or shorts with the tank tops. The men had a good time watching them and most of their eyes were focusing on Savita Bhabhi. Her deep cleavage and the hot thighs made them horny. Since her tops lasted just an inch below her breasts, she exposed her hot navel to the people. The girls felt jealous of her beauty and curves when the guys lusted for her. Ravi felt very happy to have such a hot woman as his sex buddy in the office. Just to have some erotic time, none brought the family with them nor informed them about the trip. The journey started to become a tiresome due to the weather and the limited space of accommodation in the van. On the day, they noticed a place on the outskirts. No people were around the place looked absolutely fantastic. So, Ravi asked his staffs to stop the car and make a camp in that place. They made the tent and everyone liked to spend some time outside. One of them came up with an idea, Sataff1: Sir. I have an idea. Why should we go to Goa? We can have a good time here. Ravi: What do you mean? Staff1: Sir, we have tents for everyone. We can camp here for the whole week. Since we have food and other things, we need to worry about anything. Ravi: Sounds like a good idea. But what if we run out of drinks? Staff2: The city is just a mile away from here. So, we will buy anything we wanted from there. We have enough fuel for the week. Ravi: Hmm. What do you say Savita? Savita Bhabhi: Sounds like a plan to me. Ravi: So, let’s do this. Everyone had their own tents and enjoyed their time. That afternoon, Savita Bhabhi wanted to feel fun while making the guys horny. So, she removed all her clothes and wore a bikini set she had. The thong looked very short and thin that her whole ass became visible. She bent a lot to show her hot ass to the guys while spreading the carpet on the ground. Then, she lied on the carpet showing off her sexy body to have a sunbath. Some guys too joined her and they had a good time checking her out so close. Ravi kinda felt jealous on seeing the guys checking her out. So, he called her to his tent. She knew the reason he called for and went to his place. He had two glasses on the table and he filled them both with the wine. He lied on the bed he had and asked her to join him. She felt a bit disappointed but she did not reveal it to Ravi. She lied on his shoulder and he started to touch her breasts and thighs. Then, he played with her navel. That made her very horny and slowly, she removed his shorts. Then, she poured the wine on his junk and made it wet. She could smell the wine flavor on his penis and licked it nicely. He felt the pleasure and the way she did the wine blowjob. She started to suck his dick harder and faster. After a few minutes, he came in her mouth and she wanted water to clean. Hence, she came out to grab a cane of water. But she felt very shocked to see what happened. The group of people with weapons came there and made all her colleague kneel in one place. After seeing her, one guy grabbed her wrist and pushed her to the place where the rest of her colleagues were kneeling. Finally, he brought Ravit to the same place. The gag had two heads. Both were brothers and they did not say the reason for the kidnap nor any demand. The brothers just told them that their leader had the dealing with the government and they would not reveal anything else. The guys who kidnapped them noticed the hot outfit of Savita Bhabhi. A sexy woman in a hot bikini made everyone’s dick hard. Similar to her office colleagues, even the bad guys liked to have sex with her. So, they took her to the separate place and made her sit. The brothers did not trust any of his men due to the way they looked at her. So, they personally took charge of watching over Savita Bhabhi. They had to do it in turns since one must talk to the leader whenever they call them. Andy first watched over her. Soon, Savita Bhabhi made a plan. She wanted to create a rift between the brothers and save everyone from them. People would listen to these brothers as they were the second in command. Did Savita Bhabhi escape? How did she manage to do that? Keep waiting for the second part.

couple/savita-bhabhi-office-colleagues-kidnapped Savita Bhabhi And Her Office Colleagues Kidnapped – 1

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