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Room No 1001 – A Hot Office Sex Story – 2 – Desi XXX Story

Hello, dear sex story lusty readers. Thank you for your horny messages about my last office sex story. I wish to recap for some readers who have not read my first part because I want you to enjoy how I got ‘deflowered’. A lot of my readers liked this word, so I’m horny as hell to tell you about it. Recap: I had an opportunity to see my dad and mom fucking each other furiously. I captured their enjoyment by recording it on my smartphone. I have a daytime job and while I was at work, I watched the video playback and fondled my pussy. But I was caught by my boss who saw me itching furiously. He took the phone from me and saw the video while I waited for his reaction outside the cabin. I was afraid of losing my job and pleaded him to not sack me. He took the phone from me and told me that he wanted to sleep with me. I had no choice. He bought me new undergarments and summoned me to room no.1001 at a star hotel. I was lying naked beneath the cozy blanket and he saw my big boobs and small tits. He enjoyed with them. Then he enjoyed my armpits. You may read more description here. Friends, I had never had a sexual experience before but I was naughty to see how it happens. My boss couldn’t take his eyes away from my nicely shaved armpits. He kept tickling me by rubbing his nose on the free space. I was trying to push his chin away because it was tickling a lot. He kept praising me by calling me ‘baby’. Finally, he let me go and fell on the side of the bed. Then, I closed my eyes and folded my hands. I was shivering under the sheets. After five minutes, he started to talk. “Who is that man?” I looked at him in shock. “Who?” He saw my awkwardness, “the actor in the video? It’s not been downloaded. It’s been recorded. I saw it.” I slightly smiled in embarrassment, “he’s my dad. And the woman is my mother .” “Wow”, he said, “you took a video of your own father enjoying with your mother. That’s good to see. And you’ve done a good job.” “Please sir, give me back the phone. I promise to do whatever you say. But I cannot leave it with you.” “I can’t do that Anjali. But I can give you much more pleasure than that man in the video.” “Sir, please don’t do this to me.” He sealed my lips with a tender kiss. His soft lips licked the inside of my upper lips, while his hands caught one of my boobs and squeezed on it. His face moved downwards to take in more of my lips. It was magical. I put my hands on the behind of his neck. He was aroused. He looked at me with lust. I closed my eyes. “How old are you? Are you Virgin?” “I’m 22, sir. I haven’t seen a man naked before. ” “I saw the video. You’ve seen your dad without clothes.” “Yes, but I don’t know what they did under the blanket. Except that they were moaning and kissing.” “Oh.” His hands kept moving around my small tit. “Do you not know how they fucked? Really?”. ” I’ve heard these words, sir. But I was getting itchy and wet in my pussy. But I want to know how sex is experienced.” He put his lips on my boobs and fondly kissed my tit. Then, he moved from one boob to another. Again, to the other boob. Then, to the other boob. I hugged him and smelled his musk fragrance. The cleavage between my boobs was far apart. He told me that he did not have sex for 10 years. And today, he would fuck me as much as a virgin, as much as I’m his Virgin. His hands went down and removed my panties. Then he felt my pussy which I had removed the hairs. He told me that he will teach me everything. And when I learned all the fun things, we will both enjoy. I hugged him and told him that I’m ready to do anything for him. Then he got up and came out of the sheets. He removed his jockey underwear and a pole that was stiff hung out in an attention. This must be what I know as ‘cock’, I suppose. He told me that it is a cock and it is made to give pleasure to girls like me. He asked me to come forward and touch it. I obeyed.He asked me to touch it and it was warm and hard.I asked him what the cock would do. He asked me to kiss the tip. I did. He moaned, “wow”. Then he asked me to open my mouth and lick it like an ice-cream lolly. So, I opened my mouth and brought my tongue out to lick it. And I ran my tongue all along the long length of his cock. His cock felt salty, but I was enjoying the warmth. He put his hand on my hair and told me to keep licking it. I was more than happy to do it.A cock is a marvel of the world. It’s a 2″ thick pole between the legs of a man. It stands erect to be licked by women. It has a lolly tip which is bulged. He then brought his hands down and peeled his cock. There is a red tip which has a small opening. Then, he asked me to lick it now. Wow. What a feeling it is. The pink tip is even juicier and better than the length of the entire cock. I moved my hands down while I kept licking and sucking the cock. Below were two small balls. “Aah,” he said, “what a baby you are.” The cock was making my pussy so wet. He inserted it into my mouth and held my plait while I licked and sucked it. And a white liquid came out in full force. “Aaaaah” he yelled. I felt shocked. It came to my lips and tasted salty-sweet. Soon, he told me it was called semen. When the semen enters a woman’s cunt, it has the capacity to produce a baby. I told him I wanted a baby. He said it’s too early to become a mother. He went and washed and came out. Again he sucked my boobs and enjoyed. I held his head and moaned with the mother’s pleasure. I told him he is a nice man. Again, I caught his pole cock and sucked it for so much time. Then after so much time, he told me to lay on the bed and spread my legs. I asked him, “will you fuck me now?” He asked me, “what is the hurry? Do you know what fucking means?” “Yes, you will insert the pole cock into my pussy and finish. Both of us will be full of satisfaction and go to sleep after that.” ” Ohh. Did you see your dad doing that?” “No, but I saw them snoring like animals after that.” His hands moved and spread my legs. “Baby,” he exclaimed, admiring the thin line between. You’re so good. ” “What are you doing sir,” I screamed as I saw him kissing the opening of my pussy. “Just spread them as far as possible and enjoy.” His tongue licked the opening and all the hair on my body was stiff. His middle finger entered my pussy and it felt like I was in heaven. Then, he kept digging in and I was enjoying the lovely feeling. “Aah. Sir. Aah. Sir. Hmmmm. Hmm, sir, aaah sir., ” his finger went deeper. And a little deeper. He told me I was his baby. “Sir, I can’t say what’s happening. But I’m enjoying a lot, sir,” Then after lots of time of finger fucking, He removed his finger.And wiped it with a tissue. Then spread my legs and opened my pussy. He licked it and licked it. Licked it and licked it. “Oooooh, sir. Oooooooh. Hmmmmmmm, sir.” His tongue kept going deeper and deeper. He licked it and licked it. Licked it and licked it. Then he stopped. We both laid on the bed for 15 minutes. Both of us were completely naked. I turned to his side. “Sir, how can you give so much pleasure. How can sex give so many pleasures?”.He asked me to come on his chest. I climbed on his chest like a small kid. Soon, my legs were on opposite sides like a baby on top. My pussy was on top of his pole cock. And I began to feel the heat of the cock. But my pussy lips were itching and I tried to itch on top of his cock. He said, “yes, come on baby. Give yourself some pleasure.” I was encouraged. I massaged my pussy on top of his cock and tried to remove the itch. It became wet. Both his cock and my pussy. He asked me to take a tiss
ue and wipe the cock. After that, he told me to put the cock inside the pussy from the top. I was about to do it when he told me to stop. He rose up and removed a packet of condom. He wore the condom on the entire length of the cock and told me to begin. I saw his pole had become even harder than before. My pussy began to pain when I tried, so I told him I cannot. Then he told me, “okay, tonight I’ll do it from the backside. So, it’ll painless for you. He made me lie on three pillows on my boobs. Then, he said it’s called doggy style fucking. Friends, I’ll stop here this time. Please bear with me as I’m horny writing this much. Will continue this narration after I receive some horny responses from you. Thank you for your love. is hotnessofanjali HotSexyStory.com .

virgin/room-no-1001-hot-office-sex-story Room No 1001 – A Hot Office Sex Story – 2

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