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Romantic Experience With The Sexy Aunty Next Door – Desi XXX Story

Hi all, I’m Deepak from Bangalore 28yrs of the old fit body with a cute dimple. I want to share my wildest sex experience with my hot and sexy aunty. So, coming to the story. I met this sex aunty during a friend’s wedding where it all started with an eye contact. After a while of eye contact, I gathered some courage to follow her and she headed towards the dining area where I got to sit opposite of her so that I can have a clear view of her. I need to introduce the sexy lady to all of you. She’s 45yrs old with amazing curves. Especially her boobs which I liked the most. Her stats are 36b 32 34. Her boobs and ass looked so curvy that you would just feel crazy for them. Okay, okay guys, now getting back to the story. While eating, I started to stare at her and even she started staring at me. They had sweets all over and they had a lot of jaggery with full of sugar syrup. While I chewed it, the liquid sugar syrup oozing out from the sweet, dripped on my pants and when saw her I had a cheeky smile on her face which turned me on and an idea flicked my mind to tempt her. Soon, I took the sweet again and slowly started to lick and suck the juicy jaggary in such a way that she also started responding to it. I went crazy seeing her chewing the jaggery as if biting the juicy lips. What an amazing feeling it was! After dining, we both went to the hand wash area together. That’s where I introduced myself to her and she just smiled back and said her name is Nikita. I was like wow, got some green signal inside my heart. Then slowly started the conversation. She was a little bit fat but had a nice shape, big sized boobs and has a beautiful ass. I noticed them while getting back the stairs and she noticed it. So, she covered her ass with her pallu and smiled at me in a naughty way which made me get even higher on her. Even at the age of 45, she maintained her physic like a 30 years woman. Her husband is a businessman and her son is doing BA in Bangalore. I knew all these while we started to chat. Slowly, I asked her number and she immediately gave it to me. But she asked me to text her before calling her. She wore a blue transparent sari and smiled at me before leaving. Her body looked like a treat for the eyes. She invited me to the dinner and told me that I could leave at night. So I agreed and had dinner with her. While having dinner, she showed one of her boobs while serving and touched my hand. She asked me if I had a girlfriend and if I have had sex. I understood that she was not just an innocent aunty. But she was actually trying to seduce me. I was shocked hearing her questions and with a slight frustration, I said no. Then she told me openly that she didn’t have sex for the past 2 months and she was looking for someone hot. On hearing those words, I felt more shocked and I was not able to say anything. I did not expect that she would ask for sex so openly. Then she came near to me and started kissing my lips. It was so hard to resist and I kissed her back. She then took my hand and placed it on her boobs and asked me to squeeze it. Then, she sat on my lap with a smile. I felt the softness of her back. After that kiss, I completely surrendered to her. Then, she removed my clothes one by one and said, “I will guide you to do sex. Do not worry dear.” then, she asked me to remove her clothes. I removed her saree. She had 2 sexy folds on her stomach. I removed her jacket. She was wearing a white color bra. Soon, I unhooked the bra and her big boobs popped out. I pressed her boobs like crazy and sucked them. Then I removed her clothes completely and made her nude. I looked at her sexy body. I touched her body and then started sucking her nipples. She was moaning and she slowly lied down on the bed and asked me to lick her pussy. When I started licking her pussy, she pressed my head towards her cunt. She made me lick it hard when she kept moaning, “ahhhhh”. Then she asked me to fuck her and she needed my cock badly. Then she caught my six inches long penis and guided it into her pussy. She opened her legs wide and allowed me to get inside her pussy. Then, she asked me to fuck her hard. So, I started thrusting into her and I was enjoying it. I inserted my penis deeper into her love hole. She was enjoying to the core and started moaning and shouting, “come on dear. Go hard. Ahhh”. My penis was moving like a piston and soon it attained the climax and came inside her pussy. Then, we hugged each other and started kissing. I asked her if she was satisfied. She said, “no, I want more from you.” again in 15 minutes, my cock became erect and she sucked it like a lollipop. Then she came over me and inserted my cock into her pussy and fucked herself hard. She was fucking me like a horse rider. Then, she leaned over me and asked me to bite her nipples. I sucked her hard black nipples and hugged her tightly. After a while, I had my second climax and I loaded my semen into her pussy. Then we both laid down naked for 30 minutes. After that, she asked me to take a bath. We both went to the bathroom and took bath with her. We played for half an hour soaping each other. Then we got dressed and I went back to my house. Later, on we had multiple times sex. Those memories make me horny even now. Hope, you people liked my wild adventure. I’m looking forward to comments. So, guys, I am waiting for the feedback. Do give feedback and all the aunties, girls in and around Bangalore ping me for any safe sexual favors. Want to get naughty? Then ping me, aunties. HotSexyStory.com deepu3702 HotSexyStory.com  

couple/romantic-experience-sexy-aunty-door Romantic Experience With The Sexy Aunty Next Door

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