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Rich Women Royal Club – Part 1 – Hot Desi Sex Story

Hey guys, this is Vicky with 9″ beefy cock to fill your holes. Hope you people are fine and having so much fun in your lives. Those who don’t know me for them I ‘m 22 years old with athletic body. I’ve fuck many girls and aunties in my life and enjoying with my horny sexy hot mom and mausi. This story is about my business trip to Miami where I enjoyed with women and fill their juicy pussies and assholes with my big dick. So let’s come to the story. I had a deal with my new clients in Miami so I need to reach there, on Friday I left my mom and mausi with a hot fuck session and they drop me at the airport. I left for Miami. On Saturday I was there. It was making me so horny. Hot chicks in bikinis were everywhere lots of casinos and bars were waiting for me. I checked in hotel and thought to have a shower first coz I was so tired of journey. I took a shower and slept. On 7 pm my phone ranged and the girl told me that the meeting has been canceled due to an emergency and will be on next Tuesday. I was shocked that how I ‘ll spend a whole week here without any work, I was so angry on her then she told me that sir this Miami you’ll never get bored here she cut the call. She was right this was Miami, I wear a short and go to a nearby beach which was full women, men’s and children. People were having fun with their families. I took a bear and sat there on the sand. The air was so fresh and cool and was making my senses so hot. Then something happened that changed my trip totally into a fuck trip. I was drinking my bear and saw a woman was watching me, she was not too far and was so damn hot. She would be around 45 and wearing a red bra and panties and her figure was 42-30-44. Her body was so shiny and she was smiling and said hye then we started a chit chat She: hey handsome what’s your name Me: vicky and what’s yours? She: vicky so you’re from india right? Well I am rachel Me: yeah miss rachel nice to meet you then and smiled She: oh c’mon don’t be formal you can call me rachel and came near to and sat next to me Me: okay then rachel its about 8pm why are you still here She: I spend my every night with my friends on this beach since my husband divorced me Me: oh I ‘m sorry I didn’t meant that She: it’s okay tell me what are you doing in here to fuck beautiful girls? I laughed and said Me: I guess so and we both laughed, I ‘m here for a meeting but that is delayed on next tuesday so till then I ‘m free She; nice then why don’t you come and join our party on our yacht Me: why not but you guys have a yacht? She: yeah it’s my personal my dad gifted me on my birthday Me: wow, thats great where it is She: right on the other side of this mountain we are going on the boat to that lets go we are getting late Me: okay but let me change first She: don’t be shy you’re looking hot in it Me: okay lets go and we rode on the boat, on boat she introduced me to her friends, there were 2 women named christy and rose and a guy ronny. Both of her friends were having big assets and the bloody good thing was they all were curve queens. They were having no fat belly but a shiny shredded fucking assets. I was fucking them all in my thoughts. Rachel took her cell phone and texted somebody. After sometime we reached at her private yacht. Guys it was very sexy yacht having a helipad and an amg in the parking area downside. She take me upside of the yacht and captain turned on the engine, soon we were sailing in the ocean and that was an awesome view. Soon the party started and she turned on the music it was awesome here I can’t tell you that how relax I was feeling at that moment it was really a nice place here. She served us with Champaign and we start dancing. The song was so hot and after sometime there were moans in that song too. Rachel was rubbing her body on my body and started kissing me. I was amazed that she didn’t even feel shy to do this in front of her friends coz I was a stranger to them. I removed my shyness and started kissing her hot lips too now we both forget there are other guys too watching us. Soon ronny said that he has to go for some urgent work and left us. Now we were only 4 on that yacht and rachel was kissing me so wildly and me too. Then she said She: christy, rose go to the bed and have fun and they both left us alone with a hot smile. Rachel started kissing me again and said c’mon baby it our time now let’s have some fun and removed my short. My 9″ rod was already full erect and was waiting for her mouth. She said oh my gosh you’re a hunk vicky oh god this dick is so hard and big umm I ‘m gonna lick this big fucking dick aahhh give me that cock aaahhh and she started sucking it. Aaaahh I was moaning too coz she was sucking every inch of it and was biting on my cap that was making me so horny. She was playing with my balls too and was licking them too. I removed her bra and make her giant tits feel free. I said stand up baby let me do some nasty job for you now and licked her lips again . I bite on her right boob and press the other one she moaned aaahhh, I was eating her tits like a hungry wild lion and she was enjoying it too I laid her down there at the floor and pulled her wet panty off her seducing body and dropped my lips on that hot wet cunt. She moaned aahhh you’re so hot my darling please don’t stop aaahhh my pussy aaaahhh eat that pussy aaahhh baby eat that fucking hot pussy aaahhh ooohhh yeah baby aaaahh aaaahhh my god aaahhhh right here oh my god lick this aaaahh fucking pussy aaahhh ohhh aaaahhh yeah aaaahh. I was spanking on her butts that was making her hornier and she was moaning more loudly now. She rubbed my head on her juicy pussy and said oh baby aaahhh aaahhh baby I ‘m cumming I ‘m cumming I ‘m cumming aaaahhh aaaaaah ahhhaaaah and her pussy released so much water that I drank some too. She was so horny now and started sucking my cock again. We were doing all this under the black sky and it was making more excited to do this with that bitch. She took my dick in her hand and start walking to the bed room. After reaching in her bed she kissed me again and said let’s see baby how much you can fuck this pussy aaahhh and came in doggy style and invited me to her fuck her pussy like an animal. I set my fully erect animal or her pussy and give a damn hard shot. There it is my full dick was in that screaming hot pussy and she moaned loudly aaaahhhh my god aaaahhh yeah that’s my baby aaaahhh and started fucking my dick with her juicy hot pussy. I increased my speed and was fucking her like a supersonic speed. She was enjoying it so hard and was replying my every stroke with her stunning pussy. She was moaning like aaahh aaaahh yeah babe right this way aaaahhhh yes aaahhh yes yes yes aaaahhh aaaahhh my pussy is enjoying it aaahhh yeah baby I ‘m loving this cock aaahh aaaahhh harder babe aaahhh aaahahh aaahhh ohhh yeahh aaahhh and I was fucking more and more speed. After fucking her about 20 minutes in position a stand her up in my arms and pulled my big cock in her pussy she was so horny and was enjoying it with real pleasure. She said I ‘m cumming I increased my speed more fast and started moaning with her too and after some stroke she moaned so loudly and that little pussy released so much cum which I felt of my dick. I drop her down and laid her down on bed again and wide her legs again and started licking her pussy again. She was enjoying and was liking this shit too. I spanked oh her hot pussy that made her more hornier she said aaaahh yeah baby spank that pussy aaahh eat that juicy ass aaahhh babe you’re awesome aahhh yeah yeah aaahhh yeah eat it. I put my beefy cock in that pussy again and started fucking hard again she was biting her own lips and I was biting and rubbing bog tits, I put my one finger in her mouth and she started sucking it and moaned aaaahhh umm aaahhh yeah baby aaahhh. I was tired and laid down on bed she came on me and sat on my tower in just one
moan aaaaahhh and started riding on my dick. Her boobs were bouncing in the air that was an awesome vies for my eyes. I put my hands on her boobs and enjoy them bouncing. She dropped herself on me and we kissed again. During this I rubbed her big juicy soft ass too and put my one finger in her asshole she moaned suddenly and smiled on this. We were enjoying every moment of our fuck session. She then came on 2nd time too but I was still in passion and speed. She then came in doggy style again and drilled her wet pussy in my cock again. God I was in heaven I fucked her pussy with my full pace and after 50 minutes of fucking her pussy I was about to cum I asked her baby I ‘m coming she moaned and said cum inside me babe fill this hole with your hot juice aaahhh yeah baby give it me aaahhh yeah aaahhh aaaahh and after some massive strokes I dropped every single drop of my dick in that pussy and laid down on bed. We both were breathing heavily and our mixed cum was making her pussy real great. She put her finger in her pussy and licked it again, there was some cum on her finger that she licked in a lovely way and dropped herself on my chest. She kissed me again and said vicky you’re a man my darling my pussy is begging for more aaahhh and kissed on my chest. I said baby don’t b sad there is much more yet and we both smiled and kissed. Me: so how was it my bitch She: it was awesome vicky your cock is real big and gosh you have a great timing too you hunk aaahh I want this cock every day in my pussy you’re so hot darling and kissed on my chest Me: where are your other two friends. She: they will be enjoying with my captain, he’s young and has a big fat dick in his pants Me: so how many times he fucked your ass She: ummm cannot count let me guess and we both laughed, then she said that she spends most of her time with him on the yacht so she can enjoy. Me: why your husband left you I mean you’re stunning She: I left him coz he was not able to handle a woman like me Me: okay and what about your business She: my daughter runs the whole business and I enjoy here with men like you Me: she doesn’t know about this? She: she knows everything and has her own place where she enjoys her free time we don’t disturb each other Me: that’s great then and started kissing her again then I said lets go my whore I want to fuck this asshole now and put my hand on her big ass She: that’s all yours my darling do whatever you want but do it in my way I said you’re the boss and she left me there for a while. What happened next I will tell you in my next episode till then give me your positive feedbacks on (wildy40) and have fun with your bitches and fuck those juicy asses.

couple/rich-women-royal-club-part-1 Rich Women Royal Club – Part 1

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