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Ramya – Bride Of Second Marriage And Doll Of Sex Party – Hot Desi Sex Story

Hi all let me introduce you all first, I am Ramya, married lady working in reputed domestic company as Personal Secretary. I did not know that one fine day it will be so personal that I may lose myself for a gang-bang party. As I was putting weight, I joined some yoga, aerobics and gym to maintain my hot physic. Before joining to Gym, yoga and aerobics I was having my vital status was 32B 28 34. Now my vital status is 32 26 and 34, flat and toned tummy, fair complexion, medium hairs. I got much toned attractive sexy and toned body since I started workouts at the same time just below my tummy I got a tattoo of butterfly and also have tattoo above my boobs. And it makes my husband to more wild in bed. I am posting this story as per the request of second hubby under the caption “Ramya – Bride of Second Marriage and doll of sex party”. I got married in the year 2012 and I was very much happy with husband. Before that I had group sex with travelers with German travelers. After that I had sex with my husband and now got fucked like sex doll between 8 guys in group. It happened very recently just two months back. It was our head of the company kept a party for achieving the new business and reaching very good profit in nice resort. I was not interested to go to party as it was in night but my husband went on urgent work to Mumbai and I was all alone. Later I thought of join for company party. It was guided me to come in very attractive and posh dress code because there will be new business clients too because I am his Personal secretary. I told him that I will be coming in very nice in traditional dress. My boss said I am fine. I was searching which dress I should choose to party. Finally I decided to wear the Choli Gagra dress, Maroon in colour. It was very much fit to my body and making me very hot in look. My waist was exposed in that dress between choli and gagra. I can say that my navel was exposed. My toned body was fitted with the dress so well that everyone started coming to me and try to talk openly about my beauty. I was thinking that my beauty for compliment. My boss came to me and said have you acted in any movie. I asked why. He said you are looking so hot and sexy today, I wish you could be my personal property for life time. Everyone started looking at me, I just ignored the comment and not to insult my boss in front of everyone I just said thank you for the compliments. And moved out from that place and went out, stood alone. My boss came after few minutes and said have I hurt you in any way. I looked him and asked how you can say that you want me to your personal property for life time in front of everyone. I am married and you know that I am really hurt because of your word and started crying. But after few minutes I felt sudden changes in my thoughts, I start thinking about my boss words. I went near to swimming pool and sat on the bench which was little inside and not visible easily. My boss came behind me and put his hand on my bare back and said I am sorry and started rubbing his hand on my back and I went on deep cry, from back he held my shoulder and said, if you want me to ask apology in front everyone I am ready to do that. His words hurt me but at the same time my sex urge was increasing inside my body, mind and soul. He is about to move from that place, I suddenly turned myself and hugged him and said, please don’t spoil my married life and started hug him tightly. He was happy and gave me small slap on my buttock and said, are you afraid your married life then no need to worry because it will spoil my married life too. And it’s my promise that your all sexual desire I am going to fulfill as your second husband. I said I am not your wife yet. He looked into my eyes and asked do you want me to get marry you. I down my head and nodded my head. He said I am ok for that and I will be your second husband you will be my second wife. Both laughed and in the dark he asked my permission to touch my body. With shy I gave him permission and he made me lay-down on bench just beside swimming pool and from top to toe he started giving my kisses then he made me lay-down riverside and kissed completely with press of buttock and I was completely aroused because he caught my sensual part and started arousing me very much. Suddenly he got call and said everyone waiting for him. He took my permission and asked me to join after he gives me call. I said ok for that. The party got overs that night with lots of fun, dance, food and many more. As party overs I took mobile to all husband and found message from him stating he is unable to reach me over phone and asked me to call him back. I had a conversation with husband later I told him that party got over and I am leaving towards home. He told me to take care of myself and told me that he will be back after about 15 to 20 days as he got too much unfinished office work. As soon as call disconnected I informed my new and second future husband that my hubby won’t be here for another 15 to 20 days. He said wow nice Idea, and then it’s time to explore both of us. He was very much happy and was using word that you are my private property. He dropped me to my home and then left to his home. I took two days off and on third day I went office, it was surprise to see the wedding invitation of mine with my boss. I asked how this is possible. How can you get wedding card printed so faster. And even I don’t want to get caught in public. He said calm down, we are going to Ooty and before we go Ooty we will go to some temple in Tamil Nadu and get marry each other and then move to Ooty as newly married couple. After our honey moon we will be having our marriage celebration party. One more thing there will be presence of many known friends and couples for our marriage and all are his trusted couple and we need not to worry on our secrecy. I told that my husband will be not allowing me to go out of station. He then took my husband phone number from me and called him. He told that as we achieved our great business, whole office is going to have business meet in my other office which is there in Chennai. She is saying that you won’t give permission to go out of station, from our office we all request you to give permission to come along with us. We worked as family member here and we don’t want to lose any best performer to recognize in Business meet. There was small time discussion and he said your hubby is fine with our trip. I was shocked. Suddenly I got call from hubby and asked me whether I am interested. I said who will travel, I am sick of it. I thought you will say no for that but you agreed to send me. We had little conversation and call got disconnected. Next day we started travel from Bangalore to Chennai, I don’t want to disclose the name and place of temple. We reached the place in the evening about 5 pm and got good hotel not a star hotel but it was quite ok. We slept without touching each other, in the morning about 4 AM doorbell got ringed. Boss opened the door and his friends gave him new dress for marriage and asked us to get ready by 7 AM. We got up and started to get ready. Suddenly boss said can we have play now. I asked what it is. Till 6.30AM we will be naked and will not touch each other. We will take bath openly in one time and get dry then wait till 7AM. I said ok for that and started removed our cloths. We get refreshed and got sat nakedly. But I was feeling little cold and started shivering as it was A/C room. He came to me and hugged and started rubbing me. It created little hot feeling and down was wet. I took one more time bath and got ready and moved towards Temple. Our marriage ritual got over. All wished us stating happy second married life. And finally said they want marriage party after our honey moon. We laughed and we moved towards Ooty. We reached in in the evening. Room was booked and arranged in first night suite with fully decorated with flowers, fruits, sweets and milk. As soon as I entered room, I was fully happy, reason being I did not went for honeymoon with hubby and even in our first night there was n
o such decoration. It was decorated so well that I wish I would sleep every day in such decoration. I told boss, boss I really love it and I want such decorative bed every day. He said, if I wish he could arrange for that next 15 days. It was about 7 in the night we got food and moved to our room. I have been given dress for my first night in covered pack. When I opened the packet I found handmade designer saree which he bought from Mysore and told me that it’s a small gift to sandal baby from Palace City. I was so happy to see my favorite colour, sky blue that too in transparent. For my shock blouse also got stitched. I asked him how he got my measurement. He said honey you are in my body mind and soul, he explained to one of his known lady who runs a designer boutique. When I started to undress myself and boss started recording me. I covered my face immediately, he came to me and said honey I am not covering your face. I am just covering your body; if you have doubt you can check later of it. But still I covered my face with my dress dupatta and started wearing dress. Blouse was having just long length knots from front and there was nothing to pin or button. It was so deep both from back and front, that it was not even covering my boob’s nipple. Nipples were exposed it’s pink colour and which made my boss eyes widen and he took out my boobs and started sucking with small bite. I got managed and make him wait till I wore saree and as soon I wore saree and blouse, for my shock, I was looking like a hot bitch in that dress. One more thing he made me wore the saree without petticoat, bra and panty. It was just an elastic belt on which I wore saree. My thighs and tattoo on my completely exposed to light. He took me to terrace where there was no one and took some hot pic like saree lifted till knees and pussy exposed, pallu dropped and nipple exposed, then took some water a poured on me to make me wet and took sexy and hot pics exposed my wet body but as promised he did not covered my face. Those which covered my face were little difficult to say that it was me. Those are almost side pose pics. As soon as we entered, I have been asked to serve milk and I prepared milk by adding sugar, and then moved to my second husband. He took milk and we started sipping the milk glass. He said, I want fresh milk then he took of my pallu then pulled the knot and tore the blouse knot and because of which my boobs started bouncing. He took boobs in mouth and sucked so hardly that it got in to red in colour. Then he took of my saree by kissing every inch of body and licking it. He started playing with my ears which is my sensual area and it made me more hot and wild. I started moaning ahhaa… ohhhhhh …..sssssss …..ummaaaa …..aaaaa ….and hugging him tightly….he slowly started moving down by rubbing my bare and naked body, reached my plain tummy which was decorated with butterfly tattoo just below my navel and started kissing wildly. He licked like dogs lick bone dropping saliva and I started smelled little dirty. Finally he took my more sensual part none other than my pussy walls and started teasing it by inserting tongue. He started sucking my pussy walls and my G spot very harder that I came twice in that play. I started saying fuck me you son of bitch, fuck your bitch now…Don’t spare me…don’t show me mercy…you dirty dog eat my pussy….fuck this whore…you bastard fuck me and make me prostitute….may be because of my words he was more aggressive in making me hot an wilder and started saying you whore, bitch, you are a prostitute…being married you want one more to get marry….you dirty whore…let me explore you now…I will fuck you and fuck off your pussy…. I will make you prostitute….and started biting and beating with his hand and it went too hard and his dick was so hard that I was feeling hardness of his dick in my hand. He took cloth and cleaned it and took me to corner of bed where I can bend my head down side and showed his hard about 8 to 9 inch long and 4 inch thick dick in one go… I got up with loud voice …. amaaaa …… make it slow and the response which I got…you whore shut your mouth let me fuck off your pussy and pushed me down and started fucking my pussy like a man never seen cleaned, nice and neat pussy earlier and is hunger for years….it was so pleasurable but he destroyed me in next 30 minutes with hard strokes and tight slaps on ass and thighs. He took of his dick and unloaded his huge cum on my face and face was completely drenched with his cum. He got loads of cum, If measured it may be 100ML to 200ML in quantity. He then showed his dick in my mouth and started moving it and I started licking and sucking at the same time. He asked me whether he can unload the cum inside my womb I said it is going to fill My womb let me enjoy the heat of it in my womb and continued to suck dick and make sure that it got hard. He took me to bath room and ask me to get cleaned and when I bend to clean my face from back he showed his dick again very harder that my pussy was started pain. He banged my pussy about 30 to 40 minutes and released his complete semen and when he took of his dick and it started to come out of pussy. But I was feeling something moving from my inside pussy. I just sat down like girls sit for peeing and found his juice coming out of my pussy, I inserted my middle finger and started to feel the hot inside my hole and made semen come out of it. After this I was little worried that whether I will become pregnant because it was just my 12th day after my period and there was a chance of getting pregnant was high and even I was feeling that I if my periods varies I may caught by hubby. But I really I don’t know whether it is a fate or coincident there was a message from hubby saying that he is unable to reach me through phone and also informed that he will be returning to Bangalore little more late because of office work. I was too much happy and ranged hubby and asked him how long he will be not coming so that I can take leave and go to my native. He said honey don’t worry it’s just a month time and I am missing you lot. At the time of phone conversation my boss was applying some cream to my anal and made me to sleep on bed turning to one side and discussion was going on phone. He lifted my right leg and started inserting his huge dick inside my anal but it was very tight and was not entering. He took some more cream and showed his dick in one go and it went almost 70% of dick was in my anal, I shouted ammaaaaa …… shhhhh …… my hubby asked what happened…I said with light moaning that fell down from bed because I was crawling while talking to you and said I will call him back after a while and disconnected the call and started enjoying my anal fuck for about 40 minutes and my anal was filled with his semen. It went for about 3 days and we wind up our honeymoon and my boss said how it was my little whore. He called me little because he is about 45 plus aged. I said you bastard it was awesome. And we started talking little dirty words in our sex. After our honeymoon while returning back to Chennai, he asked me about my sexual activity before and after marriage. It was time I shared my sex with German Travelers. He was shocked to listen to it and said honey, I never seen any lady having group sex. In fact it was my dream, can you fulfill my fantasy. I can but what about our discreet relation later. He said no need to worry, my friends who arranged our marriage they will be joining us if you give me green signal. I saw his face and gave him smile, he said yessss ….. He said I got signal and gave call to his friends and arrange for nice party excluding wives. They asked why. He said surprise and great gift to you all for making our marriage. All said OK for that and as soon as we reached Chennai, we have been picked and they took us to some good huge cottage. Later I count the head count and there were 8 guys. We traveled about a one and half an hour. As we were relaxing, all asked what is the surprise gift for us? Boss explained the own plan to them. And came to me today you
have to act as a prostitute. I asked what his plan is. He said no need to panic; we are going to fuck you as you are real prostitute not as my wife. I was thinking and at the same time one of his friend ringed his friend and try to collect some hand cuffs, sexy lingerie which is transparent. They got that dress in an hour…I was taking bath all of a sudden all 8 guys entered bath room and gave me dress and asked me to get ready. I asked them to wait outside; I dried myself and got ready with sexy transparent lingerie and it was just covering till my buttocks. As soon as I entered cottage hall, every one shocked to my sexy toned, attractive well shaped body that too in semi naked. By seeing tattoo on my body all said, man she is real bitch, see where she has tattoo. All were saying wow…what a sult…she is born for hard fuck without mercy. All were cheered each other and thanked my second hubby. Now they told me about role play. I am a prostitute and I am running a prostitute business. And police will be arrest me for the reason of prostitution. And then they will fuck my holes without mercy. I said ok and I am in for that. I was acting like a prostitute and standing outside the cottage and was looking for customers. One guy come and asked my rate and I said 10K and he gave me money and took me to the other room in cottage. We were having normal sex and I was riding his dick reverse side by lifting my head. Suddenly I found some cops (fake) were standing and watching me getting fucked. Later one cop came near me and gave a tight slap on my round shaped boobs and said you bitch you are under arrest and cuffed my hands and took whip and started beating on my buttocks without mercy and my buttock got turn into red. Later other 5 cops asked him to stop and said to me will you continue this business or going to stop it here. Else you will be beaten very harder. I said what you cops can do, just beat me nothing else. But for me money required, will you going to take care of my needs. Then I will stop this business. Cops see each other and said come lets join we will fuck her so hard that she must scare for having sex and continue business. Suddenly my second hubby obstruct and said honey it will be hard fuck and we are going to fuck Like a lady getting fucked without consent. I said I am OK. All police took me to window and cuffed my hands to window and started beating on my body. One by one took my well-shaped boobs, sucked harder, gave hard bite so that I felt marks on my boobs. Same time few were eating pussy and few were trying eating my anal. They were facing difficulty so two guys made my legs spread and then one by one all came and ate my pussy and ass hole. They did not forget gave a hard love bite on my pussy and ass hole and on my round shaped ass. It was so hard that I was dropping tears as well as moaning hard and enjoying the pleasure. Later they released my hands and two lift me up and by holding my upper body and one held my leg and lifted up and then showed his hard black in to my pussy in one go and I was not screaming because one who was standing near my head bend my head down and showed his 9 inch dick inside my mouth. I took penis in to mouth and the other show showed his dick in pussy started moving in and out of pussy and the force made that my mouth also get fucked deeper in side mouth. They were facing difficult to lift me up in air and fuck but managed to fuck me in that position. They fucked me for about 15 minutes and released there semen inside my pussy and mouth. Later they released me and my second husband asked me whether I liked it. I said if it is continued in the same position I would love to enjoy more. They said it is very much difficult to hold about 60 KG hot gold in air and fuck. Now three came to me and made me bend and started slapping on my beautiful round and fair complexion ass and they were enjoying each and every time when it turns to red and I made sound. Later one guy said, I want to fuck this bitch all alone and took me to bed and placed me to the corner bed then showed his almost 8 inch dick in mouth and he started licking my pussy along with fingering. Later he got up and fucked my mouth so deeper I was not able to breathe properly. He released his semen in mouth and then asked me to keep on suck his dick because he is not satisfied with fuck and I did sucked his penis and few minutes later he took some spray and sprayed it on his dick in minutes the size of dick was surprisingly increased as compared….he lift me and made me sleep on bed, in no signal he showed very harshly than first guy showed. I felt my pussy wall going to be damaged. He started fucking me so hard that he use to pull his complete dick and then push it again. He does it so hard I came 2 times with huge moan like fuck this bitch, make your keep, fuck me mother fuckers, fuck me harder, harder, wow…I need this hardness come on…what you all waiting guys fuck my holes all together in one go…I want the hard tools inside my all holes. All came near but the guy who was fucking me never allowed them to touch until he finished his business with my body and he came in about 30 minutes and collapsed on my body and crushed my boobs because of his heavy weight. Later he got up and all other guys were waiting for the chance and my second hubby was busy on making foursome video…before that he gave me mask to wear. I did wore the mask then he started making video one guy lay-down and I ride on him and other took ass hole, then started fucking my both holes. One more guy came to my mouth and started fucking it…It make me remember the sex which I had with German travelers. It was slow in movement but insert was very hard, later the speed was increased so much that I felt some machine fucking my holes…all came inside all holes and cheered that wow man, we never had such wonder full hard fuck….you made our day today… hey whore can you join us if we come to Bangalore in case. I said if husband is not there I can join but depends on work. All saw my second hubby face. It was now other two guys turn, as soon as I got released from three guys, other two took me for fuck. I was on bed laying, one came to my mouth and started fucking my mouth then the other lifted my legs and started fingering finally I came below which was cleanly eaten by guy who was fingering. Later one guy lay-down and I climbed on him and adjusted his dick and started riding. The other guy went to all other and discussed something. Later all came to me and asked me to calm down and told me that I am going to enjoy now double penetration in pussy. Second Hubby said today is our party day, please make us happy. I said who said no for that, everyone started saying oh god what a fucking Randi. Let’s all do double penetration in both holes one after other group. I was sitting on one of the guy dick and all held my body and make sure that I won’t try to escape from double penetration. Then other guy tries to show his dick and was tight because of my small hole. They got some oil and started applying and pushing dick finally he was successful and both together crushed my body like sandwich. We slept like that for some time and they started moving dicks. It was so pleasureful that my eye tears got stopped and my cry turned in to moan. Finally they both came inside my pussy hole. I got up tasted myself my pussy by my fingers and found semen was mixed with blood. As I was trying to check my pussy, two other picked me then took me to bed again and started pushing dick in to my ass hole. Later in few minutes other guy pushed his dick in anal but blood started dripping from anal. Still they did not leave; they keep on fucked me mercilessly and stopped after they released their semen. Later all together took me to lady doctor and then we returned back to cottage. We stayed in cottage for about a week time and enjoyed every day with all 8 + 1 (my boss) one on one and threesome.

group-sex/ramya-bride-second-marriage-doll-sex-party Ramya – Bride Of Second Marriage And Doll Of Sex Party

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