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Practical Sex Experience With Virgin Maid


Practical Sex Experiencee With Virgin Maid (1)

Hi SexStoryLovers,Com readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.

Dhaka city is crying for maid servants after increasing garments industry. Poor girls from remote villages worked houses as maid servant from the birth of Bangladesh, but when the garments industries started their activities and began to appoint uncountable numbers of female labors, poor girls and women in groups from remote villages began to join in those industries, though they get a small pay from there. It may be happened for their freeness, not money. Otherwise in houses, maid servants often raped by masters, so they seemed those as secure places.

In spite of that, exceptions are everywhere. So, some of the girls are still working in the houses as maid servant. Either they feel comfort in the houses or they are unable to such works. But the number of maid servants is very little. For that, we, who cannot pass even a single day without maid servant, fall in great problem. But I never suffer from that problem, because I have a broker of maids who always supplies nice village girls in between 12 to 18 years in exchange of a handsome amount of money.

This broker is also an illegitimate person. Without any reason he made some concoction for each girl after she passed about six months to eight months in a house and took away from there. He does it intentionally because he always takes money by supplying each girl. So, changing houses of those girls is profitable for the broker. As a result, no maid stays for a long time (the broker does not let to stay) in my house. In April 2004 the broker brought two girls named Bobby and Bilkis. I didn’t choose Bilkis, because she was not looked well. She was lean and her face was full of pustule. Though the broker requested me to keep Bilkis as my maid between two of them but I refused Bilkis and kept Bobby. (Please read the story about Bobby titled “My Sweet Maid Bobby” to enjoy how I fucked her).

Bobby worked for one year in my house and once her father took her to see her ailing mother and did not return. Then I called the broker and told him to manage another girl for me. He informed me that he had no girl in his hand at that time, but if I agree to appoint Bilkis then he could try to bring Bilkis. There was no way except agreed with his proposal and I told him to bring Bilkis and within that evening. He demanded 500 taka for his work and I paid him soon. He went out and returned after about four hours with a girl. At first I couldn’t recognize the girl but at last I remembered that she is Bilkis.

Bilkis’s appearance was fully changed, her health increased and the pustules of her face removed and she looked very nice. She was slightly dark complexioned, about 4’-8” tall and medium figured girl. Her cheeks were glittered for oily skin. My devil thought always works, so my eyesight fell on her chest and I discovered that her small tits have puffed up which was absent when I saw her last time. From that day Bilkis started her job in my house. Basically she was a cheerful and soft spoken girl. There was nothing to like her, otherwise my adultery desire always works for seducing of any new girl I get at my reach.

Days were passing and my carnal desire was increasing to seduce Bilkis. I started seducing her with a simple trick. Each maid servant has hidden fear about her master, so the important thing is removing that fear from her mind. So I started chatting with her about various matters and threw some semi-adult jokes. Gradually she became easy to me and when she did the household work, I started at her face. Sometimes she looked for any reason and her eye contacted with mine and I smiled, my smiling affected her and I saw her teeth for a while, at the next moment she grimaced at me, my heart throbbed for that, because it was bantering. When a girl banters with you, today or tomorrow she must allow fucking her.

Note: Dear readers, it may be impatience you that I am trying to express the whole situation in short about how I convinced my maid Bilkis. As far as my knowledge goes, in our continent (mainly India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) girls (particularly innocent village girls) is not easy to convince for fucking. Even suddenly if you directly propose a girl to touch her body, I think you will get a slap on your face. Because, we are not habituate with freely sex like western countries. If you desire to fuck a girl you must have to pass time for her and attract her towards you with many tips, tricks etc. Otherwise you never could even touch her. I also could coerce her to sex with me or rape Bilkis, but that might ruin me. She might shout and gathered public and expressed the situation. Or she left my house without any notice. So I had to manage her by my own capabilities, which is essential.

I got the green signal and I began to stare at Bilkis and her eyes often contacted with mine and she smiled and then grimaced. After that she stared at me and we both were being eye-contacted minutes after minutes. Then I began to touch her hand and then head and thus I made her easy to me. One day at the afternoon (that time my children were being in their schools and my wife in her office and they all returned around 5:30 PM to 7 PM) while she was standing at the door of the kitchen, I intentionally touched her tits with my elbow while entered into the kitchen; she gave a blow at my back. I chased her and caught from her behind and hugged her tightly with my chest. Without any hesitation I grabbed her tits and began to press. Bilkis was just giggling and trying to escape from my hug. Then he cried out “uh, chharen! Baytha pachhi to” (ah, leave me! It is hurting). I gave just that small doze, I believe that excess of anything is bad.

After that whenever I got chance I hugged Bilkis and pressed her tits, but she never allow willingly to do me. I had to apply force to press her tits. I was trying my best to turn her mind towards me and waiting for the time when she allows me to press her tits willingly and only after that I could fuck her. Meanwhile I came to know through my wife that recently Bilkis has menstruated for the first time of her life. I became very glad to hear that because after menses girls’ pussy canal’s elasticity increases for preparing to insert male’s dick easily, it happens naturally.

In that afternoon, while Bilkis was mopping up my bedroom, I was reading a magazine. Suddenly I jump at her and going to hold her, she prepared to impede me but I braked my motion and told “uhu, toke to chhoa jabe na, saat din tui ashoucho thakbi” (oh no, you would not be touched, you would be impure for next seven days). She amazed and smilingly asked “apni janlen ki kore” (how did you know)? I smiled mysteriously and told “ami tor sob khobor rakhi” (I always enquire about you). She laughed with pleasure and told “babba, eto kheyal” (mmmmmm, so much care)?

Two days later, after returning from office at noon (my office time is 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM) I had my lunch and Bilkis served that. Then she entered into the bathroom to bath. After bathing she had her lunch and washed the utensils. Then I called her and asked “kire, ar koydin tui ashouco thakbi” (hi, how many days you remain impure)? Bilkis smiled and asked “ta diye apnar ki dorkar” (why you will need to know)? “amar haat tor dudungulo dhorar jonnyo nishpish kortechhe” (my hands are itching for grabbing your tits). “haat nishpish kortechhe to dhoren na keno” (if your hands are itching so why are you not grabbing)?

My heart was pounding after hearing that sound. But I kept me calm and quiet, because I should have to go a far way. I smiled and told “oh no darling, I couldn’t touch you now, so you do one thing, lift your kamiz upwards and let me see the beauty of your nice balloons”. She shouted “hae Allah, ei lokta bole ki, dekhlei to khaite chaiben” (Oh Allah, what this man is telling, you would desire to eat after see it). I again humbly requested her to show me her tits and at last she agreed. She told me “taile chokh bondho koren, amar lojja lage” (then you shut your eyes, I feel shy).

I shut my eyes and after few seconds Bilkis called me to open my eyes, I saw that she lifted her kamiz and covered her face with the lower end of the kamiz folding from her throat. One pair of nice tennis ball size round and plump tits placed on her chest. Those were so nice to look at that my mind wanted to run to her and lick the tits but I controlled myself. She had no swelled nipples; there were two tiny growths with 1.5 inch diameter black auras. She asked me “dekha hoyce” (have seen)? I requested Bilkis to hold for more few seconds I wanted to see those from near. I got up and walked near her and observe the tits from closed distance, I could see the hair-like around the aureole at the top centers of the plump tits. She told “amar eiguli to cudo” (my tits are small). I laughed and told “chinta koris na, ami ogulo khub siggiri boro kore debo” (don’t worry, soon I’ll grow those bigger).

My body was shuddering with excitement and what I would do that I could not decide. I couldn’t hold myself anymore and suddenly I touched the tip of my tongue with the puffed nipple. Bilkis quivered and abruptly downed her hand with the kamiz on my head. As a result my head covered with her kamiz and my face crushed with her tit, I felt the touch of soft meatball with my cheek. She again lifted her kamiz and freeing my head she ran away from there. After about 10 minutes she returned and smilingly asked “ki holo, ami ashoucho, amake chhoa jabe na, ekhon ki korlen” (what happened, I’m impure, I wouldn’t be touched, what did you do then)?

I had already seen her tits, so I decided to show my dick to her. I thought it would be made easy the situation to advance one more step. In the next day, after having lunch I went to bed for taking a nap. I covered my body with a rapper and then called Bilkis and told her to wary at me that I might be sweated in sleep, if so, she would removed the rapper from my body. I covered my eyes with my arm so that I could peer her activities and acted like sleeping but my eyes were remained open. I thought the scene of the previous day and I could clearly remember the shape of her breasts, so the remembering made my dick erected inside the rapper.

After about half an hour Bilkis entered into my room and checked my forehead that I was sweated or not. My forehead was already sweated for the hot climate and Bilkis did her duty as I told her. She snatched the rapper from my leg side and uncovered my body. I had already made loosened the knot of my lungi and the lungi went downwards with the rapper and my body till the knees became bared. Bilkis saw my erected hard 8” long circumcised penis and became bewildered. She dropped the rapper on the floor and stared at my erected rigid penis. She again checked whether I slept or not and when she confirmed that I was sleeping then she sat on the floor on her knees and stared at my erected penis. She hesitated few times and at last touched my penis with her index and swayed my penis like a pendulum. After that she covered my penis with my lungi and went away from there.

The primary arrangement was over, then I had to take the next step. I wanted to get positive sign from her side to invite me to fuck her, so I had to apply many tricks. I then decided to watch the real fucking, so that she became horny and wetted and eagerly desired to do so with me. In the afternoon after finishing all the household works she passed her time by watching TV sitting at the door of the kitchen. The TV was placed at the place in my bedroom that it could be watched from the kitchen, if the door became opened. In that day, when Bilkis was finishing her works I closed the bedroom door keeping ajar, so that she could watch the TV screen within the slit of the ajar door.

I then played a hardcore 3X film, where a man fucked a teenage girl and the girl willingly participated in the fucking game. Carefully I noticed that when Bilkis would sit at her place and at last she sat there and was astonishingly looked through the ajar door. I did it for next 3 days but no result came, but I didn’t disheartened and continued my job. At last on the fifth day she came at the door and pushed the door to be opened and told “dorja chapaya rakhen ken, ami TV dekhbo na” (why are you keeping the door ajar, would I not watch TV)? “Tui to lukiye lukiye dekhis, ami khrap chhobi dekhtesi, toke dekhte hobey na” (you are always peeping, I’m watching nasty films, you would have not to watch those).

“Dekheci besh korechi, apni dekhle amio dekhbo” (I have done good to watch that, if you would watch then I also watch). “Tor khrap lage na” (do you not feel bad)? “Kharap lagbe keno” (why do I feel bad)? “na, shorirer moddhye kono somossya hoyna” (na, do you not feel any problem inside your body)? “holey hoy,apnake bolbo keno” (if so, why I would tell you)? I didn’t get positive response from her side, so I had to follow another way of trick. In the next day when Bilkis was bathing I silently disconnected the power line of the servant’s room, the fan became unserviceable.

In the evening when my wife returned from her office, Bilkis complained her about the unserviceable fan of her room and she explained her difficulties about sleeping in the fan-less room in such hot climate. My wife asked me to check the matter and I informed her that I had already checked and gave the fan to the mechanics to repair but it would take about five days to repair. Then my wife told Bilkis to sleep on the floor of our bedroom till the fan repaired. I did all for such decision and my plan came to a success.

My wife can’t be wake till deep night, she goes to sleep earlier. Previously I watched TV till deep night but at that day I went to sleep soon but remained wake. The room was slightly lightened with a dim light and I saw Bilkis entering into my bedroom with her bedding, my wife was sleeping with snoring. Bilkis made the bed and when she just lain down I made a movement and acted like suddenly I awoke. I also awoke my wife and invited him to join a sex game. She asked me about Bilkis and I informed her that Bilkis has already lain and may be slept. Then I started the foreplay and removed the all attires from her body. I kissed her lips and suck her tongue and suck her nipples and kneaded her breasts.

Practical Sex Experience With Virgin Maid

Then I licked her pussy and she also sucked my penis and then I started fucking my wife. I knew that Bilkis did not sleep so I intentionally made sufficient sounds of fucking pokk pokk pokkat pokkat foth foth fothath fothath. I also intentionally made sound of my cot and at last I began to fuck my wife standing on the floor. That time I placed my wife near the head of Bilkis and I intentionally pushed Bilkis with my feet. I knew that Bilkis watched the whole session of fucking and I’m sure she must enter her finger into her cunt. I did the same for next those days that Bilkis slept into my room.

At last one day afternoon while I was resting after having my lunch, Bilkis complained me that she felt uneasy and sick. I asked her what the problem is. She informed me that she couldn’t express me but something was happening inside her body. I asked her if I would massage her breasts and she agreed. Then I removed her kamiz and began to squeeze her both breasts with my both hands. That time Bilkis kissed me like my wife and I responded positively and sucked her lips and tongue and kissed her cheeks. She also sucked my tongue. I then sucked her non-swelled tiny tits and licked the aureoles of her breasts. I nibbled the tits with my nails to irritate and she told that it tickled her but didn’t impede me, because she was enjoying the nibbling.

After half an hour I observed her and noticed that she was breathing heavily but faster. I understood she became hot and horny and the time has arrived to invite her to fuck. I asked her about the difficulties which was suffered her and she informed me that the sufferings increased at the lower portion of her naval. I asked her permission to message there and she agreed. I started massaging softly from her naval and began to move downwards. At a time my hand reached at her abdomen and she told me to untie the lace of her shalwar. My heart was pounding heavily and I untied the lace and dragged the shalwar from her waist.

A nice and cute virgin pussy was shining there. Bilkis’s pussy lips were puffy and muscled. The clitoris swelled up from the lips crack and made a limp of muscle over the lips. The whole pussy was nearly bald but some sparse pubic hairs (partially turned into black from hair-like) were seen near the slit of the pussy. I dipped my nose there and sniffed her whole pussy and enjoyed the sweet aroma of her nice pussy. I inserted my nose head into the pussy slit and also the orifice of the pussy hole which made me crazy.

Then I began to lick her pussy and she began to moan ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uh uh uh uh uh uh. I inserted my tongue into the cavity of pussy hole beneath the clitoris after parting the pussy lips and licked the orifice of her pussy hole. I enjoyed the brackish taste of the oozing pre-cum nectar from her pussy hole. Suddenly she dragged my lungi up and grabbed my penis and began to rub her thumb at my circumcised penis tip which was slippery with the pre-cum. Then Bilkis yanked my penis and leaned her body to take it in her mouth (she watched my wife to do such) and we came at the 69 position and she took my penis into her mouth, my 2” diameter penis occupied the full perimeter of her mouth.

She had learned that what would have to do after licking, so she alluded me to insert my fat penis into her tight narrow virgin pussy hole. I asked her to lie on the floor, because I better know that when my penis would insert into Bilkis’s pussy hole and tore her hymen, the pussy must be bled. So I didn’t want to spoil my bed sheet. Placing on the floor her on her back I parted her legs wider and set my penis at her clitoris. The place was slippery with oozing pre-cum juices from her pussy hole as well as from my penis.

When I was just going to thrust Bilkis hindered me by making an obstruction with her hand on my abdomen. Though I tried but my penis slipped upwards or downwards for the lubrication. She was frightening that she may hurt severely from my penis. I tried to impress her but she didn’t allow me to insert my penis into her pussy hole. I besought her to let me try to insert my dick into her pussy canal and I swore her that I must tried to do that without hurting her, but she denied me to do that. At last I decided to do foreplay till my ejection.

I then again hugged her and began to kiss. I kissed her drenching the whole face with my saliva and then suck her lips and tongue. Meanwhile I was squeezing her nice plump breasts with nibbling her tiny tits and she was slightly moaning ooooooh oooooh ooooooh oooooh. Then I sucked her breasts for a while and after that I laid her again on her back and placed my body in between her thighs. I parted her legs wider and began to lick her voluptuous pussy and clitoris, the clitoris became rigid and stiffed. I licked inside her pussy crack and she began to moan loudly aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh iiisshhh iiisshhh iiisshhh iiisshhh iiisshhh iiisshhh.

I inserted my finger into her pussy canal and it was hot but she let not keep my finger inside there. She became horny and swaying her waist to get more friction from my tongue. I inserted my tongue within the orifice of her pussy hole and she became crazy and grabbing my hairs she began to rub my face with her pussy. She was continuously moaning and groaning and she suddenly crossed her legs over my shoulder and locked my head and pressed my face on her pussy and with vigorous sound she lifted her waist that she wanted to insert my head into her pussy. Actually she reached her orgasm and with a big jerk she ejected her first orgasm of life. The orgasm process took only 5 minutes. And then I rubbed my penis with her cute soft virgin pussy and ejected my load.

In the next day she again came to me and told “ajke abar chesta korben” (will you try again today)? I expressed false anger and told her to leave my room. But she besought me to try once. Then I agreed to do that but again she was frightening and impeding me to insert my penis into her pussy. So I had to lick her pussy to make her orgasm. She made vigorous moaning while orgasm and lifted her waist upwards. Then I told her to suck my penis till my ejection and I fucked her mouth and ejected into her mouth and she drank my load till the last drop.

The next two days she did not show any interest but on the third day she again began to beseech me to try again. I had already taken my decision to insert my penis without Bilkis’s concern and didn’t let realize her anything. I told her that I didn’t insert but only rub my penis that she was frightening. The orifice of the virgin pussies are naturally narrow but there are ample places at the inner wall, the main factor is to pass through the penis head into the orifice and then the rest of the penis body follows the head and dips till the womb. So my aim was to pass my penis head through the orifice of the pussy canal anyhow.

I was caressing Bilkis that she concentrated her mind towards the caressing. I convinced her that I should only rub my penis head with her vagina. So I was rubbing my penis head inside the pussy canal and once I took it at the cavity beneath the clitoris where the orifice of the pussy canal is situated. I swayed my penis head there for a while and then keeping set there I grabbed her waist and abruptly applied a jolt from my waist. My strawberry shaped pointed penis head passed the tight orifice and the whole head of my iron-hard penis popped into her well-slippery pussy hole and locked there for the swelled neck.

Bilkis made a shout and told “uh, ki korcen, khub baytha paici” (ah, what have you done, it has hurt me much). I became then sure that the rest of the penis’s body would easily insert. So I didn’t reply but grabbing her waist I took a long breath and thrust my penis into her pussy. Three things happened at a time, firstly, with a pokkkkat sound my penis shoved into her pussy till its base and tore her hymen, secondly, Bilkis screamed out loudly uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, and lastly, I got a kick on my chest from the both legs of Bilkis and I detached backwards from Bilkis for the kick. I only heard a sound from her mouth “kuttar bachcha maira falaise re” (son of bitch has killed me).

Bilkis was lying on the floor and the floor under her waist filled with blood, I enquired her and found that she was fainted. I took some water and sprinkled it on her mouth and after few minutes Bilkis came to her consciousness. I told her sorry for the incident, she didn’t talk to me and got up and walked out from the room. I washed the blood from the floor and then went to enquire Bilkis, she was lying on her bed but she became normal. I asked her about the pain but she didn’t talk to me. I searched the first aid box and gave her double doze pain killer and a glass of water, she took the tablets.

In the next day Bilkis didn’t come to me or talk to me but in the third day while I was resting after having lunch, she came to my room and stood at the door. She held her lobs with both the hand and smiled and told “sorry”. I didn’t respond her and continued to read the newspaper. She forwarded few pace and again holding her lobs said “sorry”. I thought this is the time for me and what I would say Bilkis must do that. I showed false anger and told “you have kicked me; I will punish you for that”. She smiled and told that she was ready to accept any punishment from my side. Then I told her to leave my room and never return, she giggled and told “thik ase, thaken apni eka eka” (all right, be alone) and she left my room with heavy pace.

I was damn sure that she must return within 10 minutes. But she returned within 5 minutes. She stood at the door knocked on the door. I didn’t look and told “don’t irk me, go away from here”. But Bilkis again knocked on the door. That time I looked at her and she requested me with folded hands “please, maaf kore den, amar khub korte ichha kortese, kotha dichhi joto kostoi hok ami ar kicui bolbo na, biswas koren” (please, forgive me, I’m craving for sex, I swear I would say nothing what it hurt me, trust me”. I asked “truly speak, would you let me in”? She laughed and told “ajke amar nijery ichha kortese” (today I’m wishing willingly).

I permitted her to enter and she run to me and fell on my body and began to kiss me like an insane. I hugged her tightly and began to kiss and soon I removed her all dresses and made her stark. Then I began to squeeze her breasts, meanwhile those became softer and larger than the earlier. I licked her nipples and bit on the tiny nipples. Then I laid her on the bed and began to suck her gigantic nice pussy, her clitoris became hard and stiffed and I was licking it. She grabbed my large penis and dragged at her mouth and I placed my body at 69 position and we licked for about 5 minutes.

My main intention was insert my penis into her pussy, so didn’t want to waste time and placed her body for fucking. I parted her legs wider and sat inside her thighs, she herself held her legs to give me easy access inside her thighs. I set my penis head at the orifice of the pussy canal inside the cavity beneath the clitoris and applied pressure. My penis head popped into the well-lubricated pussy hole and then I thrust my penis till its base through the tight pussy hole. My penis head was obstructed by her womb opening. Bilkis screamed aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah but didn’t move her waist or impede me. The inner side of Bilkis’s pussy was very warm, I didn’t feel any other lady’s inner pussy so warm, I felt it was 103 degree Celsius there.

Then I began to move my penis forward and backward and Bilkis was continuously screaming aaaaaaah ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh ooooohhh aaaaahhhh. I was pumping vigorously and roughly that the tightness of the pussy gave me immense pleasure and I thought I was travelling into the heaven. Soon Bilkis began to moan aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah. She reached her orgasm within about 7 minutes and suddenly she uplifted her waist with a heavy moaning and spurted her ejection.

I halted for a while and let her to eject completely and when she calmed I started again fucking her. She was feeling uneasy first but within next 5 minutes she again began to enjoy and told me to drive my penis faster and harder. I asked her “are you not feeling pain now”? She replied positive by nodding her head sideways and smiled. I kissed her and began to knead her breasts. Then I changed the position of her lying. I rolled her on her flank and I lifted her one leg over my shoulder and began to fuck her hard with my full strength. I was kneading her one breast then.

After about 5 minutes I asked her to take the position as doggy style and she squatted on her palms and knees and I thrust my penis from the back. That time her bum was clearly visible and I parted her buttock and saw her awesome asshole and in the instance I decided that I have to fuck her asshole later days. I put some saliva from my mouth there and softly rubbed her asshole and caressed by inserting my forefinger into the asshole. Bilkis became so horny for that and reached her next orgasm and she was swaying her waist impatiently. I also came to the ejection point and while she ejcted for the second time with a great scream I yanked my penis from her pussy hole and spurted my whole semen on her back.

After that till her second menstruation I fucked her daily twice. Within her menstruation period I fucked her asshole three days. Then after the menstruation Bilkis proposed me to fuck her only three days in a week, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had to agree with her because she felt some uneasiness for daily fucking and getting pain. One day while I was fucking her, she desired to see the junction point of our sex organs and to watch how my penis runs through her pussy hole. We sat on the floor face to face and I lifted her legs over my thighs and pass besides my waist, thus I bent my penis downwards and placed my penis head with her pussy hole and grabbing her waist yanked towards me. For that my penis shoved into her pussy and I told her to see the place.

She leaned her body forward but couldn’t see clearly. Then I dragged my dressing table beside the bed and told her to watch through the mirror. I set Bilkis on my lap facing her towards the mirror and my front to back and then lifted her body slightly and thus I shoved my penis into her pussy. Bilkis could see the view clearly and astonishingly told “oh, apnar oto moda jinista amar jinistar ki obostha korce” (wow, what condition of my organ has been made by your so thick tool). Then she wanted to watch the movement of my penis through her pussy. I slightly uplifted her body on my thighs and began to drive my penis, I also clearly see the view into the mirror. My fat penis was going into and coming back like a fat snake inserts in her hole.

I fucked Bilkis for about six months regularly and her breasts became 36D size when she left my house. The broker gave me false statement about her parents and swore me to return her within one week, but later on he supplied me new one, but not Bilkis. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely.

Practical Sex Experience With Virgin Maid (1)

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