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Oral Is The Key For Pleasure – Hot Desi Sex Story

Dear dt readers, this is kk again writing a new episode of anamika. We had many sexual encounters, in that one year I was out of india, but this one which I am sharing is one among them. I have penned down three episodes till now but was not yet published but hopefully will be published soon. This is an episode which I really enjoyed. As I have mentioned before in my previous episodes, anamika was a bomb, not fair, but sexy boobs and nice cute ass and that is my most favorite place of anamika, it is so eatable, lickable and fuckable. You can write your feedback to wejay_1714. Please write your comments to me. As I have mentioned in my previous episodes how I have enjoyed anamika, this is a very hot intercourse and fore play, I like foreplay a lot and give pleasure to the women or girls and make them cum continuously. I like to do that and only motto is to give full pleasure. Now going to the episode, It was around 6 pm, where I finished my training session and everyone were leaving and only anamika was staying back in the class, and I was doing my job and she was just speaking to me.She slowly walked near me and sat next to me and was chatting with me, suddenly pounced on me and kissed my lips, and even me started to kiss her lips and it became a long smooch, my tongue darted into her mouth and she was sucking it and she also put her tongue inside my mouth and I started to suck her tongue, and was sucking her lips like anything. Sucking her lower lips first and then the upper lips, simultaneously my hands started to press her breast and made her sit on my lap and wa smooching, Suddenly it stuck me that I did not close the door of the class room. Stopped and left to lock the door and bolted it. She stood and I came close to her and started to smooch her again and my hands went down to her ass and gripped it and started to squeeze, and slowly my hands went inside her pants and panty, suddenly she stopped me and told in moans mmmm mmhh hmm. I understood something wrong and left her lips and asked “Kya hua”, nahin chahiyae”, she replied “Aaj nahin”, after two days, I was puzzled, asked “Kyoon”, she replied “Please understand”. But still my hands were on her ass and her boobs crushing my chest. Then I asked ” I cant get, are you scared, shall we go to my accommodation”, she screamed “Budhoo, three days nothing will happen”, then I understood “Ohok”, then started to smooch, but she kept her hand on my pants and started to give me hand job as my dick was already a hot rod. I started to smooch and press her boobs and she was continuing the handjob. Slowly she was not able to stand long, lied down and I too lied on her top and was rubbing my dick dry and that itself was hot for her and felt she was cumming, I was smooching her boobs, cleavage, licking her neck but still rubbing my dick as though fucking her on her cunt. Slowly I asked her, “Mun me layagi”(will u take it in your mouth”, she told, hmm ….. And her moaning increased. She took her hand and removed my zip and inserted her small hands inside my pants, and pulled by briefs down and took my dick in her hand and I did not leave her licking her boobs, she started to give a nice hand job enjoying the pleasure I was giving her by pressing her boobs and licking her cleavage and biting her breast on top of her top. She took my dick outside and started to do it vigorously, I released from her hand and came on to of her and placed my dick near her chin, she slowly took my dick inside her mouth, first licked my bulge and the dick head and slowly I pushed my dick inside her mouth, slowly and steadily and I was in cloud 9 …… She took in a moaning sound mmm mmm hhhmm mmm and took my entire length 7″ inside her mouth. I was able to feel my disk disappearing in her wet mouth, wow what an awesome feel. She was lying down on the floor, I was on top of her putting my 7″ hot dick inside her mouth with my legs on either side, and was fucking her mouth slowly as I was cautious that she should not get choked, this was the best blow job in my life time as though fucking her cunt, I was fucking her mouth (anyway, both are mouth and both have lips, only difference is vertical and other is horizontal) She was holding my thighs and in between the best was that she massaged my balls, and that was the best feel a guy can get during the blowjob, slowly I was nearing my climax, I asked her “Bahar ayaega, “, she told positively mmm mmm as shook her head …..Where she don’t want me to remove, immediately I reached the climax and ejaculated inside her mouth and spurts of sperm hit her back of the throat, and it was too much and few stared to overflow from her mouth. But she managed to swallow and was licking me dry, I got tired….Wow this was the best blow job I have ever received, not even from my wife. I slowly took it out and immediately came down and kissed her mouth and put my tongue inside her and she put her tongue inside my mouth, and I can taste my own sperm from her mouth. We kissed deeply and in no time I was hard again, so hot she was and the dick was poaking her cunt and again I was rubbing a dry fuck sleeping on her, she alos was enjoying, but suddenly came into sense and asked me, “Tum tired nahin hoga kya”….I told, “Tumhare paas tho nahin”, we got up and cleaned herself and she told me “Wait for another two days” and she walked away telling me good night. Two days have gone and I was really waiting for third day but she did not turn up, I messaged her and she told, will come in the evening, I asked her “Your hubby”, she replied he will come late night, was waiting for her the fourth day, I went to my accommodation and within 10 minutes there was a ring from outside, it was 7 pm..A bit dark, so that no one will see her, I opened the door and there she was standing with a black top and red full skirt, seeing her my dick started saluting her, she came inside and kissed me on my lips, I immediately caught her as though we were two animals, so rough and we are seeing each other for ages. I started to squeeze her ass and breast so hard and kissed her so hard and she directly put her hand inside my track pant and took my dick outside and started to give hand job moaning mm mm kkk …. Maaaa I was continuously licking her cleavage, I removed her top in one pull and she was in bra, and started to lick her cleavage sweat as she had a bit there and lifted her hands and started to kiss and lick her arm pits and she was continuously giving hand job to me….She pulled me and told “Mujhe mun mein lena”, I lifted her and put her on bed and pounced on her and removed my tracks and only with briefs, I went straight to 69 but I was on top, I placed my both legs on either side of her leg and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties on the side and started licking her cunt as a hungry dog, wow what a taste, fresh, I did not leave her cunt, in the mean time she was moaning like hell, she pulled my brief and my hard 7″ dick sprang out, near her face and she immediately took it in her mouth fully without any second thought fully inside her mouth, I was licking her cunt, in the mean time my head went under and licked her ass hole….Licked it like putting my tongue inside her ass hole, it was small, but was poking my tongue…(wow thinking only now I have a hard on, let me masturbate) …. Ohhhh… Coming back I was licking her ass hole holding her ass and then coming on top licking her pussy, she was oozing juices like anything and whenever she came to orgasms and ooze juice, she tightened my dick in her mouth and this was continuous, we were eating each other like there is no tomorrow…Wow…What a feeling…Did not want to leave each others pleasure and was in a competition who gives best pleasure… After hard fuck in her mouth, I was about to ejaculate I tapped he thighs and she understood and sucked me more and with the h
and job and she has already crossed three orgasm and she was sucking me harder, like a ice cream…Wowo what a feel and finally I ejaculated and during that minute I licked her so deep and sucked and bit her so hard she crossed the forth orgasm …. Wow … I ejaculated a good volume of sperm in her mouth and there were few that came out of her mouth ….. And my cock went limp, and finally I cleaned her cunt fully my lapping with my tongue and she sucked it hard and took my dick out with a or a “Blup” sound. Was in that position 69 itself for another one minute and came back to normal. Went back to her and started to kiss her lips and both of us can taste both the juices, hers and mine in each others mouth … Will write down, what happened next. my next episode, hope fully this will be published. Can write down your feedback to wejay_1714, hope you have enjoyed the reality.

couple/oral-key-pleasure Oral Is The Key For Pleasure

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