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Neighbor Aunt Become My Weakness

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Hello to all loving friends of SexStoryLovers.com . Before reading this story i want to say that, i am not so good in English. So plz adjust my language. I am 21 yrs old guy from Kerala, India. This story is about me and my neighbor aunt. She looks damn sexy with normal body. Her age is around 33 i think. I don’t wanna tell our name or anything else like that revealing our identity. Her life is like a tragedy, after two years of her marriage my uncle died. She gave birth to a kid after my uncle’s death. And after that she was not ready to marry anyone. Her parents tried their level best to get her married but nothing happened. My naughty thought started 2 yrs ago when i stepped into puberty i came to know every thing about sex from my friends.

My house situate opposite to her house, this gave me a lot of opportunity to fulfill my dreams. She lives with her parents and her son. And i live with my mom dad and my little brother. My dad works in gulf so we are alone in our house. Once i wake up and straightly went to brush my teeth. When i looked outside my aunt was sweeping her yard i got full view of her cleavage for more than 15 minutes till this moment i thought nothing about her but after this movement i cant control me from looking her. After that watching her cleavage become like my daily routine to me(once she saw me watching but i think she just leave it thinking i am an innocent). One day my mom called her to sleep in our home she came without any hesitant(she is a good friend of my mom) because nobody is there in our house except me my brother and my mom.

We all sleep in center hall. For my goodness my aunt slept near me, but i waited for more than a hour to get my aunt sleep but my mom and aunt was discussing so many things without sleeping. I lost my control and i slowly went to sleep. But at midnight i get up to go to toilet that time my aunts hand was on my chest she is in deep sleep but her body was very close to me. I cant control any more i smelled her body then slowly i put my hand on her breast i felt like shivering i don’t know what to do next just hold her tightly for more than a hour my penis started pain because of erection inside my under wear so i went to bathroom for masturbating. Then i came again and started to hold her and do so many stuffs like holding her bra, smelling her, putting my leg between her legs etc i did nothing more. I thought she know nothing about this, But after this i saw so many changes in her. After this my mom called her to come and sleep in our house but she never comes after that she started to cover her cleavage with her shall like this she never gave me a chance to do any thing. This situation made me mad. But god is with me, I thought when i got another chance to see her fully naked.

Her house was traditional Kerala style house. one night when i am going to call her i heard sound of some one is bathing i just looked there i saw lights coming trough the cracks of bathroom window for well i just stand there and looked through that crack hole. My god my sweety aunty was bathing without any dress its awesome scene. After this i started to watch her bath scene when ever i get chance but if any one standing in my house can clearly see what i am doing so i stopped watching bath scene. In this time i came to know about this site i got more knowledge about how to seduce. But like every one my aunt is not sexually starved she never agrees her re-marriage. This all made me to think stop thinking about her, i thought i never get any more chance to do any thing. But one day again i got a chance, this time i took its full advantage of it. This time we neighbors planned for a tour to nearby amusement park. We planned to go in a traveler but we are very few in numbers so we planned to go in our car.

We started our journey very early morning, its very tight space in our car, all small children went back in car in front seat my dad and aunt’s father got seat in front. Now remaining is me, mom, aunt and her mother we sit in center. Only three persons can sit there comfortably. We are four in numbers but we wanna adjust there. Here also i sit near my aunt and started my job first started to caress her. Her hand then automatically my hand went to her thigh then i started to caress her thigh i did so many things like that but i didn’t got any courage to hold her breast. But in amusement park every where i paired with my aunt because my mom and dad goes each other aunts dad and mom pairs each other my brothers and aunt son pairs now remaining is me and my dearest aunt. Every moment from there made us ever memorable especially for me and my dear aunt. But now also i wonder why she didn’t speak a word about anything to me. In returning to home at night, i am in my shorts and vest and my aunt in Kurta. When we started our return journey i started my foreplay.

At first i slowly put hand in her thigh and started to caress after that i slowly went to her breast this time my aunt caught my hand i lost my half life from there itself i thought she gonna tell to my mother but she did nothing she simply leaved it. Now i again straightly went to her hand and caught it and hold it tightly she did nothing but she observed the size of my dick after so many minutes of caressing she also lost her control she slowly took her hand and hold my penis this time i lost my full control. I felt like my body gets extra energy, but its all stopped with in minutes because we reached in our home. I felt sad and happy same time. One side happy of seducing my aunt another side its sad because reaching our home.

I will narrate my remaining experience with my aunt in next story. Checkout this site SexStoryLovers.com regularly. Thanks. 🙂

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