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My Sexy Chubby Bhabhi Ki Chudai Kahani

My Sexy Chubby Bhabhi Ki Chudai Kahani (1)

Hello to all my friends who are members of SexStoryLovers.com. I really don’t know how to start just I will begin with this it’s about relationship of me and my hottest Bhabhi. I do not feel guilt at all now after having tremendous fuck with her and she is also equally responsible. Now my family member and we are 6 family members including my Bhabhi and 2 sisters who got married and living in Delhi, Father passed way long time ago.

We have 3BHK apartment at Navi Mumbai area and there is close station nearby but now I stay at 1BHK flat that got from Bhabhi’s dowry that is also close to her family resident. What is that I have to tell you everything how and when we had sex. This had happen 3 years back and till now we are having same passionate fuck and there are Hindi lines which we spoken during our hot conservations.

I write that also and main is our names will be fake then it will take long writing I will divide if needed in parts. Let me tell about myself my name is Rahul fake and I am youngest of the family. Among of all them I am only little darker side skin rest all are fair skin. Date of year is 1989 height 5.4ft, average body and cock size is 5 inch. I love porn movies and surf net only for desi clips Bhabhi, hidden cam sex, scandals etc.

Above my own Bhabhi Sonia fake name her date of Year is January 1982 and her figure is superb. What I would say about my own Bhabhi she is bombshell and extremely beautiful. After pregnancy she got the figure of Hansika Motwani you must known her actress who acted in Aap Ka Surror with Himesh Reshammiya now she is very famous in south movies why I am tell about her because my Bhabhi look exactly like her twin sister. What Hansika Motwani has massive boobs, chubby around buttocks, milky skin and sirf roz chudwane wala maal that same belongs to my

Bhabhi except her teeth she has nice sat of teeth and rest everything is same. I had downloaded all hot pics of Hansika Motwani from south movies. wow I give you 100% guarantee she must had well fucked with south actors, directors and producers especially her ass no one will live her without fucking bomb ass cheeks.

Here I will give some subject line my mother is very traditional type proper Hindu gossiping of her Bhau and taunting every time even she asked lot of dowry from her family including 1BHK flat where I live now because my bhaiya working in good bank with top executive post. My Bhabhi got married at age of 25 yrs with my bhaiya it was arrange marriage after 5 months news came that Bhabhi is pregnant she was not happy to give birth at young age.

She have to as my mother will never allow her to do abortion on 10th Feb 2008 she gave birth to Munna that’s pet name of her child at age of 26 she was mother of one child from her face clearly understand she was not happy with early pregnancy and last thing I had written down all my masti Bari harkat and chudwayi in my dairy.

We have done all vulgarity and kinky sexual acts Kyun ki uska gora nanga chikna aur muliam badan srif hawas mitania ki liye hai na ki pyaar kare. Let me begin with from my 12th exam result I was failed. I was known that I had not done well in exams papers during study time I was screwing my Girlfriend. She was typical Mumbai girl having fun at teenage age; sex at age of 18 years old was not big deal for her and not virgin my friend.

She has been fucked by her neighbour guy after result I started to pass time with my friends playing cricket, watching movies and late night chat at garden house or biking. Then after 2 years at home taunting started because of my unnecessary expanses one of group friend advice me to join call centre job. He mentioned internationals BPO’s give salary plus can have fun with females also married females.

So thing were going good then it came brother’s marriage match I was never interested to go with them. BPO company timing was at night shift 9:30pm to 6am too tiring so gave them silly reason. Last thing came to know that brother’s girl is finalised and engagement date is fixed I was busy fucking my apartment slut girl called Valery. She was slut all most everyone had fucked her in our apartment on engagement day.

I saw my Bhabhi looking gorgeous with average figure and I never had such intentions about my own Bhabhi. The weddings happen and 5 months when I came to know that she is pregnant we were happy except her. Soon her mother took her to their home for better care as my mother told them she cannot handle on 10th Feb 2009 she gave birth to Munna. I went to see her it was lot of changes first her whole body became voluptuous but looking very hot.

I glance at her boobies which were developing full of milks. That was only my visit to her hospital and my brother was staying at Bhabhi’s home then my routine went on working at night in call centre and fucking Valery or my Girlfriend according to religious guru my Bhabhi should stay at Sasurla after 7 months my mother was religious so she called her back after all rituals done

I went to see Bhabhi wow she was looking beautiful woman now she resembles or twin sister of Hansika Motwani same voluptuous figure. In kitchen or she walks my eyes were on her figure still I felt bad about lust on own Bhabhi. It became stronger when I got glimpse of cleavages while breasting feeding or milky thighs when she comes with wash cloths of babes to dry on my balcony.

Her Protruding ass cheeks were too sexy and massive boobs just lay on her chest. I knew she was doing yoga at morning but never had saw her it was off day I woke up and went to kitchen stuck my eyes to see her wow my darling Bhabhi amazing hot she had wore tight fitting cotton pant with same on top. Her boobs were lifted up by bra and most seduction was ass globes round like 2 tomatoes smooth protruding out from her hips.

I sat on chair talked to her she was good in chat not too much jolly type but okay. I asked since when she started Yoga and how many pair she had same outfit. it was 4 in different colour and she loves to do Yoga to keep her fit and weight loose, after morning bath to Munna he gets good sleep for long time there she gets time to do Yoga. From that day I masturbated think of hers since then onwards my lust on her begin.

During first masturbating my lust were on her ass globes Kamal ki gaand hai bas us din mera lund srif Bhabhi kia bare main soch ne laga. I remember that night I surf porn website which includes young Bhabhi fucking with their lovers and also read stories of Bhabhi having sex with their Devar. Next day at morning I watch her doing yoga from drawing room her tight fitting pant gave me instant hard on.

I said her ass globes is extremely hot bas din bare mari halat kharab hogie 5 baar main mut marlie. Tab main soch liya ki ab mari hawas srif usko choud kia hi thandi hogi. Kiyu na ek baar try mar lia. Har try aur harkat lead to my strong lust on hers but Bhabhi told me she came to know only when I started to act wired. Whatever activity started with my Bhabhi I had written down on my dairy daily.

Here are some main activities had happen between us which lead to my main intentions on her Bhabhi.
1st – I could not control my lust so what I did is without noticing her I took her panty from bedroom kept at under my bed then before going to my work I get naked smell her panty and masturbate and leave my huge sperms till it got full sticky messes on whole panty cloth.
2nd – I watched her yummy cleavages while breasts feeding or glimpse.

3rd – I told her that need some yoga lessons from her Bhabhi she taught me but my eyes were staring at her mast bhare gaand aur uska tight outfit main figure bahut hi mast lag rahi thi.
4th – then my flaunt started on her with my scare efforts doing very slowly passing comments in regard of her panty I robbed them and

keep for 2-4 days cum on heavily making totally mess of it and then keep her panty back anywhere in her bedroom when I get chance at same time I was deliberately looking at her she had notice my changes even panty scene came to know. Why it is disappeared and gets back with sticky cum on panty. These all I was doing purposely so my own Bhabhi knows that her Devar is mad about hers and her only.

It came into light when Bhabhi dry her panty on my balcony it was tease from her side so I can take panty cum on it and return back and second was her dopatta raised up to neck by showing her glimpse of cleavage. Because of my mother’s protective nature Bhabhi was little scare for open talks but when ever my mother goes to dump garbage’s she call me her bedroom chat for while.

That was the time she gave me glimpse of cleavage if she wears nighty then buttons were open. Still I was confusing how to take lead after all she was my own Bhabhi if it was neighbour Bhabhi that had different case and I was just 20 years old that time. Like that Diwali came and Bhabhi went to her mother’s home to stay. Meri halat bori thi uski panty abhi nahi thi muth mar nai kiy liya.

When she came I told I was missing her, Bhabhi replied Malum hai kya miss kar hai ho. I was stun she was folding her babes cloths and I was staring at her ass globes. When she looks at me gave smile that was giving me courage. What next she did kept her sexy panty on bed told me to take care of Munna it was only one panty on bed so I did not pick up. Later she came to bedroom dry babies clothes and kept her same sexy panty on my straight eyes site.

I took that panty it was not washed smelling gave me her aroma and patches on pussy area. Next day it was off she told to stay at home after giving baths to Munna she also fresh and wore skirt which was knee length. By frilling her hands on skirt she told it is new skirt brought from market I said beautiful and suits you. My eyes were on her back her skirt was protruding from hip giving curves of ass globes.

After lunch Bhabhi gave me voice told me to play take Munna to mother. Mother was busy watching TV and taking care of Munna. Then Bhabhi came after clean kitchen work I was at bedroom she call me to balcony and got magazines of females like Femina ,woman era and many more. She told me to sit on floor and arrange by dates it was too many with huge collections. I was arranging by dates she was also helping me then excuse me for bathroom. I was looking at her back first she gone to drawing room then went to bathroom. Bhabhi came sat on chair I did not find change first but when I looked at up to give magazines my whole body was cold. Wow my Bhabhi skirt was hike up and gave clear view of inside fleshy thighs and pinky panty.

Then she changes her position with cross legs it gave her underneath of thighs bas mian Thu pagal ho hogia tha har bar Bhabhi apne legs move kar kia apni mast bhari fleshy thighs dekhaya then she said need one magazine to read and told me also read one of the magazines. I also wanted to enjoy her thighs exposures Bhabhi sat such way that her more thighs were visible and glimpse of pinky panty while reading she change poses.

One was keeping her one legs on another knee from underneath her whole thighs exposed and second was kept her legs on balcony grilles showing her pinky panty. Mari naazar uski skirt ki ander thi aur uski maria par thi then she said dehka liya na aur dehkna hai to dehka aur magazines. Who ute aur chalne se pahle thodi muskuraiee uff us din to main khosh tha aur ab pura yaqeen hogiya Bhabhi kiy dil main bhi kuch hai.

Yaad hai us din main 6 baar muth mari tha aur rath main jaa kar Valery kya apas apne jam kar hawas mithie kam se kam main to 6 minutes tak uski chodai kiye.

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