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My Mother’s Intention – New Desi Sex Story

By: Antony Hi everybody this is real incident I am writing this because to show this and all happening in India.Let me introduce my self.My name is Kumar from Kerla. My father had died when I was 12 my mom Vijaylakshmi is a school principal. Coming to story. I don’t know when I had got the intention of spying my mom while bathing. It was my 10th holiday I used to see my mom bathing through keyhole,smell my moms used undergarments and masturbate. this was my routine life .Mom used to go to school and return evening. My mom never allowed me to mingle with anybody may be this made to think urge on my mom. My mom is little tall ,fair and little fat as normal Indian woman as 36yrs. One day I was smelling mom’s panty closing my eyes imagining my mom’s nude pussy. Suddenly heard mom’s loud shout I don’t know from were she came. She shouted like a bitch pulled her undergarment and slapped me .I didn’t faced her. Then she went.I was very much afraid . I thought of committing suicide but didn’t have any idea . Evening she returned straightway went to her room changed into nighty and came back . She sat on the sofa in the hall I was in my room my heart was beating fast . Then gained some courage and went near mom and fell on her feet and begged that I won’t do again she didn’t spoke single word she simply kicked me and went to her room. I was dumstuck. She came out of the room after 2 hrs I was sitting in the corner she saw me & went to kitchen . She prepared dinner again went her room and locked.Night at 9pm she came out of the room still I was sitting like same,she went to dinning table and started eating the dinner she didn’t called me. After finishing she again went to her room and locked I don’t know what to do. I waited wether she will come and ask me to eat until 11.30 she didn’t came. After slowly I went to dinning table and sat and ate the dinner. And I washed the plates both my mom’s and mine thinking she will be convinced in the morning . I went to my room after lot difficulty I slept. When I woke up and came outside I saw mom having breakfast she was ready to go. I again went to my room after 1hr heard our car sound. Then slowly I came down went to kitchen to make some coffee . i found flask on the kitchen and coffee was in it I was happy that my mom is getting little convinced with me. With joy I ate my breakfast and cleaned all the vessels and plates. Cleaned kitchen ,hall and my room. Thought i will clean my moms room also when went near the room found locked. As usual she came in the evening went her room and locked 7pm she came to cook dinner again went to her room 9pm came again to eat dinner and went to her room . Today after she I went to eat my dinner ,found her eaten plate on dinning table normally she puts in washing sink. I kept the plate in sink and started eating after finishing washed all the vessels and went to bed. Next day I woke early but didn’t came out After her car sound only I went to kitchen as yesterday coffee was ready ,today also I found mom’s plate was on dinning table. I understood purposely she has left the plate to be washed.I washed them ,came to see tv found my moms room was open . I ran to her room to find her pant but i didn’t find. Then slowly I cleaned her room Sprayed with room freshner came back to see tv. again she came in the evening same thing happened. everyday i have to clean vessels , clean rooms was my routine life. Nowadays I am not searching for her panty nor trying to see her bathing, but imagine and masturbate. One day when i was cleaning my moms room found her panty under the bed i behaved as if i have got a lottery or god has come . I smelt that & masturbated 3times . After that I washed that panty dried it and kept in the corner of her dressing table. Evening went as usual. Next day when i went to clean mom’s room again found a panty lying below the cot. Now I understood she wants me to wash (may be to smell) her undergarment. Now I became bold.Everyday washing her undie in her absence became my routine work. It was Saturday I know mom is off . I don’t know how i am going to face . With lot courage went down moms room was locked went to kitchen as usual found coffee in the flask.drank washed the tumbler went to my room.Heard cooking sound from kitchen at 10.am went down as usual moms eaten plate on the dining table .I ate my breakfast and washed the plates and went to see tv . At 12 she came down slowly i went to my room holding mobile in his ears talking loudly today is leave know so she has to clean the rooms. I heard this and saw her she was watching tv . I went to her room already i have cleaned other rooms i went to my moms room to clean . First thing i bent below the bed surprisingly i found moms panty along with bra.NOW I CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD MOM HAS MADE ME SERVANT OF THE HOUSE FOR THIS SHE IS PAYING TO SMELL HER UNDERGARMENTS. Now a day I go into mom’s room boldly take her panty and bra below the bed an wash them in her bathroom dry it in the balcony when no one notices after drying keep it at her dressing table. Till these days she has not spoken single word to me. Her vaccation also started we were alone in house like dumb.One after noon she called me not by my name she called me hey i went near her she gave me 500 rs then said one parcel will come pay this and collect the parcel. And said she is going to sleep asked me to wake when parcel is arrived. I came back after an hour i went to her room to wash her panty. Found her sleeping with nighty raised above her knee. Again evil in me woke. Slowly i went near her peeped into her nighty it was dark but it was great feeling . I was afraid so took her panty and bra went to my room to wash as she was sleeping . After washing i was unable restrict myself so again entered her room now she was sleeping facing roof widening her legs. Slowly went near and sat near her legs then lifted her nighty now her beautiful pussy was visible little bit . Seeing this i was in heaven . suddenly my mom woke and saw me sitting on the floor near her legs i was afraid but she didnt say anything just pulled her nighty down and turned around and slept again. That time only calling bell rang I went to collect the parcel . For my surprise it was food she have ordered Dear Friends I will continue the story my mom will come now. Now I am waiting for my +2 results. My id kumarramasamy930. in my next episode i will write how my mom made me house servant,all because my bad behavior My Mother’s Intention

incest/my-mothers-intention My Mother’s Intention

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