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My Little Hot Sister Became My Sex Toy – Desi XXX Story

Hi, everyone!! This is mani from south Indian – Tamil family. This is a real story that happened to me and my darling bubbly younger sister. I was a normal guy and behaved so affectionate with my hot sister. I always used to spend my time with her during our childhood days due to our family conditions. This happened when I was 19yrs and my sister was 18yrs old. Everything was so normal until her puberty. Once her puberty was done my view for her just turned the other way!! Her stats 36-32-36 made me crazy for her. She looks like actress Meera Jasmine exactly. She was treating me the same way but I was always desperate for her. I used to stare at her cleavage and ass in all the possible ways. I used to sneak into our bathroom while she used to take bath almost every day. Since we were from the south, there were so many restrictions for her from my mother since her puberty. Like she must not go out, she must not talk to any boys, she must not allow anybody to touch her like stuff, etc. So she felt worried. I was her only relief to talk. So we always used to stay in my room. Only for sleeping, she used to go to the other bedroom. One day, she was crying in my room and I asked her why and she said me that mom scolded since she was texting to a boy. So I argued with my mom for her and scolded her while she was sleeping. That evening, she came to my room and hugged me tightly for being her side. So after that, I got completely addicted to her. I would touch her boobs, ass, and the whole of her body while she was sleeping. One day, she was changing her dress in my room since my father was sleeping in the other room. I entered suddenly I saw her in her inners and she looked shell-shocked. But since it accidentally happened, she didn’t say this to mom. One week later, we were casually chatting and she slept in my room. So my mom told, “it’s ok. Let her sleep in your room”. That night, I hugged her completely and touched her pussy. Then, I kissed her whole body, licked her armpits and then she woke in the morning hugging me. One day, my parents went to my native place for a marriage function and they will return only after 2 days. So I compelled her to stay with me in my room for those days and she accepted it. So I decided to have a beer since my parents were out and my sister also said ok. I had 3 beers that afternoon and I was drowsy and talking to my sister. I said her everything that was in my mind that I love her and I want her badly. But since I felt drowsy, she helped me reach my room and settled into my room. So that day night, I was embarrassed to face her and I was avoiding her eye contact. And I went to my room as soon as I finished my dinner without talking to her. Time was around 10.30, my sister came inside my room, turned the lights on and arranged the bedspread and lied near me in my bed. I was shocked and asked why? She said she also loved me and wanted me. Hearing this, I hugged her so tightly and kissed her on her lips which went at least for 10mins and then I slowly removed her dress. Then, she removed mine and then I started kissing her whole body and was licking her pussy which she enjoyed the most. Since it was the first time for both of us, she was watering so quickly and I drank it fully and then I started fucking her so hard that she couldn’t resist of shouting. I closed her mouth and gave a real fuck. The aroma of her pussy made her feel like heaven and then I came all over her body. After the sex, we both felt totally exhausted. Then I made some maggie since both felt hungry and then we again started to kiss each other and started to try different positions like doggie style, 69, etc. After trying all these positions, we went to sleep only by 5 am in the morning and we slept till next day afternoon. Next day, we know only by night our parents would be returning. So we started having fun in the afternoon itself. We both planned to bath together so we had a nice session in the bathroom with an open shower. We even recorded that on my mobile so that we can watch it later. So later, my darling was wearing my trousers and bra. She said she would prepare lunch for us. So she went to the kitchen and started preparing. Her costume made me so desperate. So I hugged her from her back and started kissing her. Soon, she also started kissing me and I removed her nightie and panty and started to fuck her. So she enjoyed it but this time, she didn’t shout. Then we order food from KFC and finished our food. Then we cleaned ourselves and we started to watch a movie in tv and settled in the couch till my parents arrive. And after my parent’s arrival, they shouted at us since many things in the kitchen were lying on the floor. She thought we were fighting in the kitchen. But we both sarcastically laughed at each other and told my mother it was fully her mistake. So, from then we used to kiss each other whenever possible. Girls interested can at anbu.araasan HotSexyStory.com . I will share my next experience with my cousin in the next story based on the response.

incest/little-hot-sister-sex-toy My Little Hot Sister Became My Sex Toy

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