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My First Sex Encounter In My Maid And Her Friend

My First Sex Encounter In My Maid And Her Friend (1)

Hello everyone this is DJ , basically I am from Gujarat. I am 26 years old dude with nice hard cock working in a private advertising agency based in Mumbai. I had wonderful college life banging so many nice girls in college. My first sex encounter in my freshmen year (first year) with a cute girl from Delhi her name was Sonia, she had awesome figure nice big ass after that I can’t even remember how many times my cock seen different pussy’s (choot).

Let’s focus on my story too much description about myself. After I finished my college I got a wonderful job in Mumbai. So I moved I don’t have any relatives or friends. I stay couple of weeks in hotel waiting for my accommodation which provided by my company. In couple weeks I got my apartment I moved in and everything was cool. As if I am bachelor no one is there to clean my home, clothes and cook food for me. So I am desperately looking for maid. I don’t know anyone new to neighborhood. So I talk to one of my colleague her name is Pooja she also stay 10 mins walking distance from my apartment provided by company.

Pooja is around 29 years old with hot and sexy body. I never had any bad intension about her. One day I have casual talk with her she asked how is the new apartment what you think about Mumbai? I just replied it’s fun apartment is cool looking for maid so I don’t have to worry about clean my apartment and etc… She told me hey I have one maid in my mind she works for me and she is clean and sober. I told her can you do me a favor, tell your maid to my home around 10:00 am on Saturday.

After work load I came home and one of my colleague call me and said what you doing? Just reply nothing he said get ready don’t miss Friday night in Mumbai. so he pick me up and we been to ‘fire and ice club’ that place is superb fantastic music sexy girls having a good time with my drinks. I don’t remember time when I got home. Around 10;30 door bell was buzzing again and again I have still hangover from last night. I was in my boxer and with erect cock open the door and I saw a nice woman standing and she introduce to me her name was kusum. Pooja madam told me that you need maid.

I was just staring at her nice boobs because she is wearing a low cut blouse and she saw looking me from up to down noticed bulged in my boxer. I just closed the door and said I will be right back because I don’t want that she go to Pooja’s home and told her anything wrong about me. I dressed up and open the door again ask to come inside show her what to do for housekeeping and cooking. she agreed and told me she want Rs. 2000 per month for everything, I agreed and told you can start work from today if you want. she say not today I will come tomorrow.

Next day on Sunday door bell rang around 11:00 am she was late, I was waiting for her because I have to go buy some clothes and planning to grocery. She came with her friend I got worried why she bring her friend and does I have to pay 2000 to each or something. I call her in my room busy working on ad project. that you bring your friend so what’s the matter she say don’t worry sir she was just helping me. So I can finish my work and go home early. Her friend was more sexier than her she looks around 25-27 years old with firm boobs hot ass like Sonia my first sex partner. I remember my old days, and decided this is the girl I am waiting for.

They never talk with me much just what you want to eat for lunch and dinner, and do you chai or coffee today. six month already been passed same schedule never get any chance to fuck any of this maid no sex at all for six months my cock need pussy’s anyhow but how? I started talking with friend because sometimes she gave me sexy smile and that’s the girl I want to fuck. where you leave who is in your family any brother or sister.

Try to ignore my real maid kind of seducing. My maid’s friend she is very open and feel free to talk with me come to my room anytime without knocking like a friend and that’s what I am looking for it. One day my maid didn’t show up and her friend came late I asked her where is she? why you are late it’s my time to go. she didn’t say any word and go to the kitchen and started cooking food. I follow her and asked her what happen she says nothing and I asked her again common tell me what happen?

She left kitchen and go to my bed room and seat on my bed she never ever try to seat on my bed. I put hand on her shoulder what happen she said today I fight with my mom and father they are looking for a guy for me to get married. I said that’s good news why you worried for and where is your friend she say she will be late today. I got the golden chance to stay with her I immediately dial my office and let them know I won’t be able work today I am not feeling well.

I try to gave my best shot and make impress that I am nice guy so I said don’t worry everything will be alright gave her a hug. she did too. My cock got erect immediately touching her pussy’s It was great feeling. then I told her in soft voice look I like you do you like me emotional thing and kissed her on cheeks. she didn’t say anything closed her eyes. I was so happy from inside this is girl is ready for nice fuck. Then I kissed her on her red lips.

Grab her ass make more close to me. in couple of seconds she is enjoying my touch and I can say that she is already wet. give her a long kiss and she is responding to me and remove clothes one after one I saw her boobs man it was like a big watermelon I never imagine about that sexy ass everything was perfect. her hand was on my shoulder I took one hand of her and make her hold my hot rod. she was making noise sssssssshhhhhh I make lie on her bed and she told me she is virgin I got more excited wow! after long time getting virgin choot.

She was lying on the bed I seat on her boobs and try to put my huge rod in her mouth she was virgin she don’t know what to do I told her do you like lollipop do it like that. she was a good learner but not good but ok for her first time. I go down to her choot lick like I was kissing her she was making noise louder and louder aahhhhhh aaahhhhhhh. I try to put my dick little bit and she was scream like hell. whole building will listen. I was so excited give her long smooch and inserted slowly. I saw she its paining please remove and I remove again I tried and this time I didn’t care just push hard and it was fully inside she was so loud.

She had two three orgasm and even I was about to come. My bed room door was unlocked and my main door too. My real maid she was standing on the door with her finger in her choot. I was so excited that I don’t know who was in my apartment. As soon I saw her in this situation, I grab her make her naked too and told her give us a company she started giving smooch and lesbian sex with my fuck girl. in 10-15 minutes my hot rod again get erected with the warmness of lesbian sex insert my dick in my maid’s whole and guess what she was virgin too.

After that session both the maids they decided with their mutual understanding who will go for awesome and sexy fuck. and sometimes with their mutual understanding we having a threesome. After some months my maid told while I was fucking her that Pooja madam is also interested in you. I told everything about you how you fuck and satisfy us. I asked how she get to know. She told one day I was working and she was fingering herself while watching some porno movies and I accidentally been to her room and satisfy her and told her everything. So girls and specially bhabhis because never get any chance to fuck them. how you like my story.

My First Sex Encounter In My Maid And Her Friend (2)

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