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My Experience During The Flight – Part 1 – New Desi Sex Story

Hello, my dear guys and girls. I am Neha Singh and I am back with another hot experience which took place a few years ago. Thanks for the readers and fans for the support guys showed me. I am really sorry for some guys since I could not use their suggestion in my recent sex stories. Please keep supporting me guys. As I said, this happened a few years ago. I was supposed to travel from Singapore to Mumbai one day. I just finished my business meet with some clients. Since my boss wants to stay for a while for some urgent commitments he made with the clients, I had to travel alone to Mumbai. Since it was the business trip, I carried only businesswear with me on that trip. I was single at that time. (I don’t remember exactly. But I hope that I was single). I was wearing a white formal shirt and black skirt. I was also wearing black heels. I had my hair loose and kept my luggage in the baggage section. I was just carrying my laptop and purse in my hand luggage. I was waiting for my flight and was told that my flight would be delayed due to some issues. I went to the bookstore in the airport and took a Sydney Shelton book. I sat in the lounge and was reading the book. After a while, I noticed a guy the distance watching me. I slowly looked at him and he immediately pretended as if he was working on his laptop. He continued doing this for some time and I wanted to secretly notice, what was he looking at. Secretly I noticed that he was staring my inner thighs through the slit in my skirt. Friends, you are reading this story on desitales dot com I was not wearing any stockings and so he was looking at my real thighs. I liked the way he was checking me out. I secretly smiled but did not show him. To tell about him, he was of average height and nicely dressed. He wore a gray suit and was fair. He was very handsome and had curly hair. He looked professional. I was thinking to myself, “Come on. Be a man enough and approach me”. After some hesitations, he came to me and tried to have some conversation with me. Rahul: Hi. Me: Hi. R: I just want to know, where are you traveling? Me: Why? R: I am going to Delhi. If you are traveling to the same place, I wanted to know how long would the flight take. Me: Sorry. I don’t know how long will your flight take to arrive but I am going to Mumbai. R: Oh. Time? Me: 12:00 PM departure. Jetairways. Why? R: I was joking. I am on the same flight too. Me: Oh okay. He left the lounge and returned after a couple of minutes. He sat beside me and again tried to have a conversation. I was really happy as he was smart enough to know where I was going and the flight details. R: I am Rahul. Me: I am Neha. R: Where are you working? Me: (I told my company name) Where are you working? R: Managing Director of (his company name) Me: You look too young for a Managing Director. R: Thanks. We chatted for a while and soon the announcement for our flight was made. I got a seat by the window and the seat next to me was vacant for a while. Rahul came there soon and sat beside me. I started to browse about his company and soon got the information about the company’s board of directors details.Rahul was right and he was not just saying to flirt with me. R: So. Are you looking for a job change? Me: You have any offer for me? R: I would love to take you aboard. Me: But you don’t know anything about me. R: I know about your company’s sales performance and so, I can guess the senior sales person’s performance. Me: Nice. But I am not looking for the job change. We kept chatting for a while and I was giving a good view of my thighs. Since he was sitting next to me, he could have a clear view. I let him see for a while and pretend that I was reading the book. Guys, you are reading a sex story published on desitales dot com After a while, he kept his bag on his lap. When I secretly noticed, he was getting a boner and do not want any air hostess or other passengers to look at it. But, I like his boner and found the way he was hiding it so cute. I really wanted to compliment it and wanted to warn him of the damage he could make to his penis. Me: Careful with that. R: With what? Me: I think, you know what I am referring to. R: No. I am not sure. I went near his ear and whispered so that no one could hear. Me: Your tool. It may get damaged by the radiations from your computer. R: Hmm. Thanks. I never thought that you could be so open. Me: (Smiles). R: Thank you anyways. I don’t know how this happens. Me: (With a smile and shy face) I know how it happened. R: How? Me: I think, we both knew how it happened. After a pause, he asked me finally. R: So, will you help it satisfied. I smiled and went inside the washroom. He followed me in a few minutes. I have seen this in a couple of Hollywood movies and hope, you guys must have seen this too. Once he came in, I locked the door and unzipped his pants. He had a massive cock. I took it into my mouth and sucked it for five minutes. I licked his cock nicely and sucked it nicely. He was feeling that he was about to cum. But I wanted more actions and so, I stopped and went out. Still, more to cum (Sorry, still more to come) Kindly send your feedbacks to nehaappusingh and like the Indian sex story if you have felt the heat under your pants.

couple/my-experience-during-flight-sex-stories-part-1 My Experience During The Flight – Part 1

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