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My Sexy Aunty


Hello everybody,

Well, I’ve been reading the stories in Sexstorylovers.com for a couple of months now. Initially, I thought ( and I think this for lots of them now also) , that they are all made up stories. But believe me a couple of them seemed to be real ones to me. So , I thought I should also share one of my experience with me ( I’ve lots of them with me , real life experience with lots of females ). I m choosing this one because this one was the first full sex incident which happened to me.

Well, about me, I m a student. I m 21 now. At that time, I was 18, when this great stroke of luck caressed me. I was vacationing in my home town in my college days, when I was told to deliver some sweets by my mother to verma aunties home. It was 11 in the morning then. I still remember that day, it was11th of august, 2003

Well, about verma aunty, she was one of the most beautiful females I had ever seen. She was 25 then, god knows why I called her aunty, and I should call her bhabhi. But then the trend was to call all married females, aunty, by the boys in our locality. She had a perfect shape, I d say approximately, 38, 25, 38, and height of 5’6″. I used to masturbate lot thinking about her. Before this, I just had done kissing, touching, caressing of females body and boobs , and fingering and oral sex , this also was an interesting one) and of course lots of masturbation. I went to her flat which was approximately 100 mts from my flat. Verma aunty was married to a handsome guy and she had a child aged above 1 year at that time. Well, uncle, verma uncle, used to be on tours at that time regarding his job.

I went to her place with sweets in my hand and then rang the bell. She opens the door, and I stand there stunned, appreciating her beauty. Not knowing what to say, I just keep staring at her, and of course praying to god for some miracle. She interrupts me and says ‘bobby, what happened’. I show her the packet of sweets and say that mom has sent it for you. She takes it and says in beautiful accented English ‘ thank you’. She was not good at speaking Hindi , but very good at English , always studied in Delhi and had a lovely accent complementing her lovely voice. I was just about to leave, when she says me to have a cup of coffee and then leave. I entered her flat as soon as she says it. I was sitting in her drawing room, imagining some close moments with her, when she turns up with a coffee.

I was having coffee with her and just talking to her, then she gets up and sits up close to me. She was wearing a dark grey colored saree, with a low cut blouse, which had made my dick fully erect. She asks me about my girl friends and I reply in negative. She tells me a liar. And then I try to convince her that I used to have lots of them , but at present me m single. She asks about my previous gf’s and the things I d done with them. I say her that I generally used to smooch and I was a master of it , that’s what my gf’s used to say. She says me to smooch her and she’ll judge my greatness in the smooching job. I was stunned. I was shocked and believe me literally I was cursing my self , thinking that had started fantasizing about her while talking to her. She takes my hand places on her breasts and puts her lips on mine. I, still thinking that I m dreaming, give her a 5 min long smooch, sucking her tongue, and making her suck mine. We part then trying to regain our breaths. Then she suddenly gets up, opens my pant, pulls it down along with my underwear, and then places her sweet lips on my 7 inches of hard meat. She was sucking my dick like a fairy, I d say. It was here when I realized that what ever has happened to me was for real and it was still happening. God, I imagined , I had kissed my dream , smooched the softest pair of lips and tastiest tongue of my life. She was a great sucker of dick too. Here, I see her taking my dick till her throat. My dick had grown like anything. Then I realized that I was just two minutes away from a great orgasm. Fearing that I come now, I might loose the chance of fucking her, I just told her to stop and move to her bedroom.

We start moving to her bedroom, with my pants down on knees. I enter her bedroom , remove my pants and underwear, and my t-shirt too. I was started naked and she was there still in her clothes. I approach her, wrap her in my arms and then give her a big smooch, licking her lips tongue and pressing her boobs and buttocks in between. Then I just pull up her saree, from behind and then realize that she was not wearing a panty. I move my fingers in the crack of her butt and slightly press her buttocks again. We part again , and then I do the clothe removal job. I pull her pallu down , open her blouse slowly , and caress her boobs. She was there in her black bra then. I bite her ears and she moans. I kiss her neck and she just stretches her neck. Oh my god , she had a long slender neck. I come down slowly to her cleavage and place my tongue over there. She was in ecstasy. I pull the knot of her saree, and her saree opens up. I remove her saree and then she was in her petticoat. Without delaying any further , I just open up her petticoat and her petticoat falls down. She walks out of her petticoat and then hugs me tightly. I could feel the full flesh of her body on mine.

I touch her vaginal hair fell the wetness near her cunt. Oh my god she was wet over there. Not able to control, I unhook her bra and the feel her 38″ boobs coming out. She had beautiful and big pink nipples. She was extremely fair and her boobs were milky white. Unable to control my self I come down to her boobs, and start sucking her nipples and pressing her boobs. Well, well, well, I was sucking milk from her breasts, and then I realize that she was a mother of a one year boy. I just enjoyed sucking it. She keeps on moaning saying to suck it more, I was just rotating from her left breasts to right breasts. I was already in heaven. She says me to bite her nipples which I do. She was saying ” ahhhh…….. Bobbyyyyyyy , suck it , baby, and suck it, aaahhhhhhhhh…….. Please , I want you , I want you.

I just lift her with my arms put her on her bed, and just part her legs. I then realize that I m not having a condom. I say her that I don’t have it. She says ‘ just enter me bobby , please, it doesn’t matter I m taking pills, please enter me fast’. I place my dick on her cunt and press it slowly, it enters easily and my full seven inches of hard meat had entered. There I was on my first fucking ride. I just keep the rhythm going with her sound of aaaaahhhhhhhh…………, mmmmm…………………… And then suddenly , I m not able to control and I come with a big thud and fill her cunt with my sperms. We lay there for five mins holding each other tight. I was embarrassed, this was my first fuck and I just came in five mins of fucking. We just got separated and she says to me in a lovely voice, and with a tinge of smile ‘ now, I believe that u never had sex in ur life’. This embarrassed me further. I knew she was not fully satisfied. She gets up, goes to bathroom, then to kitchen and comes with a glass of juice and a bottle of honey. I just had the juice. then I again start kissing her, and I took her gently in my arms, never breaking from the kiss we were locked in. I pushed her on the bed and began to kiss her from her toes and proceeded unto

Her knees…she could not control herself any longer…she reached up and pulled me on top of her and begged to be fucked at once…I did not want to straight away fuck her this time…I wanted to taste every inch of her body and to remember this incident throughout my life. I held her hands down firmly and began to kiss down to her navel…way below that until I smelt her lovely bush…the aroma was intoxicating…no other thing in this whole wide world got me so aroused. Her smell was sweet and sexy…her musk filled my nose as I kissed her softly on her love box. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and I was going wild…I could not control myself anymore.

I kissed her hard on her cunt and at once began using my tongue to probe her deepest secrets. From down below I could hear aunty moan in ecstasy she started to make cooing noises from her throat and said…”oh…bobby….lick me hard and lick me all over my itching cunt…lick me deep inside…”. I was so aroused that I almost came hearing her saying these things. I dived into her pussy with all I had…I sucked hard on her clit and held it in my mouth for a few seconds and then released it…I inserted two fingers with force into her cunt and began to twist them deep down inside and finger fuck her. I licked the entire length of her cunt and even tongue fucked her tight asshole. I pulled her pussy lips apart and sent my tongue darting through her love box with all the force I had in me. Aunty began to move fast now, thrashing her head from side to side, she began to moan louder and held my face tightly to her cunt… ”aaarrrrrgggggg…….aggghhhhhhh…… ohhhhhhhh……. I’m Cumming…….aiiieeeeeee…..

Suck me and lick me bobby….I’m cummingggggggg”…she said as she began thrashing without control and her stomach began twitching. I felt her pour out her sweet honey and I licked her clean without wasting a single drop of it.

She had a big smile on her face and got up…on all fours she approached me and said…”now it’s your turn big boy…let me taste you…”. This was all I could take…I was waiting to push my prick into her mouth. She grabbed my throbbing fuck stick and without warning pushed the entire thing into her mouth. My dick again started growing and it became erect. This time I allowed her to suck till about 15 mins. Oh my god , my dick was ready again and seemed bigger than ever before. I was ready for a great fuck now.

I was totally in heaven for the last 10 minutes, telling this she put her hand around me and held me tight towards her and kissed me all over my face. At this time she was able to feel the thickness of my throbbing cock, which was just between her big thunderous thighs. I at this point of time squeezed my legs between her legs and spread her legs wide apart and was rubbing my hard cock on her cunt. This was making both of us exited. As I was on top of her, I was having more control over her, so as I was kissing her face, breast and neck, I was also rubbing my cock simultaneously over her moist cunt thereby lubricating my cock. She was on fire at this stage and I was also not able to keep this like it for a long time. Aryan please put it inside it, don’t tease me like this, please put it in and fuck me and tear my cunt with your big cock, telling this she was kissing me all over my face. I took my cock in my hand and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and then slowly pushed it. At the first time it did not go inside and my cock slipped out. I once again caught hold of my cock and kept it on her cunt hole. This time she also helped me by spreading her legs little wider and kept my cock at the correct spot and asked me to give a push. Don’t wait anymore suresh please push it inside me? Ooohhhhh,, please push it now. I after getting her nod pushed my cock into her waiting cunt. As the cunt was moist, it slipped into her cunt very little resistance.

As soon as my cock was buried fully into her cunt, I just kept it like that for few seconds and then started to move my hip up and down. I could feel the heat generated around my cock from within her cunt. I closed my eyes in pleasure and began to move my cock in and out of her juicy cunt hole. Just by looking down I could see how my cock was moving in and out of her well-lubricated cunt with ease. As I was pumping her like that, my pleasure was raising step by step and I could see how my aunt was enjoying each and every stroke which I was giving her. As I was giving her those slow strokes up and down her cunt, she was moving her palm all around my back and at some point burying her nails deep into my skin. With pain and pleasure I was pumping her like that for another 2 ? 3 minutes. Then slowly I increased the speed of my hip and started to pump her with more vigor and strength thereby my full cock would go in fully inside her cunt and my crotch would bang her ass hole with each of my trust. The sound of her mourning increased with each trust. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooaaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh, slowly slowwwwwllllllyyy bobby , you are hurting me oooohhhhhhh, I kept a deaf ear to her mourns and began to move my hip up and down at full phase. I was afraid whether her child or her neighbors would know what was going on here as she was mourning very loudly, so I kept my mouth of her lips to lock her mouth and then began to fuck the same old way.

Now she was flooding her cunt with more juice which was making pllluck, pluck, chuluk, pluck, sound with each stroke, and she was raising her hip to receive my cock to its fullest into her cunt. I knew that she is going to reach her next orgasm in a couple of minutes and I myself was also at the brink of exploding. Within minutes she had her orgasm and she let a big loud cry and clasped me tight toward her with her arms around my back and her legs wrapped around my hips and locked me tight within her. I could feel her cunt exploding into orgasm by letting out hot juices which was overflowing out of her cunt. After a minute of so she let me from her tight grip so that I was able to continue fucking her. As I continued to fuck her, I could feel the lips of her cunt tightening its grip oh my cock as if trying to milk every thing out from my cock. Within a minute or so, I began to move my hip uncontrollably up and down, letting my cock in and out of her cunt with my utmost speed and strength and then with a final big trust I plunged my cock fully into her cunt and then shot loads and loads of my cum into her waiting cunt. As my cum was flooding her cunt she once again clasped me in joy and kissed me all over my face.

We lay there like that few minutes and then got up from her thereby slipping my limp cock out of her cunt. As soon as my cock popped out of her cunt hole, cum along with her cunt juice was leaking out from her crack down to the bed sheet. She immediately cupped her cunt with her palm so as not to spoil the bed sheet and got up from the bed smiling and hurried it to the bathroom. As she went to the bathroom to clean up, I laid fully stretched on the bed exhausted and dreaming. After cleaning herself up, she came out of the bathroom only in a wrapped towel around her shoulders to cover her boobs. The smile on her face shows how satisfied she was.

She came near my, giggled slowly and then said ‘ did u enjoy ur first fuck’. I said yes. I was regaining my breath admiring her beauty, then I realized suddenly that my mom must be waiting for me and wondering where I had gone. I got up suddenly, explained my position and started wearing my clothes. While I was wearing my clothes, she was laughing , just laughing , which was tempting enough to stop me. But I didn’t have an option. I kissed her, smooched her once again , thanked her and left the place.

While walking towards my home, I was thinking about the excuse I d make to my mom, and thanking god for whatever had happened to me. I could also feel the pain in my dick and was walking slowly, and planning for the next day. There were many encounters with verma aunty after this.

Tell, I m in surat now, for three months or so, and will leave for sailing after that.


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