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Mom And Son Enjoy In Dad’s Absence – Part II – Juicy Sex Stories

Hello Friends this is Shravan here from Bangalore. I am presenting to you my latest story. The following story is completely a fiction. I thank my fried Ravi for his valuable contributions. I hope you all will like it.. Please your feedbacks to me at shravan.authorThis is the continuation to my previous story…enjoy Early in the morning Sheela went to her son Ravi’s room to wake him up as he had to go to office. Her husband Manohar was in Bangalore on business trip. Sheela was smiling when she opened the door of her son’s room. She recollected the incredible sex she had with her son the previous day. It was her first sex with her own son and it was the best sex she ever had so far. Her son was great and she enjoyed his cock inside her pussy immensely. Sheela entered inside the room and saw Ravi sleeping. She went near his bed and shook her son and told him to wake up. Sheela: “ Ravi get up. You have to go to office” Ravi looked at his mom and the previous days incidents flashed through his mind. He smiled and pulled his Mom onto his bed. Sheela laughed and hugged her son. Sheela: “Get up son. You have to leave for office. You will be late” Ravi: “Mom you enjoyed yesterday with me na? Sheela blushed and nodded her head. Sheel: “You made me very happy son” Ravi:” I will always keep you happy Mom. I love you” Sheela: “I love you too son” Ravi: “Mom give me a Good Morning Kiss” Sheela smiled at him and the brought her face near her son’s and kissed his lips. Ravi crushed his lips into his mother’s lips and started kissing her passionately. Their tongues played with each others. Sheela played with Ravi’s hairs and Ravi squeezed and played with Sheela’s breasts over her saree. After kissing for several minutes, they broke up. Sheela: “Get ready son. I will prepare breakfast for you “saying this Sheela went out of the room and Ravi got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a bath. After half an hour Ravi came and sat at the dining table and his mom brought his breakfast and tea. Sheela: “You are getting late. Have breakfast quickly and go” Ravi held his mom’s hand and pulled her to him and made her sit on his lap. Sheela blushed. Ravi kissed his mom’s lips for some time and told: “Mom you feed me the dosa from your hand” Sheela laughed and started feeding dosa to her son from her own hands. Sheela and Ravi were enjoying this moment a lot. Sheela took the cup of tea in her hand and made her son drink it fully. Ravi was squeezing in his mom’s boobs over her dress while he drank tea from the cup. Sheela was enjoying her son’s touch on her boobs. Sheela rose up from her son’s lap and Ravi went to the door to leave for his office. Before Ravi opened the door, he turned around hugged his mom and kissed her lips and played with her tongue for several minutes and then let go of her and left for office. Sheela closed the door behind her and went to the kitchen to do her chores while thinking about how good her new relationship with her son felt. In the evening at around 6pm Ravi returned home. He rang the doorbell and Sheela came and opened the door. Sheela smiled looking at her son. Ravi entered the house and closed the door behind him. He hugged his mom and told “Mom I missed you a lot today” Sheela: I missed you too son. Now go and get fresh.” Ravi: “Mom when will dad come? Did he tell you anything?” Sheela: “He told that he will come by 9pm flight and will have dinner outside and come home” Ravi: “Oh. Ok Mom. I will get fresh then” Ravi let go of his mom and went to his room to get fresh. After sometime Sheela brought a glass of juice to Ravi and handed it to him. Ravi drank it and told his Mom to prepare some snacks. Sheela went to kitchen to prepare something for Ravi. After half an hour Sheela came with a plate of pakodas to Ravi’s room. She didn’t find him in kitchen and called for him “Ravi where are you?” Ravi: “ Mom I am in bathroom keep the plate over there on the table and come here” Sheela entered the bathroom and smiled at her son who was in the bath tub. Ravi: “Weather is too hot so I got into bath tub” Sheela smiled at her son. Ravi: “Mom are you not feeling the heat?” Sheila: “Son I can feel it too” Ravi: “Then come inside the bathtub and relax in the cold water. Come mom” Sheela blushed at her son’s proposal and said “Hehe.. It’s ok son” Ravi: “Mom come on. Come in the tub for some time. You will feel relaxed” Sheela : “ Ok beta. I will come” Sheela removed her Saree and went near the bathtub only in her blouse and petticoat Ravi looked at her and smiled and said “Mom you are wearing bra and panty right?” Sheela: “ Yes son” Ravi:” Then get rid of the blouse and petticoat and get into the bath tub in just your bra and panty” Sheela blushed and got rid of her blouse and petticoat. She was now in just bra and panty. Ravi: “Wow mom you are looking sexy in this black coloured bra and panty. Come inside the bathtub mom “ Ravi held his mom’s hand and helped her to get into the bathtub and made her sit on his lap with her back against his chest. Sheela shivered as the cold water touched her body. Ravi hugged his mom and kissed his mom on the neck which made Sheela moan in pleasure. Ravi put his hands on his mom’s belly and started circling his finger around her belly button, making Sheela giggle. Sheela: “This is so nice beta” Ravi: “I am also enjoying having you with me in the bath tub” Sheela: “I Love you beta” Ravi: “I love u too mom” Sheela turned around and kissed her son on his lips. Ravi started kissing her passionately. Their tongues played with each others. Ravi squeezed his mom’s breasts over her bra which made Sheela moan. Ravi: “Mom, your breasts are wonderful and big. I love them a lot” and he squeezed them more making Sheela moan more. Sheela: “Son please do it slowly.Aaaaah” Ravi: “Mom I am loving this. Don’t you?” Sheela : “ Oh yes beta. Mmmmm” Ravi: “ Mom you know what I liked the most in you? ” Sheela: “What son?” Ravi moved his hand over her ass and said “Mom I love your big round ass” Sheela blushed at her son’s liking Ravi “Mom today I will enjoy your ass and make it mine” Ravi kissed his mom’s neck and unhooked her bra and threw it away. He started kissing her bare back which made Sheela moan loudly. Sheela: “Son you are so nice. I am enjoying a lot..Aaaah” Ravi: “Mom your whole body is so hot mom. I love you mom. I like to lick each and every part of your body” Ravi turned his mom around and put his mouth on her breasts and started sucking them. Sheela held Ravi’s hairs and enjoyed the feeling of her sucking on her breasts. Ravi started sucking harder and started chewing on her breasts. He took his hand and covered his mom’s other breast with it and started squeezing them and pinching her nipple. Sheela moaned a bit and said “Aaah. Son please be gentle.” Ravi kept on sucking his mom’s one boob and squeezing the other. Sheela was enjoying the feeling and was biting her lips, controlling her moans of pleasure. After sucking his moms left breast for some time, Ravi started sucking his mom’s right breast with enthusiasm. Both Sheela and Ravi were enjoying a lot. Ravi” Mom get rid of your panty now” Sheela smiled at her son and held the waistband of her panty and pulled it down her legs. Ravi was amazed to see that his mom had shaved her pussy hairs and her pussy was looking very attractive now. Ravi: “Wow mom you shaved your pussy for me. Awesome.. It looks so great” Ravi drained the water from bathtub and made his mom to sit at the opposite side of the bath tub. Sheela spread her legs wide for her son and showed him her cleanly shaved pussy. Ravi knelt forward and kissed his mom’s pussy making her moan loudly. Ravi inserted his tongue inside his mom’s pussy and licked its full length. Sheela was enjoying immensely now. Ravi inserted his finger inside her pussy and started finger fucking her and simultaneously he licked her pussy.
Sheela was very horny by now and she shouted “Fuck me son. Fuck me now” Ravi looked at Sheela and smiled” Mom I will fuck you, but today I will be fucking that big ass of yours” Sheila: “What? My ass? It will hurt. Your dad also hasn’t don’t it” Ravi: “Don’t worry mom. You will love it. I will be gently. I want your ass. Mom turn around and sit on your legs and hands, like a dog” Sheela listened to her son and turned around and positioned herself like a dog , showing her big round ass to her son. Ravi was amazed at the sight of his mom’s ass in front of him. He placed his hands over her ass cheeks and squeezed them, making her moan. He then slapped his mom’s ass, which made Sheela scream in pain “Don’t hit me” Ravi got rid of his underwear and positioned himself behind his mom’ ass. Ravi placed his dick near her ass hole and he started pushing it inside with force. Sheela’s ass hole was very tight, so it took Ravi some time to finally enter fully inside her asshole. “Oh god! That hurt a lot!” Sheela moaned. Ravi started fucking his mom’s ass slowly. His cock slowly lunged in and out. The slow pushes continued until Ravi was sure his mom’s ass was thoroughly adjusted to his cock.. Ravi then started to ram his cock deep Sheela’s ass. Sheela let out a loud moan as she was enjoying a lot now. Ravi had the perfect view of the lovely ass in front of him and the dick stuck in it. Ravi’s thrusts continued, they started off slow and gradually picked up pace. The sensation was absolutely incredible for Ravi. “You have such a wonderful ass.” Ravi exclaimed spanking his mom’s buttocks. “Ahhh!” She moaned simultaneously from the spank received and the pleasure of her son’s cock inside her. Ravi’s cock was ramming in out at a good speed. “Yeah, mom you like that don’t you?!” Ravi moaned. Sheela: “Yes! I love it!” Ravi no longer held anything back and fucked Sheela’s ass with everything he had. “Aaaah….fuck me!” Sheela moaned. She reached a hand under her belly till it arrived at her pussy and inserted two fingers. She began to rub her pussy. She fingered herself and in no time at all, warm pussy juices trickled down her hand. Meanwhile an intense sensation was gathering deep inside Ravi’s cock. He knew it was almost time. He rammed harder and harder, faster and faster. He could feel every inch of Sheela’s tight warm ass clench his cock. “Oh yeah! I’m cumming!” Ravi moaned. Ravi could no longer take it. With one last deep push, he came to a stop and he started shooting his warm cum inside Sheela’s ass. The feeling of having Ravi’s hot liquid enter her ass was overwhelming, and seconds later she came too.. A minute or two passed and the cock inside her hole was slowly removed. “You have a very tight ass mom.” He smiled slapping his mom’s ass once again. Sheela turned around and kissed her son tightly on his lips and played with his tongue. Her first ass fuck was great and her own son was giving the ultimate pleasure of sex which she had never even dreamt of. She looked at her son and knew that he loved her a lot and she will enjoy with him forever from now on. I hope you all liked the story. Please your feedbacks to shravan.author

incest/mom-son-enjoy-dads-absence-part-ii Mom And Son Enjoy In Dad’s Absence – Part II

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