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Me With A Rich Businessman – My Stranger Sex Story – Sexy Desi Porn Story

Hi, I am Sravani. hope you liked my previous experience story “my horny boss seduced me in his office”.if you haven’t read that story, kindly read it in HotSexyStory.com and give feedback to my id sravaniudaya. Now, I would like to share my stranger sex story. Now, I want to say about my other experience in my life. Firstly, I want to describe myself. I look too fair and bubbly. My vitals are 34-30-36. Men easily get attracted to me by seeing my boobs. Covering my boobs fully is so difficult when I wear a saree. So, coming to the story, it is about me and stranger I met during a journey. As an academician, I used to give a conference on engineering topics. In that process, I applied for a conference in IIT Delhi. Luckily, I got a reply from them that they accepted my paper and also said that I have to come to Delhi within 2 days. As I am from Andhra Pradesh, it is difficult to go to Delhi in 2 days on a train without a reservation. So, I asked my husband to arrange for the transport to Delhi. He told that he was busy with his works and told me to go alone. Then, he brought flight tickets for me to Delhi so that I can reach Delhi within hours. I thanked my husband and also felt bad that he was not coming with me. It was the first time I was traveling by air. So I felt thrilled and also a bit scared about air sickness. I used to have motion sickness when I travel by bus and train. So, I was worried about the flight too. Finally, my journey started and I already packed my things. I wore a black saree with a black blouse with chamkee designs on it. My husband dropped me at the airport and send me off. Finally, I boarded my first flight. I sat near the window and just waited for my next seat passenger. A lot of passengers took their seats. Finally, a muscular man around age 45+ years, well dressed like top-class businessman came near. Then, he smiled and sat near to me. Finally, the flight started to take off and I felt a bit worried about my motion sickness. Thank god, I felt good as it was the first journey on the flight. I really felt comfortable. I was busy in reading my topic. Suddenly, he started to talk, He: Hey, can I disturb you, lady? Me: yes He: is you a north Indian? you look like a north Indian Me: no. I am from Andhra. I am going to Delhi for attending a conference He: good, am I disturbing you? Me: no actually, I am bit feeling alone as I am traveling alone without my husband He: oh, sorry for that, your husband is so lucky to have you Me: thank you, mister And the conversation followed with casual details of both. I learned that he is a businessman from north India, married and he used to travel a lot due to his work. Meanwhile, in the conversation, he just started staring my boobs and I almost tried to adjust my boobs 50 times during the conversation. He asked about my location at Delhi. I told that I will be at IIT Delhi hostel as I have my friend there. He said ok and asked my phone number and I shared it without any hesitation. Later, we reached Delhi. He smiled at me and thanked me for giving a good company during the journey. Then, he said I was looking forward to meeting me in the city. I said ok and moved to the IIT. Then, he went out to his place. The next day, I completed my conference in IIT Delhi on the first days of 3 days conference. Soon, it was evening and my flight was scheduled for the 3rd day night. So I have 2 more days in Delhi. So I thought to visit places near Delhi with my friend. She studied engineering with me. She was doing her Ph.D. in IIT Delhi. Suddenly, that evening, I got a call from a stranger. It was none other than Sharma whom I met on the flight. Me: who is this? He: Oh, you forgot me, beautiful lady? Me: oh, sorry Sharma Ji, how are you? He: I am fine, have you completed your conference? Me: ya He: when is your return flight? Me: still 2 days to go He: oh cool, can we meet now? Me: Mmmm ok, but I don’t know Delhi much He: ok. I will send my personal car to your place Me: ok Hmm, now, I felt excited to meet him. I wore a red silk saree with design and a deep neck blouse showing my cleavage completely. His car came and took me to a place. About the place, it was a big hotel named “The Leela Palace”. When I entered the hotel. I felt as if I came to a real palace. Such a big hotel with royal furnishing and felt very rich. Finally, I met him in the waiting area where he was waiting for me. Then, he smiled at me and wished me with a warm hug. We completed our dinner and we went to his room. I felt shocked when I saw the interior and furniture in the hotel. It was luxurious and lavish. He said that he completed his meeting in Delhi and was waiting to meet me. I said, “really? Why?”. He said that I look so beautiful and I am blessed with big white milky boobs which only a few have. I thanked his compliment with a shy. Then, I asked about his business. He said that he had a textile industry in Gujarat and also have some power plants in Gujarat. I felt shocked to hear this. But I felt excited that I had a conversation with a big businessman. But he was busy in looking my big boobs. I noticed that and covered my cleavage. He said that I had an innocent face with killing boobs. Soon, he proposed me and kissed my cheeks. He asked me, “can we move further?”. Then, I said yes without hesitating. He then hugged me and kissed my lips and started to drink my saliva and he placed his hand on to my blouse’s backside and removed the hooks. He started removing my blouse and my saree. Then, he carried me to the bedroom and he removed his dress and started kissing me again. Soon, he removed my bra. I was now with my panty. He was stunned seeing my big boobs nude and started pressing it. Later, he kissed my entire body and he almost pressed my boobs for 10 mins and he played with my dark brown nipples. Then, he came to my panty and removed it and started fingering. He drank all my juices coming out from my vagina. Then, he again came to my face and kissed my boobs and navel. He played with my navel and I moaned like hell. Now, he again asked, “can we do further?”. I said yes. He asked raw or condom and I told him to use the condom. So, he wore a condom and started inserting his penis into my vagina. He then started jerking. I moaned “mmmm”. He started his strokes slowly and increased his speed and discharges all his juices in his condom. Again we repeated in the doggy style. My favorite position and again in the bathroom, we did almost 4 times. Then, we decided to go Agra to see the Taj Mahal on the next Day. Hope you enjoyed my real experience. Kindly, write feedback to my Id: sravaniudaya

couple/rich-businessman-stranger-sex-story Me With A Rich Businessman – My Stranger Sex Story

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