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Love Between Hot Indian Sister And Her Three Brothers – Part 11 – New Desi Sex Story

I was asleep. Suddenly my brothers jumped on me started to kiss me all over my body, hugged me tightly and rolling with me on the bed and wished me happy birthday! Yes, it was my birthday. They carried me to the hall. I saw they had got a big cake for me with the shape of a heart. On the cake it was written, “Happy Birthday To Our Lovely Sister”. I just hugged them all again and kissed them. I told them that I did not expect them to remember my birthday. They told me that I was more than stupid to even think that my brothers can forget her birthday as I am the life for them. And for them, there is nothing important than me. I cut the cake and gave small pieces into their mouth. Mohit said loudly, “Okay, let’s have fun now” and he pulled some Viagra tablets from his pocket. Each of them had 3 Viagra tablets. I was shocked and understood that today definitely they will tear my pussy apart. They carried me to the bedroom along with the cake and dropped me on the bed. They spread cake all over my body. Vicky stretched my pussy lips and inserted some cake inside it deep. Same way, they stretched my ass cheeks and inserted some between my ass cheeks as well. The cake in my pussy was soon mixed up with my pussy juice. They started to lick me everywhere. My full body was covered in cake and I was getting licked by my brothers on my thighs, ass, pussy and everywhere. I just closed my eyes and started to feel them. For a whole hour, they licked me in all pose and then took me into the bathroom and cleaned me well. All of them were already hard so started fucking me mercilessly on the bed. Then they fucked me like I was getting raped so brutally. They were hitting me but I wanted my pussy to get torn apart. They fucked me in all positions like a prostitute. I was in pain now but didn’t want them to stop. They kept me fucking till the morning 6’o clock. I got fucked by my brothers non-stop for almost 5 hours. Finally, it was a lot of pain in my pussy, tears rolled from my eyes but I didn’t stop them. Suddenly Samar stopped everyone in the middle action and they were looking at my pussy. It was bleeding from my both holes so they looked at me and saw I was in tears. They hugged me and said that I should have stopped them if it was paining so much. I smiled looking at them and said I wanted to get raped by them and my holes to be torn. They cleaned me gently and asked me if I needed a doctor. I replied they are my doctors. We slept after that. I was in their arms and they gently loving me while sleeping. In the morning, they woke me up. It was 12 in the noon. They asked me to get ready as we were going to the beach which was far from the city. I checked my pussy. It was alright now but my thighs muscles were stretched. So I was not able to walk properly. They packed my bag while I was taking a bath. We all left in our car for the beach. It took us 2 hours to reach there as it was far from the city. We went so far to avoid the crowd. During the journey, I gave blowjobs to everyone, one by one. As we reached there, there were only 2-3 families on the beach and it was very quiet. I changed into bikini suit on the beach itself. They were playing with my boobs and the rest of my body. Families who were around us were looking at us. Maybe people around us were thinking about me that I was was a whore. But it didn’t matter to me, I was everything to my loved brothers. They even fucked me at the open beach and I pleasured them well in many positions. They even fucked me in the water. I let them use me however they wanted. They were enjoying me a lot using me everywhere they pleased. After the trip, we came back to the apartment and slept right away in each other’s arms. The next day morning was no different. They all fucked me in the morning one by one in the bedroom and kitchen before the breakfast. We all had breakfast together, then I blew their cocks and they all left for their duties except Samar who stayed with me. After one hour, he told me to pack my bags. I asked him where and he said we were going for a 3-days trip with his friends at his friend’s lake house. I was not sure if it was Steve or Stephen. So I asked him and came to know they were some other friends. I was very well aware that I will be getting fucked by all his friends so I was prepared mentally and physically. I called and informed Mohit and Vicky about my trip with Samar and packed our bags. Samar was in the hall watching TV. I went to him, sat on his lap and asked him with a smile, “Do I need to please your friends or just you?” He smiled and kept his hands on my ass cheeks and said, “It is up to you.” But I knew he wanted me to serve them as well. So I told him that I won’t mind making them happy along with my brother. His friends came to our apartment to pick us up. He introduced them to me as Gerald and Jason. They were amazed to see how hot I was. We got into the car and started moving. I was sitting with Samar on the back seat. On the way, I opened the zipper of Samar’s pants and started giving him a blowjob. Gerald was driving the car, he was looking at us through the mirror and Jason turned his face towards us to have a look. Within a few minutes, Samar came in my mouth. Jason said to Samar that he has got a beautiful sister while still looking at me. I asked Jason whether he came only to the watch show or would he like to get same as well? He smiled and switched seats with Samar in the running car itself. He opened his pant on his own, I took his dick in my mouth. As I took his dick in my mouth, he was moaning and soon exploded. I laughed at him. He slid his hand under my panties, playing with my pussy. I asked him to take off my panties. He removed my panties and spread my legs wide. I was reclined on the back seat. He took his face under my dress and started to lick my pussy filled with her precum. He continued playing with my pussy, ass and rest of the parts for the next one hour. We all decided to take a stop on the highway for some snacks. We reached the highway cafe. I was all naked in the car and my body parts were sucked by Jason. We stopped at one small cafe. It was an isolated place on the highway. No other building was in the surrounding. It was a forest area behind the cafe. I just wore my dress without the inners and came out of the car with everyone. Gerald caught my hand and told Samar to order something inside and he will be back in few minutes with me. He took me behind the cafe, pulled my skirt up and turned me towards the tree. I kept my hands on the tree wood and he got inside me within seconds. He fucked my both holes. After that, I sucked his dick and a few minutes later, he cummed inside the mouth. Then we joined others at the table, had some snacks and left from there. After 2 hours of driving, we reached our destination – the lake house. It was very beautiful and there were no people around the lake house as it was a private property. As we entered, Jason carried me to the bedroom and deposited me on the bed. I spread my legs and welcomed him with the view of my pussy. I invited both Samar and Gerald to join the action. They kept fucking me for two hours until they unloaded their cum inside me. They fucked me again after the dinner twice. Then we all slept naked in each other’s arms. On these three days, I was very well fucked by these three including my brother Samar. They fucked me on the lakeside, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom etc. I will write the next part soon if I get your comments and feedback at rohan.shah7300

incest/love-between-hot-indian-sister-and-her-three-brothers-part-11 Love Between Hot Indian Sister And Her Three Brothers – Part 11

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