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Lost My Virginity To Our Sexy Landlord – New Desi Sex Story

After my graduation, I got placed in a private firm which was around 20 kms from my home, where I used to stay with my family. It was too far for me to travel daily, so my parents started looking to rent a house near to my workplace, a month later we shifted to a 2bhk house which was 3 kms from my office.We were in ground floor where the landlord was on the first floor. A week passed after getting into the new home where I hardly noticed our house owner coming out. I got to know from my mom that they were basically from Mangalore and only husband and wife stays here, the man used to work as a government official, but my mom did not utter a single word about his wife. Anyhow even I was no curious hearing about them thinking that they were too old. The next day after getting back from work I noticed a letter hanging on the gate. It was from some insurance company, but what shocked me was, the name on it was Anushka (name changed) and her age was 29. I kept it inside my pocket and entered my room, but did not open it. An hour later after getting freshened up, I started listening music through my headphones inside my room, which I usually do, and then I realized that the letter was inside my pant pocket which I removed for washing. To get the letter, suddenly I took off my headphone and I was shocked to hear a sweet voice of lady speaking to my mom in the hall. I hesitated to go out as I was a very shy person, but the voice did not let me control much. The conversation continued for a couple of minutes, and I noticed that my mom was calling her by the name “Anushka”. My mom usually gets closer to our neighbors in a short period of time. Later I decided to get some water from the kitchen via hall so that I could get a chance to meet her. Once I opened my door and started towards hall suddenly the conversation stopped between them, without caring them I casually went to the kitchen and took some water and started towards my room. When I came out of kitchen my mom introduced Anushka to me as the landlord. We got introduced to each other by just saying “Hi”, I was so shocked to see that cute fair face, aged 29 but looks like just 18, though her “Hi” was very traditional I noticed that she was a shy lady same as me, she was on her legging chudi with impressive color combination. Though she was sitting on the sofa I could clearly imagine her shape, it reminded me the shape of an hourglass, average breast with a huge ass. Later I had no idea what to talk, so I told my mom that I have some work inside and left the hall by just saying “Bye” to Anushka. I swear that I was really not interested in leaving that hall, but I had to. The whole day I thought about her and started jerking myself 3 times. As I already said she rarely comes outside, her husband moves to the office around 3 pm and comes back late night around 2 am, US shift I guess. Three days later, I decided to go to her by keeping that letter in hand, so I did the same. It was around 7 pm, through the window I noticed the lights and tv were on, but she was not in the hall. I knocked the door for about 5 mins but there was no sign of her, I thought she might be busy at some other work and I started leaving. Then I heard a voice of Anushka from inside saying, who is that?? I said my name to her and she said to wait for 5 min. She opened the door in exactly 5min and now I thought that I would jerk more than 3 times today because her structure was so visible in night pants and t-shirt on her. She noticed my reaction towards her sexy body and called me inside in an uncomfortable voice. I handed the letter to her as soon as I entered inside, she acknowledged with a big thank and asked me for a favor. As I was expert working on the computer she asked me to delete the virus from her laptop. I just wondered how did she know about my skills and asked her, she said it was my mom who told her about it. She directly took me to her room and seated me in front of the laptop which she had placed on a computer table. I started working on it, meanwhile, she gave me a coffee. It took me 30 minutes to repair her laptop and then finally I went to the browser to download some software, there I found all sorts of porn sites in her history which was opened 30 minutes back. I was shocked to see that and then I realized that this was the actual reason which made me wait outside for more than 10 min. At that time she was working in the kitchen. My horny mind made a plan in fractions of second by opening all the sites and leaving the room. I came out of her room and informed her that laptop was all set, as she was busy washing dish. Though she said me to wait, I was pretty nervous and left immediately. Nervousness did not ruin my day, as I was much hornier than never before and the day cost me two long splashes. Next day was definitely a big day, as my whole family was traveling to native on some marriage function leaving me alone. They left around 6 pm and I was all alone, and I loved to be alone, actually I loved to roam nude inside the house. I locked my door and covered all window curtains, then got nude and started watching porn on 50 inches tv. 30 minutes later when I was about to cum, someone rang the bell. I rushed dressing up without wearing any innerwear and opened the door. And it was Anushka with her laptop. I was shocked and was in a confused expression thinking of what I did last night, but she was out of her shy after changing her view from inside the hall to me. I tried to be normal as nothing happened yesterday, but her majestic expression and her low hip sari made my dick harder. Anushka- what were you doing? Why did you take so long to open the door? (in a bold voice) Me- I…I was on the phone..(in a nervous and doubtful voice) Anushka- really?( by looking inside the house) I was confused on why she was looking behind me and speaking. To check, I turned back and then I realized that my tv was on, with a nude picture of a desi woman. Suddenly I ran for the remote and tried switching it off. But to my bad luck, remote did not work. Anushka entered and kept her laptop on the sofa and locked the door. I was standing in middle of the hall turning towards her. She came slowly towards me asking. Anushka- why did you do that yesterday? (in a much more bolder voice) Me- I am really sorry, please don’t tell anyone..(was about to piss in fear!) Anushka- I will definitely won’t tell anyone, but you can’t stop me telling what you were doing today..(she saw my underwear on the floor) Me- oh no, please..(I almost started crying) Now she was very close to me, I could smell her. Anushka- oh no baby, I’ll not tell anyone. And then she took my hands of my teary eyes, hugged me tightly for a minute. All of a sudden my dick hardened and even she noticed it. Later she placed both her hands on my face and started a deep smooch for about 5 minutes. I could feel her tongue and taste her sweet saliva. Though I was still nervous, I made my mind and took my hands off her face and moved them to her huge ass. It was actually a highly strung heaven. The smooch was going much deeper and faster. Now her hand was inside my pants.She suddenly stopped kissing just to give a shy smile after noticing my precum. I started removing her saree and she started with my shirt and moved to my night pant. I was fully naked and she was on her blouse and petticoat. Slowly we moved into my room and we were on my bed now. I started removing her blouse with one hand and the other was under her control. She took my other hand inside her petticoat and then inside her panties. I could feel her juicy pussy with one hand while the other hand was struggling to open her blouse. She did not let me take my hand off from her pussy but she helped me to remove her blouse and then bra too. Now she was half naked. I could not resist my mouth from sucking those two charming nipples. I helped her to lie down on the bed while sucking her nipples. She now started sounding like a bitch. This made me much hornier and I was controlling my cum. Now it was my turn a
nd I removed her petticoat and panties. Her pussy looked very fresh with zero hairs and as pink as her lipstick and fully wet. I started kissing her from the toe and moved upward. Her voice was getting higher and higher, her wet pussy was asking to be licked badly. I inserted my middle finger inside it. It continued for a couple of minutes and then she started cumming all over my face. But my tongue was not relaxed. Now I turned to 69 position and she cummed for the second time. My dick was getting stronger and stronger inside her mouth. I was tired of that position and then I finally decided to be a man. She was in her same position, I was in real heaven now with my dick inside her pussy. I felt it was too tight and realized that her husband was no worth for it. It didn’t take too long this time and without her permission, I cummed inside her. We were naked for about 5 hours and tried all types of position which I knew. It was around 12 pm and her husband was about to come. So she dressed and went back to her home. 20 minutes later she offered me a delicious dinner and this continued many a time when we get a chance to do. If you really like my hot story please keep sharing your comments to ajayshotstory

couple/lost-my-virginity-to-our-sexy-landlord-sex-story Lost My Virginity To Our Sexy Landlord

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