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Live And Let Live – I

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We belong to a remote rural area of Bihar. After I finished 7th standard I was sent to uncle’s lace at Ranchi for further study. I used to visit my parents in every vacation. In due course my grand parents died and at village only mother and father remained. They insisted me to continue my study in city. Father had lot of lands and to help them there were fleet of servants both male and female. When I grew I felt excitement on seeing those village girls of all ages. Some of them used to tease and joke with me. I never thought of sex with any female till I finished my tenth exam. My uncle had only daughter younger to me but were not very friendly. My chachi was voluptuous and a big woman. After finishing 10t board exam I came back to village. Parents were very happy to see me. I was sure to pass in first div.

There was no work for me so I used to sleep a lot. I started visiting farms also but made sure that by mid noon I am back for afternoon lap. That fateful day I returned home as usual. Mother opened door. All servants have left and they were to return four in afternoon. Mother gave me lunch .After lunch I slept. It was 10th day of my vacation. I used to get up from sleep only after mother shook me. But that suddenly my sleep broken. I slept not even for half an hour. I wonder where mother is. Then I heard sound of water and noise as if some one is washing some thing. I stood at window and looked around. And there it was. She was nude from top to bottom. A lady of about 5’2″ tall, broad shoulder, long legs and well round shaped buttocks. She had bend forward and I could see slit of her bur also. Amazingly, her bur was clean shaved. She was very fair. While I was trying to drink her nudity in eyes she turned around with a piece of clothes over her mouth. With her hand raised she cleaned her phase. She had a very firmly set breast and small nipples. Her belly portion was little flabby but she had a very clean and well shaped pubic mound. She was standing erect with legs about feet apart. Her firm thighs were inviting so was her bur. I wanted to touch her. I came out of her room and soon stood behind her. Before she could realize I took her chuchi in each hand and squeezed.

“Oh maa tum bahut khubsurat ho. Mujhe nahi malum tha ki tum itni mast aurat ho.”

“Kamal bete, leave me. I am embarrassed. You should not see me nude.”

I did not release her chuchi instead I moved one hand down to her pubic area.

“Ma, please let me enjoy your beauty. I never saw a nude lady before.”

She tried to come out of my clutch but I continued fondling her. Now I was rubbing slit of her.

“If you want, I can let you enjoy with all girls and ladies visits our or any female of village you like. Please let me dress up.”

I pushed finger in bur.

“Oh no…Please leave me son. …I pray you… You are still a kid…. ”

I pulled her away from well and pushed her down on bed of dried grass kept for animal feed… I pushed my pajama down. I lie on her and with one hand let my lund rest on her cunt hole and gave a hard push. In one push full lund slipped in her bur. No one requires training to fuck. This time was first I saw a nude woman and after about ten minutes my lund was in her cunt.

“oh… Maaa… It is so good….”

“ahhhh…. What you have done… It is a sin…. Ahhh…. Don’t move so fast….. Slowly…. Harder. Jor se dhakka maroo lekin haule haule……. Oh… U should not do it… Ye paap hai… Tum…. Maatherchod…. Harami….. Ho… Kisiko …… Batana… Mut…..ahhh…. Pelte…. Raho…. Beta… Tumne …… Mujhe…. Kyo….. Choda…… Ahhhhh…. Majaa…. Aaaaa… Raha…. Hai…..ab….mut…..chodna…tumhe…..bahut….chut…..chodne… Ko….dungi……fuck… Me…hard….faster….son…faster…..harder….jor se….raja…..pelo…..aur…..jor se……”.

She kept on moaning like this. She slowly got cooled down and breathed heavily and then I found my lund ejaculating lot of fluid in her bur. At that I wanted to pull out my lund but she crossed her legs around my waste. I was also breathing heavily. We lay still for some time. You go and rest on my (parents) bed. I will come soon. She kissed me but I remained there. For another 10-15 minutes she continued with her washing and finally she bath in open all nude. It was a sight to watch her massaging her chuchi and cleaning in side of bur. After she finished she took me to her room.

“let me see how you fuck your mother. Mujhe chodo.”

She lay flat on bed. I moved my hand all over her body. I kissed nipples, fondled those spongy breasts and squeezed cunt. Soon I had erection and again I pushed lund in her bur. This time she did not utter a word but enjoyed fucking. She kept caressing my back. I was fucking her slowly but steadily. We fucked for 10-12 minutes and we both climaxed. After some time she asked me whether I liked her.

“you are the first woman in my life and I would like to fuck you again and again.”

“Son, today you fucked me almost against my wish but if you want me to take your lund in my bur you will have to do what I say.”

“maa… I will do any thing you say….”

“ok… Promise me that you will tell no one about our affair and what I am going to tell you now…”

“I promise ma…”

She said “now after some time servants and maids will come. Among them one servant is Debu. I will make you know who he is… You have to hold him back and pursue him to fuck me today and everyday.”

“but, why you want a servant, I can fuck you….whenever you want…”

“What you think? I allowed you to fuck me because you wanted, no because I wanted you to convince Debu to fuck me… ”

“Getting fucked by servant is not good” I said.

She retorted, “and getting fucked by son is good. Kamal if you want my body again you will have to do what I say. Today or never. And be sure, if don’t tell Debu to fuck me I will myself pull his lund in my bur but then your lund will never seen my bur.”

I kept quite for some time. There was no option. I wanted her for many long years so I agreed for what she wanted. We played with each other’s body for some time and we slept. After an hour or so she woke me up. She was dressed and asked me to dress up. Soon servants and maids came. She got some house work done and showed me Debu. He certainly was a Debonair. A well build man of around 20, dark and handsome. Mother was rightly in love with. When he started leaving I told him to wait for some time. He sat on verandah. Mother looked at me and smiled. Soon she cleared accounts of all. We three remained. Mother signaled me and asked me to send Debu in after some time. I was dumbfounded. How to tell him to fuck mother. I thought to be straight. I asked him whether he has fucked any one. He felt embarrassed. Then I told him to inside make mother nude and fuck her hard. He was shocked to here this. He could not speak a word. I told him that she loves him a lot so he must satisfy. Finally I forced him into the room and bolted it from outside. I wanted to peep but then I controlled myself. After about ten minutes I heard screaming and moaning of mother for about 15 minutes and then they become silent. I released the bolt of door and about five minutes they came out. Mother was only in petticoat pulled up to her breast. She told Debu that as long as chote saab (me) is here she should send either of her sisters to our house for night stay as work has increased.

After Debu left she took me in her arms “ohhh…. You both are very good….. If you want you can have me again “but then we heard father’s voice.


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