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Lesbian Sex – Zarine And Her Class Teacher – Part 1 – New Desi Sex Story

Zarine was in her hostel room watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ while rest of her roommates were preparing for their examination. They have the exams next month and she was going to have classes for one week. Some girls were planning to bunk the classes to prepare for the examination while the others decided to go the college as they had very low attendance. It was Sunday evening and the girls were coming to the hostel from the library. Zarine was watching the latest season of ‘Game Of Thrones’. She was wearing bum shorts and a sleeveless. She was watching the videos on her laptop, lying with her stomach resting on the bed. The series was really a distraction for the girls who were studying even though she was watching them with the headsets. The girls usually like very intimate scenes and whenever our hero Jon Snow comes, the girls were just looking at her laptop till he vanishes. First, they were thinking that Zarine would be watching just one episode but she was started the next. The girls haven’t read even a single page for the last one and a half hour. So, they have decided to make her stop distracting them or to send her some other place and watch the video. Her roommate Sonia was really frustrated when she started the next episode. She walked to Zarine and patted her butt to catch her attention since she could not hear them as she was having the headsets. Sonia: Zarine. Stop watching the video. Zarine: Why? I am having the headsets on. I am not asking any of you to watch with me or disturbing you. Am I? S: Yes. You are. Z: How? S: Because it is ‘Game of Thrones’. That’s why? Z: Okay, I get it. But what do you want me to do? S: See in some other room or why don’t you start studying? I haven’t seen you studying for the past one week. Z: Oh, I am not interested to study now. Above all, it is a very important part. Jon Snow just met the Khalesi. S: I know and that’s why I am asking you to stop watching. And by the way, why aren’t you studying? You don’t want to pass the exams? She smiled at her and was not replying. Sonia was not as beautiful as Zarine but she was looking okay with the dusky complexion and big breasts. She was good at studies and had to work hard to score good marks. But she was always baffled by the fact that Zarine always scored good marks than her even though she never read anything before the exams. S: Tell me. How and when do you prepare? Tell me the trick. I will learn from you. Z: Oh, that is very easy. I am learning the trick still but even you can try. S: How? Z: Just throw your charm. S: No. That’s disgusting. Come on darling. Nothing is disgusting in this world. The thing you feel disgusting can appear a divine thing to another. We can’t judge anyone. Sonia was looking at her and the expressions she makes when she explains things. Zarine continued with her explanation. She watched around and took her to another room and locked all the doors and windows. Sonia thought that she was going to teach the trick of seducing the professors. But she had no idea about the surprise Zarine had in store. Z: For example, do you support lesbian sex? S: No. Why are we here? In this room. Why can’t you explain in the other room? Z: Just listen to me. Back to the topic. Why don’t you like lesbian sex? S: I don’t know. I think it is a sin. That’s why. Z: How do you know it is a sin? You should hate it only if you feel it is bad and not because someone said so. Sonia started to get a weird feeling. S: Fine. not just because someone told me, I don’t like the lesbian sex. Z: How do you know the lesbian sex is disgusting? Have you tried before? S: Yuks, no. I don’t want to. Z: See, there is your problem. Saying this slowly, Zarine came to her and blew hot air near her earlobes. Before she could react, she grabbed her hands and placed them over her breasts. Sonia wanted to shout but she kinda liked touching Zarine’s breasts. After a while, Zarine took off her t-shirt and was standing in just panties with her tight and big breasts out. The nipples were very much erect. Sonia was very much jealous of her sexy and curvy body. Z: See, you like touching a woman’s breast. What is wrong in this? S: But it is still… Z: Ssshhhh. She came close to her and planted a kiss on her lips. Then, she hugged her tight and started to smooch her lips. Soon, both the lips got wet and both were enjoying the kiss. Zarine pushed her ass towards her and rubbed her pussy over Sonia’s. Without her knowledge, Sonia’s hand came towards Zarine’s panties and made it slip down. Zarine was completely naked before her. She was not feeling shy but Sonia was. So she made her looks straight holding her chin and made her look her naked body. She had her eyes glued to her breasts and pussy. She was soon feeling horny and was exploring the lesbian part of her for the first time. To be continued… Kindly like this story, if you wanted to know what happened next in the hostel. Send your comments to nehaappusingh

lesbian/lesbian-sex-zarine-and-class-teacher-part-1 Lesbian Sex – Zarine And Her Class Teacher – Part 1

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