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Lesbian Lessons – Zarine And Her Class Teacher – Part 2 – New Desi Sex Story

Zarine was in her room in the hostel and was watching the new season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ when her friends were preparing for the exams. When her friend Sonia confronted her for distracting her by watching some tempting videos, she took her to the room and explained her about how good lesbian sex was. She took off her clothes and stood naked in front of her. Sonia: Oh my god. You are naked. Zarine: yes. What do you feel now? S: I don’t know. Z: Are you feeling disgusted now? S: No. Z: Do you like to touch my breasts? S: They are nice and bigger than mine. Z: So, you do want to touch them. S: Isn’t that wrong? Z: No. Come on. Give it a try. Sonia took her hands towards her breasts and touched her boobs. She kind of felt relaxed from all the exam stress. She kept her whole palm covering her full breasts. When she was feeling her tits, Zarine came towards her and planted a kiss on her lips. Sonia liked the kiss and was shocked at the same time. Before she could say anything, Zarine grabbed her head and pushed it towards her. There was an intense and romantic Frech kiss. After a long kiss, both of them had the wet lips and they liked the kiss very much. Sonia was looking at Zarine with a smile which also had some shyness in her face. But she was not feeling disgusted for sure. After looking into her eyes for a while, Zarine told Sonia, Z: Now, see how comfortable you would feel when you take off your clothes. Ever tried being a nudist in your life? S: No, but… Z: No buts. Now try it. Sonia removed her nightshirt slowly and was a bit hesitant while removing. Zarine gave her a smile and told her,”There is nothing to be ashamed off and there is none to humiliate you for being naked. It is only me and you now. So, do it as if you are alone in your room.” After some motivating advice from Zarine, she took off her shirt completely. She was standing with her night pants and bra on. The night pants were covering her navel. “Come on. Don’t cover beautiful things with the clothes.” Then, Sonia removed her night pants and she was in a bra and panties. “Come on. You don’t understand the meaning for the term nudist. Do you?” said Zarine and Sonia too off her bra and panties. Both the girls were standing naked. “See, how easy and comfortable it is.” Obviously, when the girls stand naked next to each other, they would compare their bodies. Zarine had nice fair and soft skin without any hair. But Sonia had some hair on her legs and was not as fair as Zarine. “See, I don’t have good skin like yours, Zarine. I am going to wear my clothes” Sonia said with some disappointment. But Zarine stopped her. “Come on. Define perfect. As I told you earlier, What seems perfect to you, does not look perfect to others. So, don’t care about other’s opinion. You are perfect in your own way. Who decides that hairs on the legs are not perfect?” Sonia told her,”Leave other. Even I don’t like hairs on my legs. I love to wear skirts but how could I wear them when I have hair.” Zarine replied immediately, “Then, why don’t you shave?”. S: I didn’t get enough time. Z: Come on. You were free on the weekends. You could have done that time. S: I don’t know if I should shave or to wax them. Z: Tomorrow, you are wearing a skirt to the college. No, we are wearing a skirt to the college. S: I won’t till I have hair on my legs. Z: Let me help you, darling. She took her to the washroom and was carrying her razor. Then, she made her whole body wet. Both sat on the wet washroom floor and Zarine took one of her legs and kept them over her lap. She began to shave her legs very slowly and steadily. She shaved both the legs and she was having nice and shiny legs. S: Thanks, darling. Z: Not yet. S: What do you mean? Z: See, when you walk like this, you will find a date and when he comes to fuck you, you must be prepared. S: So? Z: Let’s shave. S: But you already have shaved. Z: Shaved every place? S: You mean? Z: Yes. There. (Pointing her pussy) S: Are you sure? Z: Yes. See, even I have some hairs growing. She showed her pubic hairs. Then, she told her, “I will shave your pussy and you shave mine. deal?”. Sonia nodded her head with the smile. Both were very carefully shaving each other’s pussy and they were getting wet down there. Soon after shaving, she cleaned the pussy with the water and wiped her cunt. Both were having a clean pussy and soon, they hugged each other. They were rubbing their pussies and started to kiss. Slowly, Zarine inserted her finger into Sonia’s pussy and began to finger fuck her. Since she was learning from her and was feeling horny like her, she too inserted her finger into Zarine’s pussy and finger fucked. They were also spanking their asses and Zarine turned on the shower. They were having a nice shower sex before coming out. That night they were naked in their room and slept naked cuddling with each other. They had a big day on the following day in the college. To be continued… Kindly like this story, if you wanted to know what happened in the college on the following day. Send your comments to nehaappusingh

lesbian/lesbian-lessons-zarine-and-her-class-teacher-part-2 Lesbian Lessons – Zarine And Her Class Teacher – Part 2

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