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Journey From Student To Male Escort – Part 1 – New Desi Sex Story

Hello everyone, Myself Aman (name changed) from Uttar Pradesh. I am 20 years old, thin guy, wheatish complexion, height 5 ft 8 in studying in a reputed college. This is my first story, this story dates back to some months. I got admission in a college in 2013 and my college is far away from my hometown. When I come to the college, I was totally relaxed from everything like admission in good college, a good future etc. Finally, the college started, classes started and days were passing smoothly. After some months, I was moving to the place and I met a lady while traveling. She was sitting next to me. Her name was Shubhi (name changed). She was from the the same city. Then we had some conversation and shared our cell phone numbers, fb account etc. Shubhi was a working lady aged about 28 years. Now I was going to tell the incident that changed my life to a lesser extent. I asked my parents about buying a laptop.They agreed and my father sent me money into my bank account. I had taken money from my parents for a laptop but unfortunately, I did not buy a laptop and instead I spend about half of the money slowly for some other things. One day in the morning, my cell phone rang. That was my father’s call. I picked the call and my father told me he was coming to meet me after 3 days. Now I got really tense because when my father comes, he will also ask about the laptop. I didn’t have sufficient money to buy it now. I asked for money from my friends but they was not able to arrange that amount because the amount was too big for them. So I thought of asking money to shubhi because she was a working lady and she had also become a good friend of mine. So may be she was able to help me and may be she will help me. I called shubhi and told her about my situation and my needs. She told me that she didn’t have enough money and so she is not able to help me.I was silent for a while. Then she told me that there is a way through which I can earn sufficient money within 2 days. I asked her how? She told me about a male escort job and told me if I agree then I will be paid for the service in addition to pleasure. I told her I will think about it and tell her my decision and disconnected my call. Finally, I took a decision that I will go for it.I called shubhi and told her yes. Shubhi said she will call me after sometime and give me the details of the client. After 30 minutes, she called me and told me about some rules which I have to follow and finally gave me the detail of the client and disconnected the call. Now a lot of things were going on my mind and I was really nervous. Finally, I called the client and told her the code given by Shubhi. The client told me that she will receive me from a location around 5:00 pm. That meeting was fixed on the same day and around 4:30 pm I moved to the mentioned location. Finally, I arrived there and called the client. The client told me that she will be there in 5 minutes. After some minutes, my cell phone rang. That was the client’s call. I picked it and she told me about her white car and asked what I was wearing. I spotted the car and moved towards it. I knocked the window and she opened the door of the car. I got inside the car as I realised it from the pic send by shubhi earlier. The lady (client) was about 30-35 years old, slim figure and fair complexion. She was well dressed and very beautiful.Then I called shubhi, told her that I was with the client now and disconnected. Finally, we are moving to her home. Her home was not too far. We reached there in 5-7 minutes. We both entered the house and then she told me to relax. I sat on the sofa and she moved to another room. After 5 minutes, he came with 2 cup of coffee and sat infront of me on the opposite sofa. I was having a little bit chit chat with the client and I understood that the client was open minded and frank. Now I was comfortable there. We both were drinking coffee together and I was starring at her boobs. She knew that I was watching her boobs and she smiled. Soon we finished our coffee and then I moved to the bedroom with her. She offered me wine I accepted. She went to bring the wine bottle, glass, snacks etc. After few mins, the lady came with a wine bottle in her hand and sat next to me. She told me to pour the drink for both of us. I poured the wine into two glasses. We said cheers and in one shot, the lady finished her drink. That was strange for me because I never seen a lady drinking wine that fast. After a minute, I also emptied my glass. Now I asked about her personal life even though I was not authorized to ask anything personal. That was a rule mentioned by shubhi.But my heart forced me to ask her. That lady was very frank and didn’t mind whatever I asked her. She told me that her husband died some years ago due to blood cancer and she had a 8 years old kid. The lady had glossy skin and was in pink saree which was perfectly exposing her structure. While talking, I took out a cigarette and asked her for a lighter. She gave me lighter and came closer to me. I lit the cigarette and started to smoke. Then I touched her. I placed my hand on her hand and planted a kiss on her creamy cheek. She now sat on my lap and started moving her finger around my neck. Then I moved my hand around her boobs. Her boobs were about 34 in size. I pressed her boobs gently. Then we started smooching like a crazy couple. We both lied on the bed and I removed her pallu. She slowly came over me. I started kissing her cleavage area and turned her back and kissed her back, from neck to ass. I will tell the remaining story in the next part. Any single, married, widowed females of any age residing in Uttar Pradesh, if you have any fantasy then please “blackpearlpoc0” Waiting for feedback and to provide service to my sweet clients, have a nice day.

couple/journey-from-student-to-male-escort-sex-story-part-1 Journey From Student To Male Escort – Part 1

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