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Indian Office Girl Fucked After Party – Friend With Mysterious Words Cum Acts – New Desi Sex Story

Hi friends, myself Vikranth from Hyderabad. I am working in an MNC. Coming to the physique, I have a slim body, and height 5 ft 7 inches. Coming to the sex goddess and heroine of this sex tale. Her name is Harika, her stats are 34-24-35, 5 ft 4 in with the well-toned body and Indian brown skin. Even she was from Hyderabad. She is the queen of beauty. Her body structure and the attitude of her drove me crazy. But I controlled hundreds of time. Within a little span of days, we became very close to each other. We never miss hangouts on weekends. Most of our coworkers spread gossips on us but we never cared about them. Let’s come to the incident. Once, the deadline of our project was very near and so everyone was busy with work. Guys, you know the pressure of seniors. After the success of our project, we had a success party at the office itself. I and Harika enjoyed a lot and we had the perfect company for each other. After the party, I said bye to her and was on my way to the parking place. I lighted a cigarette and reached my car. While smoking near my car, I got a call from Harika. Me: hey Harika, what’s the matter? Harika: nothing serious. Where are you? Me: at the parking lot, near my car. Harika: hang there, I’m coming. She came to me. I asked, “haven’t you gone home, it’s already 1 am?” She then placed her index finger on my lips and asked, “what’s your plan?” “Nothing, reach home, sleeping tight by hugging my pillow”, I said. Harika: just the pillow? It is going to give you nothing. Let’s sleep by hugging me! Harika had never talked to me like that before. I stood there like a statue. Me: wtf!! Are you serious? In no time, she took the cigarette from my hand and dropped to the ground and hugged me. I had no words to say. A few minutes later, I asked her if everything was okay. By looking into my eyes, she said, “I want your love”. Me: but.. Harika: I know you do have feelings on me. I watch you every time, you never miss even a single sight on me. After saying this, she smiled. Then I hugged her very tight and kissed on her neck. I took her upper lip inside my mouth and gave my lower lip to her. We were chewing each other’s lips. After a couple of minutes, we realized that if we don’t pause we are never going to have sex! So we broke the kiss, started breathing heavily and gasped for more breath. Then I started driving to my place with her. While I was driving, she was teasing me a lot by removing buttons of her shirt, placing her hands on my trousers and pressing my dick over the trousers. I was losing my patience and just wanted to fuck her. I speeded up the car. But she was turning wilder. She removed her black bra and put it over my hand. In that shock, I applied the brake and moved the car to the side of the road. I then placed my hands on her lovely boobs, they were so smooth and my dick was fighting to come out. Then we kissed for some time and I again started the car to reach the destination. Then she buttoned her shirt but without wearing the bra. We were 30 minutes away from my place. She was an evil in love. By doing various naughty acts, she was tempting me a lot. Soon we reached our destination and by then, I lifted her in my hands and carried her to my flat. Then she took out the key from my pocket and unlocked the door. Immediately after entering the house, I threw her onto the couch and locked the door. When I reached near her, she removed my trousers, slide down my jockey and took my fully erect dick in her hands and started rubbing over it. Then she started teasing me with her tongue on my dick head and finally took the whole dick inside her mouth. I was feeling the warmth of her mouth. I held her head and started mouth fucking her. After some time, I unbuttoned her shirt and started squeezing her boobs. After that, I took her to the bedroom and dropped her gently on the bed and removed my shirt. I removed her trousers and she was now only in her black panty. I was slowly exploring her body from the bottom by kissing everywhere.  By the time I reached her neck, my dick was pressing against her love hole. Her panty was acting like a firewall. While I was kissing her neck madly, she was scratching my back with her nails. But the pain felt like pleasure for me. Then I sucked her nipples one after the other. Then I reached her sexy navel kissed there and finally reached her pussy area. I removed her panties with my teeth. She had a perfectly shaved pussy. I started kissing her pussy and started chewing her pussy lips, taking it inside my mouth. Then by separating her pussy walls, I started to tongue fuck her. She was crushing my head with her legs. After some time, she released her love juice. It was salty but tasted good and the smell was also erotic. I dragged her to the edge of the bed and started teasing her by locking her hands with my hand and rubbing my dick against the pussy walls. She shouted at me saying, “Don’t tease me fuck me, baby… Don’t take revenge by teasing me back.. Fuck me baby.. Fuck me now!” I slowly inserted inside my dick in her vagina and started thrusting. She raised her legs and locked them around my back. She placed her fingers on my back and was scratching with her nails. The room was filled with our fucking sounds. By holding her waist, I fucked her very hard. Soon we both reached our climax and I fell beside her. After taking some rest, we took a bath and had food. After that, we came back to the bed and she slept on me. I placed my left hand on her hip and slept by hugging her. This incident was the key to our sex life from then onward. After that, on every weekend we shared the bed to fulfill our sexual desires. So, thank you guys for reading our hot sex experience. Don’t forget to give feedback. 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office-teacher/indian-office-girl-fucked-after-party Indian Office Girl Fucked After Party – Friend With Mysterious Words Cum Acts

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