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I And My Massi First Time – English Sex Story

My family consist of my father,my mom,my sister and myself aman.My father is 51 and my mother is 38.My age is 20.My massi name is meenakshi and she is 30.I was very normal guy until I get a chance to fuck my mother.My mind got corrupted and I started fantasizing around woman around me.

Slowly I dived into world of incest taboo porn especially massi and her sister son.First I watched son and mom porn but I got a chance to fuck her now I want my massi.It simply blew my mind I started imagining myself and massi.She lived with her husband and one daughter child.As I and her family was very close to each other.My massive was very hot lady,she was fair in colour with a nice big boobs and large protruding ass.

I was wrong in ignoring her beauty for so long.I need a chance to convince her.My eight inch cock became hard like I rock when I thought of her.I started fucking my mom a lot as of thing my massive as my massive is hotter than mom.Soon her family was going to trip and she asked me to go with us.My massi,mausa and my cousin sister.It was such a nice place.

I and her family was enjoying on sea.My massi was watching us play in water when we called her inside.Her suit became wet and her big breast were becoming visible from her translucent suit.Due to a nasty wave,my massive was imbalanced and she tumbled.Her one hand was on the ground she was struggling to balance in the wave.

While she bent down I saw her jugs.Oh boy my cock was stiffened.I quickly went to her and grasped her from behind her one hand was in mine and my other arm was around her waist.She said,”Thanks beta munjhse to sambhla he nhi ja rha tha”,I was behind her my cock was straight up poking my massive gand.

I helped her stand on her feet.Still my cock was pushing against her ass because she was very close to me.Ass a result my cock was resting between her nice ass.I was aroused and stunned by my massi gesture.

Soon she went ahead and we started playing in water.I splashed some on her,she shouted,”Ahhh nahi ruk abhi tujhe btati hu”.She too started hurling water on me.My mausi ji was gone by then he was searching for cigarette.Only me my massi and my cousin sister was there.

Soon a wave hit us.My massi lost balance and fell on me,I too fell on ground.Her massive tits were pressed on my chest,her face was close to mine and I caught my massi and as a result,my hands were around her ass,I felt her sexy ass cheeks.

There were so soft,I pressed her right cheek,my massi groaned “Ahhh…”I said,”Sorry massi wave kitna tez that”.The wave receded and we both stood up.

My massi said,”Teri back pa to mitigate lag gayi hai chal issue saf karate hai”.I and my massi went to hotel,she left my cousin sister into the room,while I entered the bathroom,my massi quickly closed the bathroom door.

She said,”Beta apni shorta normal de bahut gandi ho gayi hai”.I obeyed her,my eight inch steel hard cock busted out.My massi was shocked to see my monster cock.She said,”Beta tera itna nada”.

She covered her mouth with disbelief and said,”There mausa ji la to sirf 5 inch ka hai aur issue adha mota bhi nhi hai”.Her eyes were stuck on cock,she poured water on my back and started wiping the sand off.Some water fell on her suit.I said,”Massi bura na nano to aap bhi suit utar do warna vo bhi bhig jayega”.

She said,”Nhi mukherjee sharam ati hai ab to bada ho gaya hai”.I said,”Are massi munjhse kyu sharma rhi ho apka sister ka beta hu”.She was little hesitant but on my insistent she removed her dress.I saw my massi large fair mounts with brown nipples her manglsutra was hanging around her neck she was looking like a goddess,her clit had few hair on it.

I was so excited,my massi was very hot,she started wiping my chest the shower was on.I was tall so she could not reach my hair properly.My erect cock was touching her nipples.She had flat tummy her figure was well maintained.

I sat down and she bent and started applying soap on my hair.I saw her boobs in front of my face.I could not resist and started sucking on her nipples.

My massi shrieked,”Ahh ye kga kar rha hai”She pushed me away I came to my senses,”Sorry massi bas mann kara inhe chusna ka”.She said,”Turned bacha hai jo mere boobs ko chusega”.

I said,”Massi bhut mza a rha tha.”She got up and said,”Tim san mard ek jaise ho”.She turned and was leaving the bathroom.I said,”Massi please ruk jao”.She went out I was turned out like hell and started stroking my cock.I was still thinking about my massi.Suddenly,the door opened and she entered again and saw me masturbating.

She came closer and took my cock in her hand and started stroking.I said,”Massi thank aap a gayi wapas”.

I put my hands on her boobs and started squeezing her nipples.She said,”Teri behind ko distance kamre mai bhejna gayi thi”.I said,”Mom aap bhi munjhse chudwana chati ho”.She said,”Haan tumhare mausa ji mukherjee chod nhi pate mai bhi unsatisfied hu”.

She continues stroking my cock and pressing my balls.She said,”Tera lund dekhta he mai pagal ho gayi thi,teri biwi bhut khush basin hogi”.Main bola massi therese jyada nhi kyunki an mai tujhe bhut mza dunga”.

I kissed her lips and our tounge touched and my massi continue stroking my cock.We went out.I sat on bed and made her to sit on my lap.I was sucking her boobs and she was slowly masturbating me.She sherieked,”Ahhh aram see chu’s thoda dard ho rha hai”.

I made my massi sit on her knees in front of me and I took my cock and take it near her lips,she was hungry fucking bitch and took my shaft in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop.She was moving her lips on entire part of my cock,next she surprised me taking my balls in her mouth.

I was so high with pleasure I could not control and picked her up and made her lie on the bed with her ass facing up.I burried my mouth in her ass,I was tongue kissing her ass and was fingering her moist pussy,my massi was gasping for breadth,she shouted in pleasure and some liquid fell from her cunt.

I was now licking her pussy my massi pressed my face with her hand on her cunt she said,”ahhhh beta ahhh betaaa ahhhh”.I got up and took my enormous cock and slowly pressed it into her cunt,her cunt was too narrow,with a little effort it went few inches in ,my mom shouted, “ahhhh dard ho raha hai ahhhhh “.

I was over her back my left hand was on her left boob I was pressing her soft boobs my other hand was over her hair,then I inserted my cock into her,she moaned with pleasure I was fucking her from behind and pressing her boob,she was going mad she was making noises like”hmm mar gayi ahhhhh”

I increased my speed I was pushing in and out like a piston,she was moaning I went over her shoulder and smooched her,she was cooperating like a true slut.

I banged her for 15 minutes with very hard and fast strokes,she cummed twice on my cock I was unable to control and was about to come and said”massi main jhadne wala hun” she said”ahhhh beta ahhhh plzzz” I started shooting loads of thick semen in her chut.

My massi fell on the bed she looked like a hapless whore with her chut filled with large quantities of my seed,I enjoyed the best fuck of my life and lied on her side and cuddled her from behind and moved my palm over her soft ass.My massi said”beta itna acha to kisi ne nahin choda mujhe aaj tak”I kissed my massi softly on her lips.

Than I said to her that your sister means by mom did not give a good blowjob or don’t have nice fucking ass like you.You are nice hotty fucking bitch and fucking ass and boobs.Youare not like her you are good fucking bitch and I can fuck anytime for you.You are like a whore.Than she said you fucked your mom also she was shicked.I said don’t worry.I asked you loved threesome sex with boys I can arrange for that also.She said I like arrange me next time.I will tell that story next time.

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