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How I Fucked My Hot Chachi At Her Home – Desi XXX Story

Hi, this is Ajay from Chennai. I would like to share my best experience with my Chithy (the younger sister of my mom). I am doing my engineering in a reputed college in Chennai. My Chithy (Vani) and I used to think of fucking her from my school days. This incident happened during last summer holiday. My hot Chachi is a hot slut, whoever sees her on the road, would like to fuck her at the same place. She is 5′9 tall and a have good physique though she was 31.Even though she doesn’t have a big ass, she has a good shape and a bit large boobs. The sexiest part of her was her eyes and lips. She lost her husband before 4 years. My chachi loved him a lot but after his death, she got broken down and our family members supported her a lot. She has a daughter who was 1 year younger to me and doing her college first year. Let me tell you how this incident happened to me. I went to her home during my summer holiday. When she answered the door, she gave me a warm welcome and gave me hug. Then, I enquired about my sister and she replied that she went on a tour with her college friends and she might come after a week. Then, I had a good dinner and went to the bed. On the next day morning, I woke from my bed by 7:15 AM. I searched for her and found her washing clothes. We Tamil people used to wash our clothes over a stone. I said, “good morning” to her and took a seat opposite to her and started to brush my teeth. She started to wash all the clothes and bent before me and so I had a nice glance at her boobs. After washing all the clothes, she swiftly prepared a cup of coffee for me. Then, we started chatting on the various matter. But on seeing her curves I felt horny. That day, she was wearing a saree with a very short blouse that does not protect to cover her large white boobs and her sari exhibiting all the shape of a round dome like a butt. I was aroused and so, I did not show any interest in chatting. She noticed it but kept on ignoring. She asked me to get ready and have food which she prepared for me and I took some rest. Then, that afternoon, I watched television and she joined with me. Later, that night, we both ate and she went into her room and locked. I went into my sister’s room because she went on a tour. Then, I switched on the AC as it was summer and it started sweating. I also started to masturbate. Suddenly, my door was knocked and I adjusted myself but I did not complete. I opened the door, Vani told that there was no AC in her room and wanted to sleep in my room. Then, I accepted, and I was going to the other room. She stopped me and said that it was sweating in that room and told me to sleep in the room. Soon, my dick became erect. Vani slept beside me and we were chatting for a while. She slept straight and her big boobs were like mountains to me. She wore a black nighty. After a while, she asked me about my girlfriends. I said I don’t have any girlfriends. But she said, “I don’t believe you. You are good-looking and I think at least 10 girls have proposed you”. I said that I did not have any interest. After a while, we both slept. After 1hr, I woke up, and I was very close to her. Her perfume fragrances make me hard again. Her boobs were very close to my eyes and saliva was coming out of my mouth. Soon, my dick was struggling a lot. Wow, what a beauty she was! Her figure was 38-32-36. I was dying to touch her boobs. But I feared a lot. After a while, I got courage and placed my left palm on her left boob. Oh, it was very big and very stiff. She didn’t wear a bra. Still, her boobs stood stiffly. So, I kept my palm there for a while and then I started to press it gently. Suddenly, she woke up. I took my hand from her boobs. She said, “what are you doing?”. I kept silent. She said, “I am like your own mother and you had lust on me?”. Again I kept silent and embarrassed. Then, Vani told me to sleep and we would talk about it on the next day. After staring at the night lamp, we both slept. After 5 mins, she grabbed my hand and placed on her left boob and started pressing herself. Oh, I was in heaven. Then, I started pressing her right boob as well. She started moaning. “Ah Ajay, tonight, I am all yours. I asked her, “then why did you scold me”. She replied with a naughty smile, “I just played with you, Ajay. Don’t waste your time. Begin the game since I am waiting for a long time”. I was pressing her boobs from top of her nighty and I asked to remove her nighty. She did and I was now touching her naked boobs. Oh, big boobs with the white and black nipples looked very hard now. I pressed them for 15 min and then she raised and came close to me and kept her right boob in my mouth. Then I started to suck her nipples. She was moaning “ahhh, Ajay, fast”. I was sucking very hard and bit her nipples. She removed my pant and held my dick and started shaking. Soon, I was sucking her boobs. Both were moaning loudly seeing into each other’s eyes. After that, we lip locked for about 10 minutes. Then, I inserted my tongue into her mouth and rolled. She too did the same. After we broke our kiss, she went down and took my dick into her mouth. Oh god, I was really in heaven since that was my 1st time. So, I was jumping on the bed. I was shaking my hips and mouth fucking her. I was about to come and told her. She stopped for a while and placed my dick between her boobs and started shaking her boobs. After 5 mins, I came all over her boobs. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came out totally naked. I saw her fully naked. Wow, super figure. We both slept beside each other naked. We both hugged very tightly like lovers and she came top on me. Then, we were kissing for 10 min. Again my dick was erect and touched her pussy. I hugged her tightly with my hands and legs as well. This session continued till my sister’s return to her home. We did this whenever I had my holiday. Till now, none caught us. Note: In Tamil Nadu, Bangalore if any ladies, college girls, divorced women want sex, sex chat, funwithajay69 HotSexyStory.com or hangouts. 100% security guaranteed.  

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