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Hot Sex With Beautiful Maid Shanti

Hot Sex With Beautiful Maid Shanti (1)

Hi readers this is Romi. I am from Assam and married to Sonu. We live in pune. Sonu works for a amour MNC and I am a house wife. About me I am 5.0’ tall 32-24-32. Sonu is 5.7” and has a very good build. We both are married since 2 years now and we are crazy about sex. I don’t remember even a single night on which we didn’t had sex. We are so much crazy about sex that one night at around 3 AM we walked out of our flat naked and took lift to terrace.

We had sex on terrace for around half and then came back to our flat. Well this story of mine is about our relationship with our maid Shanti. So lets begin. As part of summer vacations of my mom,o ne day my mom came to our house and she realized that I require a domestic help. She kept the idea of bring us a maid from our village who will live with us all the time and will help me in my daily routines. She went back to village and sent Shanti.

Shanti was 18 years old , fair and very beautiful girl. My mom boarded her in train and asked us receive her at Pune station. I was first bit hesitant to take her as maid as she was quite young and won’t be able to manage things. But she came out to be quite a sharp girl and within no time she learned things. One night after having sex I asked sonu that is he bored with our sex life to which he said not really but the spice in the sex had gone down a lot. He said this and wished me good night. I took this as alarming signal to my married and sex life and started to think how to bring back that spice in our life again. Actually he was right.

Sex became like routine. That craziness in the sex was gone. I was thinking of some ways to get it back and I was not able to find anything. Next morning I got up and saw Sonu had already left for office. I asked Shanti if he had breakfast or not to which she said that he left in hurry. I continued my thinking about the same question and suddenly Shanti came in to ask me if she need coffee or tea. I told coffee and found my answer to spice up our relationship. Yes Shanti can help us. She is young, beautiful , perfect spice for our life. I decided to plan something for our married life with her.

That afternoon I called up Shanti and asked her like how is she doing and all. She told she is very happy here and is not missing her village at all. I asked her about her marriage plans to which she replied that she want to earn money now and will be thinking it after 25. I laughed and asked her like will she be able to control till 25. She blushed and said she will try. I realized this is perfect time to get her involved in the plan. I started telling her all about sex now. I said money can be earned anytime but marriage is necessary as sex is most beautiful thing. S

he kept blushing . I tried further exploring her and asked her if she has seen a man’s penis to which she said no. Hmm perfect. Now I was bit confident that she will fit in soon. But I wanted to be bit more careful as is anything going wrong can involve my mother and whole village in the matter. Sonu came in evening and I told all this to him. He laughed and took it quite lightly. That night when Sonu pressed my boobs and removed my bra for sucking I asked him to have sex in hall. He said Shanti is in kitchen only to which I said come on yaar remember what all crazy things we use to do.

He was bit hesitant and later agreed to it. He carried me in his arms and took us to hall. We lied on carpet and within no time he removed my all clothes. He stated sucking my boobs and was pressing is badly. We both were making noises which I am sure Shanti was able to hear. Out to shyness she didn’t came out of kitchen. He fucked me hard and finally ejaculated. He removed his condom and we slept naked in hall. Next day morning as usual I got up late and Sonu was gone to office. I put on clothes on and went to kitchen to see Shanti.

She was working there cleaning tea cups. I asked routine question about Sonu eating breakfast and to which she told that he had toast and milk and went. As usual she got into sweeping after that. In afternoon I called her again to sit next to me. I asked her if she got nice sleep yesterday to which she replied yes. I asked her what time she slept to which she replied something like 11PM. I quickly asked her if she heard something in night to which she said no blushingly.

I told “ Come on don’t lie.” She said that she heard our voices. I told u would have come then outside to see to which she blushed again. I kept asking more and more and asked why she didn’t come. She told she was shy and has never seen anyone without clothes before. I got laugh and told how it is possible. I asked u might have seen at least your girl friends to which she said she is very shy and didn’t see. I got a naughty thought and asked if she wants to see me naked. She blushed a lot and said no madam. I said come on we both are girls and u don’t know how other naked women looks.

She was blushing a lot. I told come on look at me but she kept looking down. I told her to come to me and she did. I made her to sit next to me and said don’t be shy I am like ur sister only. She kept staring towards floor. I said come on dear and took her hands in my hands. She was shivering that time and then I placed her hands on my breast. She quickly removed her hand. I told don’t be afraid and again took her hand and placed on her breast.

I slowly removed my hand and she continued keeping it on my breast. I asked her to slowly press it and she did. She was blushing a lot. I told her to enjoy her life and sex is best enjoyment. I asked her is she wants me to see naked. She didn’t replied anything. I hold her hand and said come we will go to bedroom. I made her sit on bed and closed the curtains. She was very shy. I told her to look at me and she did after telling 5 -6 times. I was standing in front of her and unzipped my gown. Then I slowly removed my gown and was standing in front of her in bra and panty.

She started smiling and I said what happened. She said she is feeling shy a lot. I said ok keep watching and unhooked my bra to remove it. My boobs came out of my bra. She kept looking at my boobs. I told how is it she said bigger than mine and very nice. I said good and slide down my panty also. She was very shy now. She started staring floor to which I told come on don’t be shy look at my pussy dear. She looked and asked how come I don’t have hairs there. I said Sonu licks it so I removed hairs from that place. She felt so shy that moment.

I came and sit next to her. She said I am very beautiful and Sonu is really lucky. I told her now u have seen me naked let me also see u naked. She said no madam please but I told her come on and unzipped her top. She was very shy. I removed her top and she didn’t resisted. I told untie her pajama also and removed it. She was in bra and panty now . As she is very fair, her whole body was looking very hot. Her black bra and panty were well highlighted because of her body color. I told her to remove her bra and panty also but she was feeling shy a lot.

So I unhooked her bra and removed her panty. Both of us were naked now and sitting on bed. I took her to mirror and looked at each other. She was much fair then me. She had so much hairs on pussy and told me that she also wants a clear pussy. I took her to bathroom and took Sonu;s razor. I applied foam and then shaved her hair pussy. Her hole was very pink and by now wet also. I said that someday a man’s penis will go inside it and u will see in heaven that day. She smiled again.

As I am not a lesbian I didn’t do anything much. We just came out and sat on sofa. She said you city people are so bold to which I said we city people loved to enjoy our lives as it is only once. Now it was time to add spice thing. I asked her if she wants to see naked man. She blushed again. I said ok let me tell sonu to show u to which she got scared and said no. I said it will be fine and she need not to be scared. She didn’t said anything.

After that she resumed her work and I was happy as things were going quite according to plan. I loved her a lot. Her simplicity was about add the much need spice in my life. That night Sonu called me and said he is going out with his friends and will be late. He came around 1230 in night. Shanti was asleep by that time. Sonu changed and came to bed. He kissed me and asked how was the day. I told Sonu I found spice of our married life. He asked what I am talking about. I reminded him what he told that day to which he told he just said it.

But I took it seriously and said lets be crazy as before. He kissed me and asked what I wants, to have sex in kitchen now in front of Shanti. I said no better than that. Let’s have sex with Shanti only. He said am I crazy or what and what I am talking about. I told him about morning’s incident and told that she will agree for sex if we go tactfully. He found it quite exciting and said yes for it. I told love u darling. Waiting to see u fucking other girl in front of me. He asked me if I like being lesbian now. I said no but he insisted me to try on her. I said let me think. We slept then.

Saturday morning and for Sonu today was weekly off. As whole week he goes early to office so he sleeps late till Saturday. I got up at my usual time and again searched for Shanti. She saw me and asked if I want coffee or something. I said make two coffee as Sonu will be getting up soon. I whispered in her ears that I asked Sonu in night and she said yes. She felt so shy and didn’t said anything. I told her to make coffee and make for herself also. She made 3 cups coffee. I was with her all this time. I told her to keep it in tray and come when I call. I went to room and woke up Sonu.

I gave her a kiss on lips and said our spice is ready. He smiled. He got up and went to toilet. I immediately called Shanti and Shanti came in with 3 cups of coffee. She was very nervous and shivering. I told her that Sonu is in toilet and told her to give him coffee there only. She was scared so I opened toilet door. Sonu was standing and pissing. I told Sonu shanty came and hold her hand and took her inside. I told Sonu Shanti wants to see your penis.

He said come Shanti. I took shanty in front of Sonu and there it was a big penis from which urine was coming. Shanty was not able to take her eyes off from that black think long rod. Sonu told slowly “ how is it Shanti.” Shanti didn’t replied. There was a total silence. Sonu completed his peeing and told both of us to come to room. He didn’t put his dick inside pajama and came out. We followed him. He told me and shanty to sit on bed. Shanti sat with some distance but was not able to take off her eyes from his dick. He told Shanti to pass coffee cup to him.

She gave him cup and Sonu hold her hand and pulled towards him. She smiled and didn’t resisted. Sonu said “ so u r seeing man’s penis how u are feeling”. She said it is nice and is feeling shy. Sonu took her hands and asked her to hold his penis. She did exactly. He kept his cup and started kissing shanty on cheeks. She was keeping quiet and kept holding Sonu’s penis. I came near to shanty and told Sonu that two ladies here wants some fun. So go there and stand and whatever we tell do that. Sonu obeyed me and stood in front of us.

I kept my arm on Shanti’s shoulder and told Sonu to remove his t shirt. Sonu just did that. I told sonu to remove his tracks also and he obeyed. No Sonu was in his jockey. I told shanty to command sonu to remove his jockey. She laughed . I told her come on and she said slowly “ sir please remove jockey also”. Sonu removed it and now Sonu was completely naked in front of we ladies. Sonu penis became monster now and he was playing with it.

Shanti was feeling so much shy now. Sonu told why u girls have clothes on you. I immediately removed mine and I was also naked. Sonu told Shanti to join the party to which she didn’t see anything. I told shanty to remove but she was very nervous. So I went to her and removed her clothes as well. We all there were naked now in one room. I asked Shanti to hold Sonu’s penis and started kissing Sonu. Then Sonu started kissing Shanti and kissed me as well. He asked me to sleep on Shanti and licked both the pussies together. Shanti was enjoying the pleasure.

Sonu then pulled a condom and tried to insert his penis inside shanty. Shanti got scared and said no telling it will pain a lot. Sonu said don’t worry and showed it by inserting penis inside me. He fucked me hard as he was very happy. He bitted my nipples while giving strokes. After some time he asked shanty to lie down. She was still scared. Sonu said he will do it slowly. He licked his pussy and pushed penis again. Blood came out of Shanti but Sonu continued to give strokes. He fucked her hard till for some 15 mins. Sonu is real man.

He pulled out condom and told me to suck his penis. I sucked his penis and he ejaculated in my mouth. Shanti was looking at this. Sonu hugged shanty and said he loved her a lot and she is his second wife. Shanti smiled. Sonu took me and shanty to toilet and said shanty to take his penis in her mouth. Shanti did and Sonu passed his urine in Shanti’s mouth. I and Sonu laughed. Shanti removed penis from her mouth and Sonu sprayed his urine on her face. I told shanty “ let’s take revenge”. We make Sonu to lie down on floor and told shanty to sit on his face and urinate.

She did right on his mouth and face. After she did I sat on his face and did. I asked him to lick my pussy and he did. After this we got tired and we slept naked on bed. Shanti left her shy. Now shanty lives with her like Sonu’s second wife and we all fuck every night. Sonu told us to try lesbian stuff . I will also write that to u. My lots of love and best wished to SexStoryLovers.Com. Hope u enjoyed it. Please encourage me and other readers by giving your comments. This will help us to improve and write better next time.:-)PS: If u masturbated reading this story please mentioned that also. It will make me horny.

Hot Sex With Beautiful Maid Shanti (2)

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